Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sauce for the gander...

...apparently ain't kosher.

Thanks to YubaNet.


Fixer said...

Netanyahu painted Obama into a corner after spitting in his face. Even Zippy Lippy and Ehud Ohlmert said this was a big fuck up on Bibi's part.

Ah well, we'll wait and see. ain't nothing gonna change, policy wise, in Washington or Tel Aviv anytime soon so the onus is gonna be on the Arabs to produce something.

So many opportunities for peace have been missed or squandered in this conflict, about all that's left to settle it, at this point, is with bullets.

CAFKIA said...

They have no idea how lucky they are that Barack is in the oval office instead of me. I would say loudly and plainly "FUCK ISRAEL". At least until they admit the truth about the USS Jamestown and offer substantial funds to the victims families as well as pay the USN for the damage to their ship.

My attitude has nothing to do with Jews and everything to do with the nation of Israel, a supposed ally at the time of the unprovoked attack. If fuck-your-friends is the rule they wish to play the game by, so be it.