Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Conspiracy threories ...

I read quite a few bloggers who, aside from their insights on politics and policy, which I respect, are firm believers that 9/11 was an inside job. That is, the US government played an active hand in the deaths of 3000-odd people. They've zeroed in on 2 targets, WTC #7 and the crash at the Pentagon.

Now, I can believe Bush & Co. might have had some sort of forewarning. They would have seen the political opportunity but I can't wrap my head around them having an active hand in it. One question always bothered me about the Pentagon thing and it's a question none have answered sufficiently, if at all.

If something other than an airliner full of people hit the Pentagon, where are these people today? There were people (at least one semi-famous one - Barbara Olsen) aboard an airliner over Washington who called loved ones to tell them they were aboard a hijacked plane. They were never heard from again. Are they all in on it? Did they all pledge to live their lives in anonymity in order to help the "war effort"? Why haven't any of them been inadvertently spotted somewhere on the street in the past decade?

I don't put much past Bush, Cheney, and their evil minions but until someone explains to me where those people who supposedly died that day are (read: show me fucking pictures), the worst I'll believe is that the political leadership at the time saw the opportunity to screw and bamboozle the general public and took it.

Off to court ...


mad photog said...

Yhat's a real good point. I haven't heard that before. I'll try that on the next truther I hear.


Anonymous said...

I knew about the WTC 7 debate, but not the Pentagon.

There would have been bone fragments and luggage from the dead. Weren't there forensic experts used to verify the identities of the Pentagon dead?

The boarding list and the time of takeoff and the time of the crash would have been definitely reconstructable even if the flight recorders were destroyed. Minute by minute accounting of the flight would have not have been hard to do. There shouldn't have been time to land and unload the passengers.

One smelly little thing is that there had been a program in place to get all of the Saudis out of the US. That didn't just happen. It was planned. They were home in Saudi Arabia before the Americans came out of shock. Why it was planned and by whom I have no clue.

That has to have left a paper trail that would lead directly back to the planners.

Gordon said...

I think the 'truther' deal is a helluvan over-reach.

BadTux said...

The closest-to-plausible "truther" conspiracy theory that I've heard is that the aircraft in question had secret government "black boxes" installed in them that allowed them to be remote-controlled in the same way as those un-manned drones and were flown into the buildings, which were then downed by controlled demolitions because surely burning JP-8 wouldn't melt steel. Well, except you can buy a JP-8 powered cutting torch that will not only melt, but will *burn* steel, but let's not let, well, actual facts interfere with a good conspiracy theory, right?

So anyhow, that's the only plausible "the government dunnit" scenario. And it depends on a) the people who put those black boxes into place not being seen doing so and never letting it leak afterwards, b) the people who put those explosives into place not being seen doing so and never letting it leak afterwards, which in turn implies c) competence on the part of the Bush Administration.

And that part (c) is where it all falls apart. We're talking about the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. The only thing they were ever competent at doing is letting their cronies get zero-bid contracts, and that's not exactly something that takes a lot of doing. So the thought that the Bush Administration could ever be competent enough to engineer something like this just causes me to ROFL because it just doesn't match ever fact we've ever known about the Bushies. Yes, the Busheviks were/are evil. But thankfully they were not competent evil... otherwise we'd be saying the Pledge of Allegience to President For Life Shrubbery right now.

- Badtux the Laugh-and-giggle Penguin

Gordon said...

The Bush administration was actually quite competent at putting this country in the shitter for decades.

BadTux said...

Yah, but that was pretty much them not doing things. They were pretty good at not doing things, whether it was not taxing, not planning for the aftermath of the Iraq invasion, not catching Osama bin Laden, not holding a bidding process to determine who got military contracts. When it came to actually doing things, on the other hand... uhm, not so much.

- Badtux the Negative vs. Positive Penguin

Arthur Mervyn said...

I don't think it was an inside job, but it has always bothered me that, not only was there no immediate investigation, but Bush and Cheney actively pressed Congress not to investigate. This is the country that spent millions to recover all the parts of TWA flight 800 from the ocean floor and reconstruct it in order to find out what went wrong. 9/11? Nada.

The eventual investigation was a whitewash. Bush couldn't be interviewed without Cheney holding his hand and under the restriction that no note-taking was allowed.