Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lock up the Children!

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  • I never said this was a family show. Heh ...

    Back to normal blogging tomorrow. Spent most of the day cleaning my office. God I accumulate a lot of crap.

    Great thanks to Watertiger for the silly link.

    George W. Bush Would Like the Negroes To Clean Up


    Congress joined the Bush Administration for a nice little barbecue on the South Lawn last night. The theme was Mardi Gras, so everybody could enjoy memories of New Orleans being destroyed by the Bush Administration and then pretty much left in that same condition years later.

    Famous NOLA chef Paul Prudhomme catered the picnic and New Orleans jazz band Kermit Ruffins and the Barbeque Swingers played Dixieland.

    And then Bush told the black musicians to clean up after the politicians.

    THE PRESIDENT: Kermit Ruffins and the Barbeque Swingers, right out of New Orleans, Louisiana. (Applause.)

    MR. RUFFINS: Thank you. Thanks for having us. We're glad to be here.

    THE PRESIDENT: Proud you're here. Thanks for coming. You all enjoy yourself. Make sure you pick up all the trash after it's over.

    What. A. Dildo.

    The early whore gets the worm ...

    Saturday means another chapter of my novel The Fourth Estate is up at The Practical Press.

    Friday, June 22, 2007

    Farewell to the Queen

    Regulars around here know what a nut I am for ocean liners. Well, I'm drinking heavily tonight. Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 2 has been sold.

    Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cheney

    Asia Times

    In a development that underlines the tensions between the anti-Iran agenda of the US administration and the preoccupation of its military command in Afghanistan with militant Sunni activism, a State Department official last week publicly accused Iran for the first time of arming Taliban forces, but the US commander of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces in Afghanistan rejected that charge for the second time in less than two weeks.

    The use of the phrase "irrefutable evidence" suggested that the Burns statement was scripted by the office of Vice President Dick Cheney. The same phrase had been used by Cheney himself on September 20, 2002, in referring to the administration's accusation that then-Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had a program to enrich uranium as the basis for a nuclear weapon.

    But the NATO commander in Afghanistan, General Dan McNeill, pointed to other possible explanations, particularly the link between drug and weapons smuggling between Iran and Afghanistan.

    Given the very small scale of the arms in question, Cheney's interest in the issue appears to have much less to do with Afghanistan than with his aim of ensuring that President George W Bush goes along with the neo-conservative desire to attack Iran before the end of his term (my em).

    Evil is as evil does. So is stupid. Somebody please dab a loop on The Dick and tie him to a fence post before he does us any more harm.

    The US military command in Afghanistan, on the other hand, sees the external threat in Afghanistan coming from Pakistan rather than from Iran. US commanders there are very concerned about the increase in Taliban attacks launched from Pakistan's North Waziristan and South Waziristan after Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf's truce with Islamic separatists in those border provinces last year.

    See Fareed Zakaria on "The Real Problem With Pakistan".

    The only institution that works in Pakistan is the military. The Army is mostly professional and competent. It is also vast, swallowing up approximately 39 percent of the government's budget. In a book published last month, author Ayesha Siddiqa details the vast holdings of Pakistan's "military economy"—including banks, foundations, universities and companies worth as much as $10 billion. And with or without Musharraf, as Daniel Markey ably explains in the current issue of Foreign Affairs, the military will continue to run Pakistan's strategic policy.

    Deeply ingrained in the Army's psyche is the notion that it was abandoned by the United States in the 1990s, after the Soviets were driven out of Afghanistan. The generals are worried about Washington's warm overtures to India and fear that soon they will be abandoned again. One explanation for why the military has retained some ties to the Taliban is because they want to keep a "post-American" option to constrain what they see as a pro-Indian government in Kabul. If Washington were to dump Musharraf, the Pakistani military could easily sabotage American policy against Al Qaeda and throughout the region.

    I wish I had the answers to all this, but I only have one: Get rid of Cheney. Quick.

    Here, Tony! Come on, boy!

    Ian Williams

    In response to a news story, Tony Snow, Bush's spokesman, denied that Tony Blair was being considered for a position of special representative for the Middle East quartet. So, based on Snow's record for obscuring issues, it must be true.

    It would be the final epitaph for a quartet that has already proven to be a quadruple diplomatic paraplegic.

    Blair has consistently done whatever Bush wanted him to do. When he took British forces into Iraq, it was with clear knowledge of the ineptitude of the White House but he nursed the fond illusion that his support would give him a hand on the steering wheel - and then he found that runaway trains do not have steering capacity, and no working brakes either.

    Not only that, but a train jammed at full throttle with the safeties tied shut. It's a toss-up whether the train will run off the cliff it's headed for or blow up first. Either way, its run will end violently.

    Blair has shown consistently that he has no influence with the White House on any important issue and will not even try to influence the Israelis. In the unlikely event that he has a blank cheque from the White House, he could do something useful. But it looks much more like the White House tossing him a diplomatic dime because there are vestigial memories of him doing them an occasional good service.

    I think the White House figures 'once a poodle, always a poodle', and/or that they need a scapegoat for yet one more botched policy.

    We ain't gonna get our troops out of Iraq by supporting Bush

    Today's 'must read' at Frameshop in response to Sen. Levin's letter to WaPo.

    Senator, the wrong message cannot be sent by those who oppose Bush's Iraq policy. The wrong message can only be sent by those who support it.

    In particular, Senator, over the past 7 years President Bush has been sending a message so wrong that it has led to the criminal destruction of our valued military: the message that the Democratic Party is a danger to the safety and security of the American people.

    The cruel irony of that wrong message from President Bush is obvious to every American--including those Americans fighting in Iraq: the more President Bush says that Democrats are a danger to our troops, the more President Bush's Iraq policy destroys the lives, families and reputation of the U.S. military.

    More. Kudos to Mr. Feldman.

    Digby Speaks

    Go see Digby accepting the Wellstone Award on behalf of the independent progressive blogosphere. There's also a transcript.

    We are passionate about politics, and in this era of Republican corruption, excess and failure, that passion sometimes manifests itself as anger. But how can you not be angry? So many institutions have failed us in the last decade that being vitriolic seems the only sane response.

    Angry? Vitriolic? Sane? Who, US?


    If you need to see which political party is more in tune with the American mainstream, just look at the group pictures of the Dem and Rethug presidential candidates. IF you look at the Dems, what do you see?

    A black guy, a Hispanic guy, a woman.

    Look at the Rethugs.

    Rich, middle-aged white guys.

    Not saying the Dems are wonderful, boy do they have some problems, but if you want a party who understands about what every day folks deal with they are the only solution right now.

    I refuse to vote for that moron Nader, whom I had the misfortune to see both on Wolfie's and on Noballs yesterday. To vote for someone only because they are different than the rest is no reason. And yes, Al Gore could have done better in 2000, namely by putting Clinton on the campaign trail with him, but Nader knew what he was doing and knew the Dem vote would be split. He'll never be forgiven for the carnage done to the American system. He is as guilty as Bush.

    Let me explain something that most don't get. A political party, a major one like the Rethugs and Dems, have an infrastructure set up in every state. As you've seen over the past 6 years, such an infrastructure is necessary to get the candidate's, and later the nominee's message to the people. An independent has no such infrastructure, no allies in Congress to help with important legislation, no election infrastructure to get other independent candidates elected to Congress and local legislatures.

    An Independent President will end up being a lame duck in the first year of his term. Unfortunately, the Dems are our best be right now, especially if we want to correct all the fuckups committed during the Chimp's tenure.

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Quote of the Day - Seite Zwei


    Preznit Veto McWarmonkey actually uses the words 'moral line' and 'sanctity of human life' and is not struck by lightning or laughed out of the room.

    Up against the wall, Beltway muthas...

    My San Antonio

    LAREDO - In response to the Department of Homeland Security's plans to construct hundreds of miles of fencing along the border with Mexico, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce started a campaign of their own: build a wall around Washington, D.C.

    I would suggest a concrete dome, with a moat and NO GATES.

    A time to sow, a time to reap, a time to kick ass

    William Rivers Pitt

    There is something happening today in America. With the right kind of ears, you can hear it in the sound of millions of brows slowly furrowing in anger and disgust. It feels like those tense moments just before the eruption of a summer thunderstorm, those moments when the air is electric, the ozone reek of spent lightning fills the world, and you know something very loud is about to happen.

    What is happening, what can be heard and smelled and sensed all across the land, is the cresting wave of rage, betrayal and fury that is, finally, roaring across the shores of our collective American heart. After more than six years of lies, theft, graft, corruption, manipulation and misconduct, just about every living person within these borders finds themselves today gripped by the slow seethe, directed inward as much as outward, of one who has come around to see just how much of a fool they've been played for.

    Americans are realizing that their faith and trust in the workings of the republic have been deliberately undermined, and the simple ability to feel good about their nation has been stolen away. Faith in the constructs of our democracy has turned to gall for the citizen who perceives now the magnitude of this theft. When joined in this by another citizen and another and another again, when the unrest of the one becomes a massed and overwhelming majority, those responsible should rightly tremble before the looming possibilities of what may come to be unleashed.

    That is the missing thing people have come to sense, the stolen thing which summons the storm. Partisan sensibilities and the your-team/my-team nonsense of modern politics is being replaced by the broad belief that we have all been screwed, that what is most important has been discarded by those in power. The poll numbers charting low approval for Bush and the GOP are matched by similarly low numbers approving of the new Democratic majority in congress. The former bears most of the responsibility for what has happened, as far as the citizenry is concerned, but the latter's failure to stop or reverse the trend is equally shameful.

    The seeds of this Becoming have been planted, and have grown, and the time has come to reap.

    Reap, shit. The time has come to burn the Repug fields and cleanse them for generations to come.

    How To Not Hire An American

    BobOak at Kos. 'Must see' video.

    It's on video, believe it or not, and even presented as a selling point to peddle their services by Cohen & Grigsby Law Firm. That's right, this group of attorneys put an entire seminar on how to screw over the American worker on YouTube. Imagine that, a seminar from lawyers on how to make sure one doesn't have to hire an American worker!

    In the video attorneys explain how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and how they disqualify even the most qualified Americans in order to secure green cards for H-1b workers.

    And on getting rid of extremely qualified applicants:

    If someone looks like they are very qualified, if necessary schedule an interview, go through the whole process to find a legal basis to disqualify them.

    Employers who favor aliens have an arsenal of legal means to reject all U.S. workers who apply.

    That's just disgusting.

    This one's for Fixer


    The "10 Commandments for drivers" here. Or at any AAA office, but they leave out the one about cars being used as an 'occasion of sin'. In my day it would have been, "Thou shalt watch the movie lest thy windows get steamed up".

    The Surge, is it working Georgie?

    Is it working Gen Petraeus?

    14 U.S. troops killed in Iraq in 48 hours
    “The U.S. military today reported the deaths of 14 U.S. soldiers and Marines in Iraq over the past 48 hours. The deadliest attack happened when a roadside bomb struck a military vehicle in northeastern Baghdad, killing five U.S. soldiers, three Iraqi civilians and an Iraqi interpreter. A U.S. soldier and two civilians were also wounded.”
    More «here»

    I don't think most of us have to wait until September to know the answer. It is time to remove these characterscriminals* from office. In shackles. Any possibility for getting BushCo out of there should be "on the table". It is the only important business that Congress has right now.

    *=Hattip to wkmaier


    Quote of the Day

    Creature (2 days in a row!) captures my sentiments on the possibilty of Mayor Mike running for preznit exactly:

    I'd like to see Mike Bloomberg run for president if only because it will really, really, really piss Rudy "9/11" Giulani off. Go, Mike!

    You're stayin', asshole ...

    I mean, you volunteered, didn't you?

    WASHINGTON - The Army is considering whether it will have to extend the combat tours of troops in Iraq if President Bush opts to maintain the recent buildup of forces through spring 2008.

    Acting Army Secretary Pete Geren testified Tuesday that the service is reviewing other options, including relying more heavily on Army reservists or Navy and Air Force personnel, so as not to put more pressure on a stretched active-duty force.


    Either start up the draft, no exceptions, or bring 'em home. You can't do this to the troops and expect our military to survive.

    Great thanks to Nicole @ C & L.


    More on this from Lurch:


    Maintaining 156,000 troops in Iraq from now until Mr Bu$h saddles up ole Marines #1 and rides off into the sunset, and dust of historical obscurity is going to require sending just about every swinging dick in a military uniform. (Apologies to the uniformed women of the US Armed Forces, who truly clank when they walk.) That would include a very large number of Majors, Colonels and even Brigadier Generals currently employed as messengers, walking folders around the corridors of the Pentagon. We could probably field at least one more brigade with those linoleum-trotters and never feel the difference. They could take turns playing brigade commander, and build up their Form 20s.


    Off to the shop ...

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Quote of the Day

    Roger Ailes the Good:

    I. Lewis Libby -- the I stands for "Inmate" -- ...

    Accomplishments ...

    Or, how's that surge going? Commander Huber:


    Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace now rank Iraq as the second most unstable country in the world. Sudan just eked out the number one rating, a remarkable accomplishment considering that it doesn't have the advantage of being occupied by 150,000 U.S. troops to help destabilize it. Somalia ranks right behind Iraq for instability, which makes a certain amount of sense. U.S. troops are in Somalia conducting combat operations, but not nearly as many U.S. troops as are fighting in Iraq, so you can't really fault Somalia for not being more unstable than [Iraq]

    The two non-African countries in the top 10 unstable states are Iraq and Afghanistan, and we pretty much know what those two have in common, don't we?

    Shoot, if a fellah didn't know any better, he might come to the conclusion that the number one cause of instability in the world is the United States of America. [my em]


    Thank you, Mr. Bush.

    The Cookie Jar

    Dissident News

    The sprawling $43 billion homeland security department is known for being in charge of America's color-coded terrorist-threat alarm system, a sham that obscures HSD's real mission: to serve as a giant federal cookie jar for corporate America.

    Go to HSD's website, and you'll find a prominent section called "Open For Business." There, on any given day, corporate shoppers can scroll through the hundreds of contracts and grants available to them. Just dip in and grab some cookies, each one worth from $50,000 to more than $80 million. Like the department's color codes, the vast majority of these projects do nothing to make our country safe. Instead, they are make-work studies, silly technologies, and useless systems that essentially serve as mediums for transferring billions of our tax dollars to a few corporate big shots. Ever helpful to its clients, HSD also maintains a private-sector office, headed by an assistant secretary who is not a security expert but a former banker from JP Morgan Chase. This office provides concierge service for cookie grabbers. For example, it recently held a corporate seminar, entitled "The Business of Homeland Security," offering "tips, hints, and directions" on how to grab the latest contracts and grants. Lest you think that patriotism or even national security might be the motivating force behind these government-industry confabs, a Sikorksy Helicopters executive who attended the session bluntly explained why he was there: "To us contractors, money is always a good thing."

    Government by corporation.

    Swell. Go read the rest.

    Potpourri on JCS, Iraq

    Good piece in Asia Times

    "Pace is taking the fall for these assholes," a retired marine general said. "If you know how the war started, if you know anything about [Ahmad] Chalabi or Cheney or anything like that, you're gone (my em). Peter Pace is being sacrificed to the White House failure in Iraq." The neo-conservative press has also weighed in, calling the Bush administration's decision "cowardly".

    Gates was nonplussed and quickly announced that Pace's replacement would be the current chief of naval operations, Admiral Michael Mullen - a riposte that was a mini-declaration of war against the pro-war press.

    Mullen, a tough-minded and hard-nosed conservative, is known for his scoffing (if private) dismissal of Washington's neo-conservatives, though sometimes he can barely keep it under wraps. During a recent Washington reception, he was asked by a reporter whether he would oppose an attack on Iran: "It's your job to convince the politicians just how stupid that would be," he said, "not mine."

    Since the retirement of Colin Powell, four generals have served as JCS chairman. All have been weak.

    "This has been a purposeful policy," a former senior army commander said. "Bill Clinton quietly advised George Bush that the last thing he wanted was to have a strong chairman, as Colin Powell was able to dictate military policy to Clinton because of his prestige. He really stood him up.

    "After Powell retired, Rumsfeld and Bush made certain that they never had a man of Powell's caliber in the chair. That's how we eventually ended up with Pace. He was a good man, no doubt about it, but Mullen is a real shift. He's Gates' choice. He's a real leader. He can say 'no'. and he intends to."

    This is not to say that the United States is about to win the Iraq war. It's not. And it won't. But a shift, small and perceptible - away from escalation and confrontation - has begun. There are people, powerful people, in Washington who are still committed to confronting Islam, whose default position is the deployment of another division, another aircraft carrier. But there are others now, also powerful, who oppose them.

    As General Joseph Hoar has put it, "Perhaps we are finally, finally learning that this idea that Americans can walk down the street and be safe in Iraq is ludicrous. And perhaps we are also learning that we cannot drag a Muslim man out of his house in front of his family, in front of his wife and children, and humiliate him and expect to be considered a great power and a great people. Maybe, just maybe, we are starting to learn that too. And it's about time."

    These guys learn at about the pouring speed of molasses in January.

    War footing?

    Creature is right when he details what Iraq is really about:


    Over the course of the last four years our Dear Leader, and his wingnut base, have preached to us that the United States is caught in a struggle of civilizations where our steadfastness is necessary and our weakness will be our demise as a nation. So, in essence, to analogize from Mr. Crocker, the issue is whether we are a country and a government at war.

    We are told we are at war, yet we are encouraged to go shopping. We are told we are at war, yet tax cuts abound. We are told we are at war, yet profits continue to be made off the backs of our soldiers. We are told we are at war, yet the sacrifice is not shared.


    Indeed, my friend. That was the first indication this war didn't pass the sniff test. If this was an all out clash of civilizations, the draft would have been enacted and we would all be focused on the 'war effort'.

    The whole purpose of the 'War on Terror' is a cover to hide what we really went into Iraq for, and that's the oil.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    This changes things ...

    Just moments ago, Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced that he has changed his registration at the Board of Elections to independent, thus ending Republican rule over New York City. Here's his statement in full:

    "I have filed papers with the New York City Board of Elections to change my status as a voter and register as unaffiliated with any political party. Although my plans for the future haven’t changed, I believe this brings my affiliation into alignment with how I have led and will continue to lead our City.


    A lot of folks like Mayor Mike and he has the money to give Hillary and Obama a run. The '08 race just got interesting.

    Asleep at the Wheel

    No, this isn't about the "Kings of Texas Swing". I wish it was.


    Press ignores congressional OK for martial law

    On October 17, 2006, when George W. Bush signed the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2007 - a $538 billion military spending bill - he enacted into law a section called "Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies." In the view of many, this Act substantially changed fundamental laws of the United States, giving Bush - and all future U.S. presidents - new and sweeping powers to use the U.S. military anywhere in the United States, virtually as he sees fit—for disaster relief, crowd control, suppression of public disorder, or any "other condition" that might arise.

    I think the upcoming Democratic victory in the '08 election might qualify as an "other condition" to Bush. Maybe even the prospect of an election.

    Indeed, the president could order the Guard of any state into any other state - even if the governors of both states objected. Or the president could choose to use any element of the U.S. military - the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines - to suppress a protest or carry out practically any kind of domestic action the president desired. And all of this with essentially no oversight - or checks and balances - on how the commander-in-chief uses these powers. Basically, after sending the National Guard somewhere, he or she merely needs to report to Congress every couple of weeks to let them know what the Guard is doing.

    They won't be doing very well. Oh sure, the Guard will do fine against unarmed protesters, Code Pink, Grannies For Peace, etc. They might have a little trouble occupying Michael Moore...

    I'm not too worried about the imposition of general martial law. The Guard's resources are at an all time low because of Iraq. They don't have the vehicles or logistics support they should have, and recruitment and retention of personnel is declining. They come to my town, they're liable to freeze to death or starve. I personally will be glad to trade them a hot nutritious meal for an M-16 or a SAW. They're Americans just like me, after all.

    If push should come to shove, which is highly unlikely, there are a lot more old jungle fighters still in the prime of life than there are Guardsmen. Skill in treachery will always trump youth and enthusiasm.

    Then of course, there's a good chance that the Guardsmen will balk at occupying their own country and repressing their own countrymen. They're just liable to tell their superiors to go fuck themselves right up the chain of command.

    On the other hand, it might get them out of Iraq. Welcome to my town, Guard boys and girls. Just sit there nice and safe and don't do a damn thing and you'll be fine.

    Here's the money shot:

    What does it say about the fourth estate that such significant changes occur in our laws without news media coverage and without the intelligent and vigorous public debate one would hope for in the world's oldest democracy? The Jeffersonian ideal is of a well-informed citizenry capable of intelligent self-determination. All too often, thanks to a media asleep at the wheel, precious few even know that something has happened.

    This administration banks on the media being asleep at the wheel, and has gone to great lengths to co-opt them. It also counts on the public's ignorance, ADD, and fascination with bread and circuses to hide their malfeasance from the light. Our ignorance is Bush's bliss. That's starting to change, but not fast enough.

    The media has to pull the scales off its eyes, grow some sack, and start telling the truth. I don't know how they can sleep at night after ignoring, even promoting, the many crimes of the Bush administration.

    There are some out there who are doing a good job, Sy Hersh, Frank Rich, and others, but there needs to be a lot more of 'em.

    A Moderately Failed State

    The Fund for Peace is pleased to present the third annual Failed States Index:

    No worries. We'll be No. 1 yet! One more Repuglican't administration oughta do it if this one doesn't.

    Gimme some skull...

    Working For Change

    The most recent Slowpoke strip studies the strong surge of skulls-as-style statement. What's with the fashion fetish for death heads? Maybe it's just a side project of the Bush Administration to make devastation cool again...

    Working For Change has no idea how close they really are:

    Death's Head emblem worn by SS-Totenkopfverbände soldiers

    Motto reads in English: My Honor's name is Loyalty

    "Side" project?

    Think Gonzales, Rumsfeld, "Heckuva job", etc. A lot of loyalty but no honor. All the people of honor have been replaced with loyal incompetent yes-boss hacks. As they are found out or the kool-aid wears off, they leave to 'spend more time with their families', hopefully on visiting day. In most cases, the 'B-team' replacements are even worse, with a few exceptions.

    The Death and Destruction, the Lies and Crimes, the Incompetence and Arrogance, continue. And will right into the bunker. I anxiously await VB Day.

    Difficult tasks

    Filling Digby's shoes is one of them. Dover Bitch is certainly up for the challenge as she looks over Sy Hersh's report on Abu Ghraib and the fate of another good general officer who was cashiered because he dared to speak the truth:


    At this point, there are so many examples of dereliction on behalf of the administration and the "party of accountability" that it's simply not plausible that any group of people could be that oblivious. But the idea that they could avoid responsibility simply by closing their eyes... that's the stuff a normal person learns won't work by the end of second grade in elementary school.


    Off to work ... later ...

    Sky. Falling. Run!

    [A big welcome to Salon readers. ~ F]

    You know, once upon a time, I thought ABC's Brian Ross was a credible investigative journalist. Now, at best, I think he's a whiny bitch. At worst, I think he's a hand puppet for the Bush administration through which to release talking points. Every time there's bad news coming out, or word of a scandal, Ross comes on with some new terrorist alert. I guess people have caught on to the whole Homeland Security color-coded scare-'em-to-death system. Brother Lurch demonstrates using a blockquote and a graph.

    Monday, June 18, 2007


    Sy Hersh is on Noballs tonight. Catch it if you can. Video link is up at the page.

    Bamboo Bike

    This is fascinating. Be sure to check out the 'photo gallery'.

    Let's hope Harley-Davidson doesn't hear about this...

    Quote of the Day

    Think Progress

    "When I was in the military, they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one." (my em) — the tombstone epitaph of decorated Air Force Sgt. Leonard Matlovich, whose "medals, uniform and other personal effects make up the centerpiece of 'Out Ranks,' a new exhibit that documents the tortured relationship between gay troops and the U.S. military from World War II to the present."

    There have been gay men in the world's militaries since time immemorial. There has never been a reported loss of combat efficiency due to widespread "friggin' in the riggin' ". This whole 'don't ask, don't tell' business would just be silly in the extreme if it were not for the fact that it hurts people who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country.

    Mucho jamón por dos huevos...

    In all good conscience, I cannot post this picture, but I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment.

    The title of the post is a Mexican pun, literally "A lotta ham for two eggs". Figuratively and culturally, huevos has nothing to do with chickens...

    Oh, the irony...

    Ironic Times

    But both lag behind other hot button issues.

    Senate No-Confidence Vote on Attorney General Fails
    Gonzales calls it "a mandate."

    Scientists Developing Clothing That Monitors Your Health
    Underwear beeps when you're due for checkup.

    I was wondering what that noise was...

    Too many good zingers this week to do 'em justice. Go see.

    Father's Day

    Go read about Brother Bulldog's dad.

    Off to the shop ...

    Insurgencies ...

    I was gonna blog about this yesterday but Brother Lurch got to it and gives it the treatment it deserves:


    But GEN Petraeus’s response is quite interesting, because being in uniform and all, one might think he actually has studied this history thing that’s such a mystery down at the shallow end of the gene pool where the never-right seem to congregate.


    He goes on to detail a host of insurgencies that have 'cropped up' over the last few hundred years and how stopping them, usually unsuccessful, required methods the average American would not abide.

    Are you idiots?

    I'd like to know who the genius was who thought this was safe?

    SELMER, Tenn. -- Two more people have died after a drag-racing car went out of control and careened into a crowd of spectators, raising the death toll to six, officials said yesterday.


    There was a guard rail along at least part of the highway but not where the crash occurred.


    We've been dealing with the street racing problem in NY a long time and are painfully aware of what can go wrong. Thing is, most street racing is illegal. This was a legal, sanctioned event so I ask the organizers, what the fuck were you thinking? How the fuck are you gonna sleep at night with 6 lives, so far, on your conscience?

    This accident was a long time coming and as those of us in the business know, racing is inherently dangerous. I could regale you for hours with stupid racing stories of how shit happened at sanctioned tracks.

    A note to the person who arranged this idiocy: You have a good cause; next year hold it at a racetrack instead of a highway. If there is a next year. Odds are, you'll be sued into destitution. Good luck living out of that refrigerator box.

    Question for the Tennessee Highway Patrol: How the fuck did they get a permit for this stupidity?

    Cross-posted at Fixer & Gordon.

    So, tell me again ...

    Why we went into Iraq and wasted, that's right wasted, over 3500 lives so far?

    UNITED NATIONS, June 16 — The search for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction appears close to an official conclusion, several years after their absence became a foregone one.

    The United States and Britain have circulated a new proposal to the members of the United Nations Security Council to “terminate immediately the mandates” of the weapons inspectors. Staff meetings on the latest proposal have already taken place, and officials say that the permanent Council members, each of whom has veto power, seem ready to let the inspection group — the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission — meet its end.


    So now it's official. When does impeachment happen and when do the war crimes trials begin?

    Note to Rethugs: If you ever want to win another election, you'll bring up the subject of impeachment yourselves.

    Link via Atrios.

    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Irony, thy name art Bush ...

    Chicago Sun-Times:

    CRAWFORD, Texas---- President Bush warned Congress on Saturday that he will use his veto power to stop runaway government spending.


    How much is Iraq costing us?

    Right-Winger Sues Blogger And Wins

    Seeing the Forest

    Just go read it. A textbook definition of a SLAPP suit.


    You know, after the lack of leadership from Washington in the I-P situation, it might be better at this point if Israel just kicked the place over and put it to bed once and for all. I'm no fan of Israel's policies toward the Palestinians but this situation has less hope of being solved then the mess in Iraq does.

    One Mob Left

    Daddy Frank on the last big mob and their attempts to free one of their own. Today's 'must read'.

    But unlikely moral arbiter that Mrs. Gotti may be, she does have a point. As the Iraq war careens toward a denouement as black, unresolved and terrifying as David Chase's inspired "Sopranos" finale, the mob in the capital deserves at least equal attention. John Gotti, the last don, is dead. Mr. Chase's series is over. But the deaths on the nightly news are coming as fast as ever.

    Among those contributing to the 373 pages of what calls "Scooter Libby Love Letters" are self-identified liberals and Democrats, a few journalists (including a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine) and a goodly sample of those who presided over the Iraq catastrophe or cheered it on. This is a documentary snapshot of the elite Washington mob of our time.

    No wonder Victoria Gotti denigrated "that mob in Washington." When the godfathers of this war speak of never leaving "a fallen comrade" on the battlefield in Iraq, as Mr. Ajami writes of Mr. Libby, they are speaking first and foremost of one another. The soldiers still making the ultimate sacrifice for this gang's hubristic folly will just have to fend for themselves.

    Don't miss this one. That's our Pop! Even if he ain't coppin' to it...


    Bill Moyers has a good piece on this as well.