Monday, September 21, 2015

Oh. the irony...

Ironic Times

Jeb Bush Says He'd Put Margaret Thatcher on $10 Bill
Remark could drop him into early debate with Pataki, Graham and Jindal.
And he was supposed to be the smart Bush spawn. Yeesh.

66% of Trump's Supporters Believe Obama is Muslim
And Trump the Messiah.
We truly are The Land Of The Tiny-Brained. Sigh.

Kim Kardashian Calls $2.99 Monthly Fee to Access Her Website “A Great Deal”
Competing $5.99/mo. offer to block access to her site called “an even greater deal.”
I still haven't heard or figured out who she is or why she's famous.

New “Hello Barbie” Can Say Thousands of Things
Like: “You shouldn't touch that,” “What are you doing with your hands?” and “That's disgusting, you perv!”
Better from a doll, I guess, than the other folks on the bus...