Saturday, May 21, 2005


The Heretik channels Ike . . . very well I might add.


I don't know if I agree with the Realist Penguin on the process, but he's got the end result right:

Even many of those who opposed the war in Iraq now claim we must "stay the course" because if we leave "there will be civil war". I don't buy it. That sounds like an excuse, not like reality.

[. . .]

I would hope we don't just up and leave. I mean, we did start the fucking thing. We owe these people something. Maybe I put too much faith in my fellow Americans, but I believe most, even those who support the war, would like to see the Chimp put out a realistic endgame strategy in the near future. Do I believe he will? No.

Regardless of how it goes, a lot more innocent Iraqis are gonna die before it's settled.

Things not done

They scream at you once you realize it. Lambert at Corrente:

[. . .]

And one more curious incident: You'd think a Preznit who really wanted to prevent torture would make one very, very simple gesture:

He could raise Sergeant Darby for blowing the whistle. But Darby was following the rules, and since when do Republicans follow the rules? Following the rules is for little people!

[. . .]

Sergeant Darby alerted authorities to the atrocities at Abu Ghraib.

Wingnut pedophilia

A Compendium. Thanks to FDL for the link.


One more example of Wingnut stupidity run rampant:

Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. vetoed a bill yesterday that would have granted rights to gay partners who register with the state, concluding after weeks of intense deliberations that the legislation threatened "the sanctity of traditional marriage."

[. . .]

Oy, please.

[. . .]

Ehrlich's decision to side, almost without exception, with business interests and social conservatives surprised some analysts, who thought he might try to burnish his credentials as a moderate by allowing some of the session's more controversial bills to become law.

Most of the legislation vetoed yesterday had been strongly opposed by Republican lawmakers. But Ehrlich's appeal to swing voters was key to his 2002 election in a state where registered Democrats still hold a nearly 2-to-1 advantage.

[. . .]

Okay, so your own party doesn't agree with you and most of your constituency surely doesn't. Didn't you ever hear of the term, 'of the people, by the people, and for the people'?

[. . .]

Ehrlich said in a statement that his office's review of the bills had been "both thoughtful and deliberative" and that he was "confident that decisions made today are in the best interest of good policy, sound government and fiscal responsibility for Maryland's citizens." [my emphases]

[. . .]

Yeah, he thought about how the bills would hurt his cronies and deliberated the loss to his reelection funding if he didn't kill them. Welcome to the Fundamentalist States of America.

Damage control

[. . .]

Mrs. Bush is one of the most admired women in the United States, with approval ratings leaps and bounds above her husband’s this year. She’s using her popularity to extend a friendly face to the Middle East in her second solo trip to the region in two months. The other was a brief surprise visit to Afghanistan.

[. . .]

I heard it characterized that she's there to help improve our image in the region. I laugh. You want Laura to improve our image? Release pictures of her in her underwear.

“Now we are seeing a springtime of hope across the Middle East,” she said.

Anything like "Springtime for Hitler"?

Update: 10:25:

This says it all, don't it?

Great thanks to the Sister for the pic.


My weekly editorial is up at Pourquoi Pas?

Friday, May 20, 2005


Chapter 13 is up at creativity . . .

What a dickhead

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Friday he would veto legislation that would loosen restrictions on government funding of embryonic stem cell research and expressed concern about human cloning research in South Korea.

[. . .]

Concern???!!!! Son, they could finally grow you a brain.

[. . .]

Bush said the bill would violate his principles.

[. . .]

[Blowing grape soda out my nose] That's just too easy.

[. . .]

"I've made it very clear to the Congress that the use of federal money, taxpayers' money, to promote science which destroys life in order to save life -- I'm against that. And therefore if the bill does that, I will veto it," Bush told reporters during a picture-taking session with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

[. . .]

But you're not against destroying life in general, you hypocritical ass. I mean, you support the death penalty, you're killing people wholesale in Iraq, and your 'base' is killing their own in the name of God.

In 10 years we're gonna be begging the Koreans to share their research. Just one more example of the U.S. being left behind thanks to wingnut stupidity.

Saddam's pic

All I'll say is this: Don't tell me it was just a few bad fucking apples.

Another day in Jesusland

As the Germans would say, alles in ordnung*.

The pastor of a Louisiana church and six of its members, including the pastor's wife and a sheriff's deputy, have been arrested in what the police described as a cult-like sex ring that abused children and animals.

All seven are being held on charges of aggravated rape, including rape of a child younger than 13, which can be prosecuted as a capital crime in the state, the authorities said.

Five other adults were identified yesterday as "persons of interest" at a meeting of seven law enforcement agencies, including the F.B.I., said Deputy Chuck Reed, a spokesman for the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office.

[. . .]

Aren't these the people who scream loudest about 'family values'?

*All is in order.


For all us Short Term Memory Loss sufferers. Pauly looks back on thirteen days in recent history and recounts what was said.

[. . .]

"I've not made up our mind about military action. Hopefully, this can be done peacefully. Hopefully, that as a result of the pressure that we have placed -- and others have placed -- that Saddam will disarm and/or leave the country."

-- President Bush

[. . .]


Dr. Dean on MTP this Sunday.



Well, 49 days have passed since Terri Schiavo was pronounced dead, but our favorite carpetbagger on the Right, Alan Keyes, remains determined to use this dead lady as a political prop . . .

For the people who claim to be the most moral, they seem to be able to put their morals aside quite easily.

Open minded Repubs?

LOS ANGELES - Porn star and former gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey will be joining her boss, Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkis, in attending a dinner with President Bush in Washington, D.C. on June 14.

Kulkis was invited to attend the event by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which is organizing the event. Over a two-day course of NRCC events preceding the dinner, Carey and Kulkis will be attending a meeting with presidential advisor Karl Rove, giving their recommendations on important national issues.

[. . .]

So, a lot of Repubs know who Mary Carey is? Now what would Jesus say, you hypocritical motherfuckers? Thanks to the Sister for the link.

Bubba's 3

Go over and give him a mazeltov!

F-man's music

It's Friday. Time to see what's on my CD changer:

1. Forty Licks, Disc 1 - The Rolling Stones
2. Forty Licks, Disc 2 - The Rolling Stones
3. Graceland - Paul Simon
4. Original Masters - Jethro Tull
5. Toys in the Attic - Aerosmith
6. Back in the High Life - Steve Winwood

Off to the shop. Lata.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Eating their young

The Squinting #uckwit's nomination of Priscilla Owen to the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals received a blow late yesterday when a prominent conservative Christian organization announced that it is pulling its support for the nominee on the grounds that she is a divorcée.


You have to

Just because. Great thanks to PSoTD for the link.

Girl Power


OAKFIELD, N.Y. May 19, 2005 — Katie Brownell is in a Little League all her own. The 11-year-old the only girl playing in the Oakfield-Alabama Little League program pitched a perfect game Saturday for her Dodgers. She struck out all 18 batters she faced in the six-inning, 11-0 victory over the Yankees. [my emphasis]

[. . .]

I've always said that anything we guys can do, women can do better if they think about it. I've seen it too many times not to believe it.

Update: 19:30:

As opposed to this.

Once again, without warning, the seemingly autistic Republicans on the House Armed Services subcommittee have decided that women are delicate flowers and must be taken out of support services (medics, truck drivers, canteen suppliers, etc.) that help supply combat units in Iraq.

[. . .]

Social Security Stupidity

It is a clown show, an episode of stupidity of a jaw-dropping magnitude:


I got a good idea for all you fucking 'Moral Values', 'Support Our Troops', 'Pro-Life' and 'Sanctity of Marriage' wingnut moron congressweasels. And for the Democrats too for that matter. Instead of lining up at the trough to get your share from the federal budget, inform your constituents that you will earmark all of your 'local appropriations' to supply the proper equipment (up-armored Humvees, flak jackets, batteries, radios) to the troops in Iraq and reimburse the families and groups who have spent thousands doing the job at which Chimpy Inc. failed so miserably. I could do without a new park, or exit ramp, or some other bullshit for a while so our troops aren't easy pickings for the 'insurgents'. I'd have a hell of a lot more respect for my Senators and Congresspeople if they did that rather than giving federal money to the Bottle Cap Hall of Fame.

Update: 19:15:

The lovely Pam speaks on just this subject over at Big Brass Balls . . . er, Blog.


Rook takes a look at how well it's really going on the ground in Iraq:

[. . .]

Really? You mean they are actually looking at the facts? How did this happen? Did they not get the memo? Now I guess we know the real reason behind the surprise visit of one of Acme, Inc.'s high ranking incompetent office holders. She was sent to get them back on memo. Looks like it did not work, though.

[. . .]

Mule fucking

And other good shit from the Sister:

A week ago, Neal “Mule-Fucker” Horsley, rabid gay-hater and abortion opponent who famously posts the names and addresses of abortionists on his website, appeared again on Alan Colmes’ radio show to defend and clarify his statements about having had sex with a mule when he was a kid:

[. . .]

Cast irony

You know, Snot 'Lyin Turd' McClellan has such a set of brass balls he must have to carry them in a wheelbarrow. Via Maru:

[. . .]

Q Scott, you said that the retraction by Newsweek magazine of its story is a good first step. What else does the president want this American magazine to do?

MR. McCLELLAN: This report has had serious consequences. People did lose their lives. The image of the United States abroad has been damaged; there is lasting damage to our image because of this report. And we would encourage Newsweek to do all that they can to help repair the damage that has been done, particularly in the region. I think Newsweek can do that by talking about the way they got this wrong, and pointing out what the policies and practices of the United States military are when it comes to the handling of the Holy Koran. [my emphasis]

[. . .]

I have no clue how this man can say shit like this with a straight face. Lowlife piece of shit.


Clearly, I've become unhinged today, but what the hell is up with all these plane diversions at times when the Administration looks really bad? Last Thursday morning a plane was diverted to Maine from London at about the same time Bolton was getting reemed by Voinovich and not being recommended by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for the UN Ambassador position. This morning, a plane from Milan has been diverted about the same time George Galloway is delivering a damning case against the war in Iraq, and on the same day we learn that this Administration was the biggest culprit in the oil-for-food scandal. We haven't had a plane diversion for months, but now we've had two in the last two weeks at strangely convenient times. Strange.

No, my friend John is not becoming overly paranoid. It's a sad commentary from an American who is too used to the government lying to us to cover their fuckups.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

If you build it . . .

As someone who's been directly affected by 9/11 (it was different here in New York than it was on the TV in Kansas, you wingnut motherfuckers), The Donald made me smile today:

[. . .]

This morning at his headquarters on Fifth Avenue, the Donald unveiled his vision for Ground Zero. The Twin Towers, just like the original only stronger and a bit taller."

[. . .]

Fuck the Freedom Tower bullshit. There can be no better memorial to the 3000 of my neighbors who died than to put the fucking Towers back the way they were. Yeah, and a bit taller too. Fuck you, Governor Pataki. Fuck you, Mayor Bloomberg (you little fucking troll), Fuck you, Osama bin Laden. And most of all, Fuck you, (p)resident Dicknose. Put 'em back, goddammit!

By the way, tell the idiots you want 'em back too:

Governor George Pataki
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)
FAX (212) 788-2460

And to all of you who say no one will want to work in them. Bull-fucking-shit. My wife's company gladly pays $2.6 million in rent every year for 2 floors of the place across the street. The new Towers will be full before it's built, trust me.
On the inside to Cmdr. Sue: What was that you said about taking the Towers out of my book? Heh.

Nuclear options

WASHINGTON - The Senate began its historic floor debate Wednesday morning on appeals court nominee Priscilla Owen, a process that will likely lead next week to a showdown vote on changing the filibuster rule and making it easier to confirm judicial nominations.

[. . .]

In his debate-opening speech, Frist said that traditionally judicial nominees were confirmed by a majority vote. But "in the last Congress the minority party radically increased that threshold to 60, and that is wrong," Frist said.

[. . .]

Personally, I thought it always (since Woodrow Wilson's time anyway) required a supermajority to pass a cloture vote, but I could be wrong. Raising it to a supermajority (from 51% to 60%) ain't a radical increase regardless. If people feel that strongly about someone not receiving a lifetime appointment, a little more talk couldn't hurt.

[. . .]

But [Senate Minority Leader Harry] Reid replied, “If Republicans roll back our rights in this chamber, there will be no check on their power. The radical right wing will be free to pursue any agenda they want.”

[. . .]

And that's exactly what they want, Harry me boy.

[. . .]

A bipartisan group of four Democratic and eight Republican senators, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., met in Sen. John Warner's, R-Va. office Wednesday to seek a deal that would avert a showdown over the filibuster rule change that Frist seeks. The meeting concluded only with an agreement to reconvene.

[. . .]

No, no, no, no, no, no! Listen to me, Lugnut. The Repubs killed 69 of Clinton's appointments in committee. We're only filibustering 7 of Bush's. Repeat after me. No Compromise, No Quarter, No Deal. Stand up to the wingnut sonsabitches for cryin' out loud.

15 months = 8 years

USAToady via Glen:

Faced with the biggest recruitment shortfall since the draft was abolished in 1973, the Army has come up with what it thinks is a good idea. The nation's largest military force will allow new enlistees the option of serving just 15 months on active duty.

[. . .]

But before anyone bellies up to a recruitment center to take advantage of this offer, they should read the fine print in the enlistment contract and an appeals court ruling that was issued a day after the Army's announcement.

'Stop-loss' authority

While one year and three months might not sound like a long time to serve this country in a time of war, those who take advantage of the Army's offer should know that their actual commitment to Uncle Sam will be at least eight years - not 15 months. Everyone who enters the all-volunteer military incurs a total service obligation of eight years, a portion of which is spent on active duty. For the remainder of this time, the enlistee can be called back into uniform at the government's discretion under a program called "stop-loss." [my emphasis]

[. . .]

Remember, kiddies, before you sign up, bring your lawyer along to read the fine print. How much you wanna bet Rummy and the Pentagram had the credit card companies draw up the enlistment contract?


Now, I've been saying this for a long time (here, here, and here). But don't take the manic mechanic's word for it. From none other than Krugman himself:

. . . If he were Obi wan-Kenobi in this particular galaxy, what would he do to extricate the US from this mess? "No more budget deficits," he says. "We should be running surpluses." Tax increases: "We should be getting 28% of GDP [gross domestic product] in revenue. We are only collecting 17%." And most of all, clean up the foreign-policy mess. Not much of a chance though. "We are a banana republic. For the moment, all of these things are politically impossible."

[. . .]

. . . And for him, the dollar is not weak enough: "It should go down more, for instance, against the yen." He does not realistically expect a major devaluation of the Chinese yuan - maximum 5%. Krugman admits it's hard to predict what happens next: "It needs a trigger. But I'm convinced it's the collapse of the housing market in the US that will trigger the dollar's decline." [my emphases]

[. . .]

Now, I don't claim to know the ins and outs of currency values, but I do know a little about markets. The housing market cannot withstand much more stress and it's gonna collapse.

Thanks to Suburban Guerrilla for the link.


The Congressional Hypocritical Oath

"I [state your name] do solemly swear to uphold and defend my elected office at all costs. I promise to desecrate the Constitution, even rape and kill, if required, in the cause furthering my personal gain and retention of power. I further hold that placing the interests of large corporations or interest groups who might employ me or family members now or in the future is paramount and desireable. Their interests are above the interest of those "little people" back in my state or district or our nation. All contributors (of large money) will receive my personal attention and benificence whenever possible to the fullest extent of my ability and office.

I further swear to always be seen in the presence of at least one "disadvantaged" person, and be seen carrying a bible or other religious icon and say "Jesus" or "God" whenever television cameras are within 100 feet of me, so help me Protestant God"

Stolen from DemVet who cannot be any more dead on. Another squid who calls 'em right.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Can we?

. . . Can we please stop pretending that the administration is made up of flawed-yet-honorable characters? . . .


New moniker

From Digby. "Christocrats".

Truth hurts

George Galloway, the Respect MP, attacked a US Senate committee today for its "schoolboy errors" over claims that Saddam Hussein awarded him lucrative contracts under the UN Oil-for-Food programme.

[. . .]

The subcommittee, chaired by Norm Coleman, the Minnesota Republican, had alleged that Mr Galloway used a charity he established in 1998 to channel funds from allocations of 20 million barrels from 2000 to 2003.

[. . .]

He selected Mr Coleman as the focus of his wrath, adding: "You have nothing on me, Senator, except my name on lists of names from Iraq, many of which have been drawn up after the installation of your puppet government in Iraq.

"Now I know that standards have slipped over the last few years in Washington, but for a lawyer, you are remarkably cavalier with any idea of justice." [my emphasis]

[. . .]

Slapdown, you wingnut bitches. Norm Coleman is an oozing, santorum-leaking asshole.

Update: 14:25:

Atrios(Attaturk) has lots of links.

Photo stamps

I just heard about this:

PhotoStamps are now available to anyone who wants to create their own personal USPS-approved postage. Learn more

You know I'm gonna have the wife take a pic of my ass and I'm gonna put 'em on envelopes that contain bills.


From the Independent via Granny:

As the death toll of troops mounts in Iraq and Afghanistan, America's military recruiting figures have plummeted to an all-time low. Thousands of US servicemen and women are now refusing to serve their country.

[. . .]

Now, I don't condone desertion, especially in this age of a volunteer force. Joining the military should be a well thought out process. It's not like going out and getting a job. But I can understand these people not wanting to be used as cannon fodder in an unjust, illegal war. What have Gord and I been saying? Don't you feel it getting Drafty?

More Newsweak

The King:

[. . .]

The Bush administration has just collected Newsweek's scalp, on the grounds that Newsweek's flawed reportage enraged our enemies, resulted in the deaths of 16 (or 17) people, and damaged the hitherto-unblemished reputation for tolerance and goodwill that America, according to Condoleezza Rice, enjoys in the Muslim world. If, however, we assume (as seems inarguable) that the Muslim world is offended less by dubious sourcing than by desecration of its holy book, then, based on the single passage above, the NYT is plainly guilty of the same crimes as Newsweek -- and the Times, needless to say, boasts an even more impressive scalp. Therefore: . . .

[. . .]

Go read. His Highness makes a lot of sense.

Morning thought

From Badtux:

Every life is precious
Until it's born. Then it's just garbage to dump in the woods or allow to die for lack of health insurance. Remember, life is only a right for the unborn. After that, who cares?

Monday, May 16, 2005



I usually don't go to wingnut sites. The idiocy, hypocrisy, and hate turn my stomach even though I realize the Constitution gives them a right to peddle their drivel, just as I do mine. It works for all. But I went to this one thanks to Maru:

(AgapePress) - W.L. Cati, a former Muslim and founder of an evangelical Christian ministry, wants to train fellow followers of Christ how to go boldly into mosques and witness to Muslims.

[. . .]

I hope the Muslims welcome them with firearms. Who the fuck do these people think they are, to try and forcibly impose their faith on others as they try to worship? This is what's wrong with the Jesus freaks. They think the fucking Constitution was written on their behalf and no one else's. Stupid wingnuts.

Good news

From the Sister:

Bells began tolling for same-sex couples in Massachusetts one year ago this week. A year in numbers:

Date same-sex couples began legally marrying: May 17, 2004

Number of same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts from May 17, 2004, until February 2005: 6,142

[. . .]

[. . .]

It’s amazing how Massachusetts hasn’t spontaneously imploded or turned into 7,840 square miles of nothing but leather bars and Bally’s or been the recipient of a brutal and horrific smiting by God himself.

[. . .]

I think Jesus would be quite pleased.


Somehow I deleted my post on my stupid Republican assemblyman when I thought I was deleting a draft copy. Shit. I'll rewrite after dinner.

Use your head

(New York-WABC, May 15, 2005) — In New Jersey, an FBI employee is in serious condition after being run over by her own vehicle.

It happened in Jersey City this morning, when the woman spotted someone being attacked on the street.

Police say when she tried to intervene, the suspect pulled her from her SUV--then ran her over as he escaped in her car.

The vehicle was found later in the afternoon, but the suspect is still on the loose.

Fixer wisdom: If someone approaches you in your car and you're pretty sure they have malicious intent, don't wait until he gets to your door. Throw the fucking car in gear and run him the fuck over. When he's pinned under your wheel, then you get out and find out what the fuck he thinks he's doing.

He gets letters

Whether (p)resident Miserable Failure can read 'em or not is another story:

November 4, 2004

Dear George,

You don’t mind if I call you George do you? When you sent me a letter offering your condolences on the death of my son, Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan, in the illegal and unjust war on Iraq, you called me Cindy, so I naturally assume we are on a first name basis.

George, it has been seven months today since your reckless and wanton foreign policies killed my son, my big boy, my hero, my best-friend: Casey. It has been seven months since your ignorant and arrogant lack of planning for the peace murdered my oldest child. It has been two days since your dishonest campaign stole another election…but you all were way more subtle this time than in 2000, weren’t you? You hardly had to get the Supreme Court of the United States involved at all this week.

You feel so proud of yourself for betraying the country again, don’t you? You think you are very clever because you pulled the wool over the eyes of some of the people again. You think that you have some mandate from God…that you can “spend your political capital” any way that you want. George you don’t care or even realize that 56,000,000 plus citizens of this country voted against you and your agenda. Still, you are going to continue your ruthless work of being a divider and not a uniter. George, in 2000 when you stole that election and the Democrats gave up, I gave up too. I had the most ironic thought of my life then: "Oh well, how much damage can he do in four years?" Well, now I know how much you have damaged my family, this country, and this world. If you think I am going to allow you another four years to do even more damage, then you truly are mistaken. I will fight for a true vote count and if that fails, your impeachment. Also, the impeachment of your Vice President. The only thing is, I'm not politically savvy, and I don't have a Karl Rove to plan my strategy, but I do have a big mouth and a righteous cause, which still mean something in this country, I hope.

All of this lying, fooling, and betraying must be “hard work” George. You really think you know what hard work is?

George, let me tell you what “hard work” really is.

Hard work is seeing your oldest son, your brave and honorable man-child go off to a war that had, and still has, no basis in reality. Hard work is worrying yourself gray and not being able to sleep for 2 weeks because you don’t know if your child is safe.

Hard work is seeing your son’s murder on CNN one Sunday evening while you’re enjoying the last supper you’ll ever truly enjoy again.

Hard work is having three military officers come to your house a few hours later to confirm the aforementioned murder of your son…your first born…your kind and gentle sweet baby.

Hard work is burying your child 46 days before his 25th birthday. Hard work is holding your other three children as they lower the body of their big “baba” into the ground. Hard work is not jumping in the grave with him and having the earth cover you both.

But, Dear George, do you know what the hardest work of all is? Trying to digest the fact that the leader of the country that your family has fought for and died for, for generations, lied to you and betrayed your dear boy’s sense of honor and exploited his courage and exploited his loyalty to his buddies. Hard work is having your country abandon you after they killed your son. Hard work is coming to the realization that your son had his future robbed from him and that you have had your son's future and future grand-children stolen from you. Hard work is knowing that there are so many people in this world that have prospered handsomely from your son's death.

George, I must confess that I and my family worked very HARD to re-defeat you this time, but you refuse to stay defeated. Well, we are watching you very carefully. We are going to do everything in our power to have you impeached for misleading the American people into a disastrous war and for mis-using and abusing your power as Commander-in-Chief. We are going to scream until our last breath to bring the rest of our babies home from this quagmire of a war that you have gotten our country in to: before too many more families learn the true meaning of Hard Work. We know it is going to be an uphill battle, knowing how Republican Congress is, but thanks to you, we know the meaning of Hard Work and we’re not afraid of hard work at all.

The 56,000,000 plus citizens who voted against you and your agenda have given me a mandate to move forward with my agenda. Also, thanks to you and your careless domestic policies, I am unemployed, so this will be my full-time job. Being your political downfall will be the most noble accomplishment of my life and it will bring justice for my son and 1125 (so far) other brave Americans and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis your lies have killed. By the way, George, how many more innocent Iraqis are your policies going to kill before you convince them that you are better than Saddam? How many more of their cities are you going to level before you consider that they are liberated? If you really had any moral values, or if you were an honorable man at all you would resign. My son was a man who had high moral values and true courage. Humanity lost a bright light on April 04, 2004. I will live the rest of my life missing Casey desperately. Thank you for that, George. Have a nice day.

God Bless America!! We surely need it!

Cindy Sheehan
Broken hearted mother of a True American Hero: Spc Casey Austin Sheehan, KIA 04/04/04 Sadr City, Baghdad

If Ms. Sheehan is half as tough as my mom, Chimpy is in for a rough time. Go get him, darlin.

Thanks to DemVet for the link.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


16 people dead (at least) over half-assed journalism. Morrow is rolling over in his grave.
Thanks to Atrios for the link.

Drivin' makes ya smart

We made it. I'm posting from my sister-in-law's house in beautiful Arroyo Grande. She's got a computer that makes mine look like a wood-burnin' job.

She is busy at the moment making up care packages to send to our troops overseas. They send her e-mail and snail mail, introducing themselves, and she has developed several pen pals. Do you think it helps that she tells 'em she's eighteen, stacked, and loose? She got onto this at Any and it's a good way to support our troops.

You sure can learn a lot listening to the radio whilst drivin' down I-5 through California's central valley. Here's what I learned:

1. There's more different kinds of Mexican music than you can shake a stick at. I like the kind best with accordions, horns, and gritos.
2. What the wingnuts would like to do to us commie Liberal pinko rat bastids that make up all those nasty lies about the saintly Bush, DeLay, etc.
3. Don't put a bird feeder over the picnic table. I think that was on the same station as No. 2.

You are also reminded that there are always those drivers so focused on themselves that they think they absolutely have the right to go twenty miles an hour faster than everybody else, and that if anybody should impede their progress, that person is in the wrong and must move over. At 75mph in the right hand lane, this is hard to do, so they pass on the right anyway. There's not many of those kind of ying-yangs, thank goodness. Occasionally you get to see them pulled over by a cop or wadded into a little ball, but not often enough, dammit.


Gay-bashing queers

At least according to the inimitable Dave Johnson:

[. . .]

Why else would they be insisting that the presence of gay people risks "luring" straight people to become homosexual? This wouldn't even occur to a person who is not fighting such urges.

[. . .]

Seems to me he's got it exactly right.

I'm flattered

I'll be writing a weekly editorial at Pourquoi Pas.


Both of 'em.

Pic courtesy of Skippy

Update: 13:35:

Kevin has more on the murderous Uzbek.

My Air Force

Whatever is ailing the Air Force Academy, and the academy has had its share of ailments over the years, campus pressure on cadets to adopt a particular set of religious beliefs will not cure it. Last year, academy officials promised to do something about widespread complaints of unconstitutional proselytizing of academy students by evangelists whose efforts were blessed by authority figures in the chain of command. An authorized investigation by the Yale Divinity School and local news reports documented numerous instances of pressure on cadets to adopt Christian beliefs and practices. Such pressure came from dozens of faculty members and chaplains, and even the football coach, with his "Team Jesus Christ" banner. [NYT]

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I guess I've been putting off commenting on this situation because it hits close to home. One of my closest friends is an instructor at the Academy, another is an alumnus, and several are still active duty officers of the colonel and general officer ranks. My own Air Force career spanned 8 years (6 active, 2 reserve) and I have a great love for my former branch of service. This kills me.

Looking back, I got out in '86, I remember the pressure placed upon us in the enlisted ranks to accept the Evangelical Christian version about how the world works during Basic Training. Needless to say, I never let it affect me. Regular readers know the lack of tolerance I have for proseletyzing and I regularly told people to fuck off or I'd shove their Bible up their ass. After a while, people didn't bother me anymore. Once the Commander of Chaplains (at Lackland AFB, a two-star) told me I should embrace Jesus Christ, that masturbation was a sin, as well as premarital sex. Got a Letter of Reprimand for telling him where to put his Bible too.

I was branded as a troublemaker. Fortunately for me, something like that I wear as a badge of honor. I got a lot of shit jobs, dangerous assignments, and eventually was forced out and into a reserve unit. I never made the connection between that and my religious views (I got into a lot of other trouble), but I'm certain it helped. My answer once, when asked why I wasn't going to church one Sunday, "God and I made a deal, I'd stay out of His way and He'd stay out of mine. It's worked out well for both of us so far", pissed of my CO at 7th Bomb Wing (SAC).

A chaplain at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., who has publicly accused her superiors of using their positions to promote evangelical Christianity among the cadets, says she was fired from an administrative job because of her outspokenness and given orders to ship out to Japan.

An Air Force task force, meanwhile, finished up an investigation at the academy into charges by the chaplain and others that officers there were inappropriately proselytizing the cadets. [Link]

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This was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. They're sending this chaplain to Japan now. If I didn't know differently, I'd probably believe the Air Force line that she was being transferred for manning reasons. But I know better. You see, my friend who is an instructor there (an Evangelical Christian) recently got out of orders. This person has been on this tour for close to ten years, far longer than is common and received orders to a posting in the Pentagon. I know the affiliation with the church most of the senior officers attend helped immensely in this person's effort to stay in Colorado Springs.

While I am happy for my friend, in this day and age of 'Stop-Loss' and call-backs the situation is hardly fair. It's time for a purge of the senior leadership at the Air Force Church Academy. Clean 'em all out and replace with officers who can show tolerance toward others' beliefs. This, just like the abuses at Abu Ghraib, is a culture that begins at the top. Trust me, if the officers weren't going along with this (actively or with a wink and a nod), the cadets would not do it on their own. I want my Air Force back.

Update: 10:00:

Reading this over, I think I lost my point. Comes from posting in a blind rage. But my point was, when you told someone to take their Bible and fuck off, word got out and you were left alone. Now, these clowns won't take a 'fuck off' as an answer.