Saturday, October 30, 2004

This'll Clear It Right Up....

Shoulda went to Wonkette first, saved myself a lot of head scratchin' trying to figure this shit out. Out of the mouths of babes...
Ooops: He's alive. And he's condemning Bush. Which of course means that he wants Kerry to win. Unless he really wants Bush to win and is just by default endorsing Kerry in order to get people to vote for Bush out of spite. But then again, if we're smart enough to figure that out, then maybe Osama knows that, too and he really wants Kerry to win, and is endorsing Kerry so that people will at first learn toward voting for Bush but then think that's what Osama wants. . . So confusing. Clearly, we've fallen for one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is: "Never get involved in a land war in Asia"; but only slightly less well known is this: "Do not read about goats when death is on the line."

My head hurts.

More on Osama Bin* Video

Here's a take on it from Whiskey Bar:
Right on time, too -- four days before the election. (The Madrid bombing was three days before.)

In a way, this move is even smarter than an actual terrorist attack on American soil -- which al-Qaeda might not have been able to pull off anyway. A real attack would have been an unpredictable gamble. It might have given Bush a huge boost, but it's at least conceivable it would have had the opposite effect, by underscoring the hollowness of the endlessly repeated Republican claim that our cowboy-in-chief has made us all safer.

What was it Rove said the other day when Sean Hannity asked him about October surprises? "We've got a couple of things we intend to spring." Something like that.

By plastering his face over every TV in America for the next couple of days, he's given Bush a priceless gift -- a boogeyman with which to frighten that last sliver of undecided voters into rejecting change. Al Qaeda, it seems, has evolved into one hell of an effective 527 organization.

I didn't know that OBL was a Republican operative. It would be interesting to know how long before 9/11 he was on the payroll.

*That's what they call him in Texas, like 'Billy Bob'.

Cheer Up, Vatos...

The 'Pubs and the right-wing media are already getting their excuses ready for Dubya's trouncing. Check out Wolcott, Digby, and Josh Marshall.

I don't wanna give it away, but the blame will include, but is not limited to, the words 'Liberal' and 'media'.

Bush, Cheney, Crow

If you wanna see something that will really piss you off even more at the 'Pubs, read this at Oliver Willis. Scroll down to "Black Voter Suppression Underway." Thanks Yelladog.

And I authorized this message . . .

The best Republican Jesus yet.

Saturday Cattle Dog blogging

I don't know

Gordon and Jeff didn't see the issue the same way I did in my last post. I don't know but my gut feeling says that enough people will see this as Bush's ultimate failure. This was the murderer, the international super-villain, a reg'ler James Bond bad guy, and Bush couldn't do what Her Majesty's Secret Service could, many times over. And here is Blofeld and his S.P.E.C.T.R.E. organization, taking over our airwaves to taunt President Impotent. Osama didn't look bad, he was calm and lucid, comfortable even. Bush had three years to make this guy's life miserable at the least, or turn him into fertilizer at most. Instead we had to go to war in Iraq. I think this points up Bush's failures in the brightest light possible.

Update: 07:15:


Now, why that helps Bush is beyond me. For months, we saw the offense-is-defense idea pushed by every pundit you can think of who had access to RNC talking points that any discussion of Iraq, no matter how bad, was good for Bush. Whatever bad things surfaced that pointed out how screwed up Iraq was, it was good for Bush. Everything he did wrong was great publicity for him. Like the explosives story all this week. Like Halliburton investigations. Right.

I saw OBL today and I thought, hmmm. Looks in good health. Had access to video equipment. Arms work. Looks clean. So where is he? Why hasn't Bush found him? Why isn't Bush talking about him?

[. . .]

Update: 11:15:

Matt Yglesias sees it the way Gordon does:

I think liberals trying to argue that this bin Laden tape won't help Bush are probably fooling themselves. Bush will be helped, it's pretty obvious that Bush will be helped, and OBL is certainly aware that this stunt will help Bush. This is because, of course, OBL likes Bush in office just fine . . .

Friday, October 29, 2004


This is the October surprise, my friends. Osama did come out at the end of October, but instead of in a bodybag, he's laughing at Bush on TV. This will be the Golden Spike in Bush's coffin.

Pour It On

In the same vein as my previous post, Paul Krugman of the NYTimes adds fuel to the fire:
It's remarkable that the right-wingers who dominate cable news and talk radio are still complaining about a liberal stranglehold over the media. But, that absurdity aside, they're missing a crucial point: Al Qaqaa is hardly the only tale of incompetence and mendacity to break to the surface in the last few days. Here's a quick look at some of the others:

Letting Osama get away

Letting Zarqawi get away

The situation in Iraq

$70 billion more

All of these stories would be getting more play right now if it weren't for the Al Qaqaa mess. Still, one can understand why the right is so upset.

After all, Al Qaqaa illustrates in a particularly graphic way the failures of Mr. Bush's national security leadership. U.S. soldiers passed through Al Qaqaa, a crucial munitions dump, but were never told that it was important to secure the site. If administration officials object that they couldn't have spared enough troops to guard the site, they're admitting that they went in without enough troops. And the fact that these explosives fell into unknown hands is a perfect example of how the Iraq war has worsened the terrorist threat.

But worst of all from the right's point of view, Al Qaqaa has disrupted the campaign's media strategy. Karl Rove clearly planned to turn the final days of the campaign into a series of "global test" moments - taking something Mr. Kerry said and distorting its meaning, then generating pseudo-controversies that dominate the airwaves. Instead, the news media have spent the last few days discussing substance. And that's very bad news for Mr. Bush.

The flames are leaping high! More Boy Scout fluid! Get the steaks ready! Grilled chimp, mmmm!

October Surprise...YES!

Geov Parrish in Working For Change has a hopeful message:
Well, October is nearly over. You may not have even noticed, but the October surprise is in. Virtually every news development in this critical final week has been working against the re-election of George W. Bush.

Those voter suppression stories are only one of the more than a half-dozen major stories of the week, all of which call into question the rule or tactics of Bush and friends.

And then there's all those other stories. There's Iraq, of course, where Bush's sins in the past have been noisily unraveling in the news for a while now.

Meanwhile, our own guy, Iraqi puppet prime minister Iyad Allawi, blasted the Americans for incompetence over the execution last weekend of several dozen more Iraqi policemen. Do we sense a trend here?

It's all been bad news for a White House that has been curiously exempt from having to answer for its recklessness for the better part of four years. One after another, the stories remind us that this is an administration that is both ideologically extreme and stunningly incompetent. One after another, they remind us that we can't afford another four years.

But at this point -- less than a week out -- the tea leaves usually start to settle, and what they're pointing to is a Kerry victory. Soon -- with a lot of hard work in the next few days -- a long national nightmare will be over

Bad news for Bush, good news for us, our country, and the rest of the world. Read the article, it'll make you feel a lot better. It's about time.

Don't get complacent. You don't stop punching just because the guy's reeling a little. When the guy's on the ropes, that's the time to pour it on. Stay informed. Read magazines, newspapers, blogs. Raise your voice. It's not only your right, it's your duty.

Vote as many times as they'll let you. Use fake ID's and disguises. The Repubs will.

When Kerry wins, me and Fixer promise not to take all the credit for it. We'll be glad to share.

It's called Genocide

Via Lean Left from The Guardian:

[. . .]

As many as 100,000 more Iraqi civilians have died in the 18 months since the US-led invasion last year than would have been expected in the period before the war, a study claimed today.

Researchers said the chances of a violent death were 58 times higher after the invasion than before it. [my emphasis]

[. . .]

Bush and his Cabinet should be turned over to The Hague to face war crimes charges. I know, Americans should deal with this, but if there's one way to regain our credibility and respect in the world, this is it. Hell with Bush's lies and ineptitude, he is a mass murderer, no better than Saddam, no better than Osama. Though it would never be done, Chimpy Inc. should be living in 8x8 cells somewhere in . . . France.

The new al Qaeda tape

If I didn't know better, I'd say the guy in the tape is Ari Fleischer. See Digby for details.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


My local paper came today and they endorsed President Chimp-ass. Just called and canceled my subscription. I told 'em if they were that stupid to endorse that moron, I doubted their journalistic competence. Some of my neighbors have already commented.


The last of David Neiwart's 6-part series The Rise of Pseudo Fascism has been posted at Orcinus. Excellent and enlightening. It's long but worth the read.

Force Readiness

Bleak. From Josh Marshall:

[. . .]

Back on December 6th of last year, you’ll remember, the Washington Post reported that in 2004, four of ten Army divisions would not be combat ready for up to six months. Specifically, they would be rated at C-3 or C-4, the Army’s two lowest readiness levels.

[. . .]

The picture this reporting paints for Guard readiness is, I’m told, considerably more bleak than the December news about readiness in the Army.

Readiness in stateside Guard brigades is so poor because those brigades are essentially being cannibalized – for both men and materiel – to keep afloat brigades that are currently stationed in Iraq.

And we wonder why recruitment is down? This is what happens when civilians in power read too many Tom Clancy novels.

Boom-Boom go Bye-Bye

No, this is not my garage. These are those explosives that were supposedly "moved before the war by Saddam" or "not there when the U.S. got there" or "the Russians took 'em". Looks like we knew they were there because a news crew from KSTP was embedded with the ground-pounders.

Abuse Of Faith

I have said for a long time that Dubya is a phony when it comes to his use of Christianity as a political tool. Arianna Huffington pretty much agrees.
As someone for whom faith is incredibly important, and who regularly prays for all the people and things that matter to me, I'm hopeful that God is as appalled as I am with the way His name is constantly being taken in vain on the Bush campaign trail, and with how the president is abusing his faith to justify to himself and to the world his disastrous policies.

The second way the president is corrupting his faith is by using it as a marketing tool designed to garner support among the over 60 million Americans who identify themselves as evangelical -- particularly the 4 million born-again voters who stayed home in 2000.

All this pious posturing is also being used as a cudgel with which to attack John Kerry, portraying him as a sorry second in the faith sweepstakes.

What's next? Attack ads from Altar Boys for Truth claiming Kerry never actually swallowed the body of Christ during communion?

"This is why George W. Bush is so clear-eyed about al-Qaida and the Islamic fundamentalist enemy," explained Bruce Bartlett, a domestic policy advisor to Reagan and Bush 41. "He understands them because he's just like them."

I pray that every American of real faith keeps this in mind when stepping into the voting booth on Election Day.

And the rest of us too.

Molly Antes Up For Kerry

Molly Ivins is putting her money on Big John:

AUSTIN, Texas -- I finally put my money down on Tuesday, a whole week out. Kerry over Bush by two to three points in every state that matters except Florida. For those who find this an appalling, Bill Bennett-like display of disrespect for both good money and Our Nation's Future, I say, hey, no guts, no glory. Besides, Ladbrokes, the English betting firm, is offering 6 to 5 on Kerry.

Without fear of contradiction, I can say that George W. Bush has turned out to be a divider, not a uniter, for the past four years. Sheesh, if we get any madder at each other there will be fisticuffs, brethren, I say fisticuffs.

Fisticuffs? She says that almost like it's a bad thing.
Liberals, normally gentle as little kittens -- usually you can go right up to 'em and touch their soft, curly fur, they don't mind a bit -- are in an alarming state of righteous anger. This time, they devoutly believe, jackbooted fascism is just around the corner. Not only do they think the Bill of Rights is being quietly dismantled, they are sentient enough to notice that our reputation around the world has gone from the instant support of Sept. 11 to disgust and fear.

You don't have to be all that sentient to see that. I think "alarming state of righteous anger" is a ladylike understatement. The way I would put that is "so pissed off I can't see straight", but I'm no lady. Nor am I syndicated. I don't have to watch my language. Fixer said so.

I'm bettin' with Molly.

Bush Wins

Looks like W won the big one: From Reuters:

LONDON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush may see himself as defender of democracy and compassionate conservatism but film fans have voted him "Movie Villain of the Year".

In a poll for Total Film magazine, the U.S. leader fought off competition from such well-known baddies as atomic scientist Doctor Octopus from "Spider-Man 2" and fellow Texan Leatherface from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

These Limeys know their villains, what?

Bush O for 2

From David Corn:

Finally, a Link Between Hussein and bin Laden

There is a link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Of sorts. The Iraqi facility at the heart of the recent controversy over the 380 tons of missing explosives--Al Qaqaa--was named by Saddam Hussein after a famed Muslim warrior called al Qaqaa. And what is a nickname that Osama bin Laden has adopted? Yes, you guessed it: al Qaqaa. So with his invasion of Iraq, Bush did not address the threat posed by Al Qaaqa (the facility) or the threat posed by al Qaqaa (the man). On the al Qaqaa front, Bush remains 0 for 2. (my emphasis)

'Tis a good day for baseball analogies, no?


To the Red Sox. I'll concede the Curse is broken and I take back all those things I said about them choking. But, being a Mets fan, I will say these two words. Bill Buckner.


From Digby:

There must be something in the water this year in Beantown. The Yankee machine had the Sox down and they battled their way back and back and back to get into the series. And then they won with authority, dammit!

That righteous Boston mojo took them all the way and it's going to take John Kerry right through next Tuesday. And he's going to win with the same decisiveness that the Red Sox won the series. No bullshit and no question about who won.

And a certain faux Texan is going to get a chance to run for the office he always wanted --- baseball commissioner.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sounds like me

Jo goes Nazi at DemVet. And as always, an excellent finish:

[. . .]

Damn. I want my country back.

John Kerry. For all the correct, liberty and the American Dream.

DeLay May Go Down

Evan Derkacs on AlterNet says DeLay may not get an 11th term:

"I am the federal government."

– Tom DeLay, responding to a government employee who tried to prevent him from smoking on government property. The New York Times, June 13, 2003

Think of Tom DeLay as that snotty, privileged kid on the playground. He's already gotten at least four strikes, blames the ump, threatens those who suggest he sit down, and then tells his friends that he hit a home run. Oh, and he's got all the candy.

Long story here. It takes a long one just to recount "Bugs'" crimes. Thank God he doesn't list misdemeanors and infractions, let alone sins. Whole forests would die to provide enough paper. Then there's politics and perceptions.

Yet despite this last ditch effort to repair DeLay's Hemorrhaging public image it's beginning to look like the combined weight of the scandals and Democracy for America's TV ads are taking their toll. The latest poll shows DeLay's lead has been cut to 42% - 35% (under 50% for an incumbent typically spells doom.

Time to get back under houses with a spray gun, dipshit.

Shuffling Off The Mortal Coil?

Yassir Arafat has been the main impediment to a settlement of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for thirty years. Being the good-hearted soul that I am, I pray for an end to his suffering. Yesterday would be fine.

Wolves For Kerry

Remeber those vicious wolves in Dubya's TV ad? They're pissed. Go to Wolfpacks For Truth to read their story.

We are a peaceful pack of wolves. All we want in life is:

Live in tree-filled forests

Drink clean water from our rivers and streams.

Breathe fresh and clean air.

Dubya better be careful on the way to Grandma's house.


The local National Guard unit, the 343rd MPs, shipped out for Iraq today. May God be with them.

October surprise 2

Fallujah. See Xan for the rationale.

Suppress the vote

WaPo via Melanie:

[. . .]

For George W. Bush, Karl Rove and their legion of genteel thugs, however, universal suffrage is just one more musty liberal ideal that threatens conservative rule. Today's Republicans have elevated vote suppression from a dirty secret to a public norm.

[. . .]

They are so brazen it is incredible, and none of the media whores will call them on it. I am hoping, praying, and making virginal sacrifices to ensure a landslide, an unquestionable win for Big John. And after that win, I hope indictments follow.

More On Missing Boom-Boom

If you think I'm pissed off about this, you're right. We certainly have not heard the last of this, nor of the soon-to-be-gone administration's dissembling and lies. Joe Conason of The New York Observer has this to say via Working For Change:

Specifically, the IAEA turned over to the Pentagon a list of sites that should be guarded by the invasion forces, including the Al Qaqaa complex. The IAEA had monitored that site for more than a decade and placed its contents under seal, because the same HMX and RDX explosives so useful in making car bombs and roadside mines are also ideal for triggering a nuclear weapon.

Explaining how persons unknown could have absconded with 40 truckloads of exceptionally dangerous munitions in the midst of an American invasion is a challenge even for this White House

Oh, have faith. They'll figure out a way.

According to the Iraqi interim government, which reported this incident to the IAEA two weeks ago, the theft of the explosives occurred after American forces entered Baghdad on April 9, during the orgy of looting of "government installations due to lack of security."

Our officials were very busy, of course, advancing photo ops on aircraft carriers and dispatching Republican operatives to the "Green Zone" in Baghdad. They weren't inclined to pay much attention to international meddlers at the U.N. or the IAEA. Why would they listen to anyone else when they never make a mistake?

Not only have we not heard the last of this, I think we have barely heard the beginning. Every time a car bomb goes off, or a Humvee carrying American soldiers gets blown away, think of George W. Bush. Be angry, be very, very angry.

Speak Of The Devil And Up He Jumps...

Yesterday, Fixer posted about sending some stuff to a Republican who has been bombarding his inbox with right-wing and Christian propaganda. In the comments section, I kinda ribbed him about how this fellow might think he's on a mission from God and the GOP to convert Fixer and redouble his efforts.

Big mistake. I shoulda kept my fool mouth shut. Too late now, there's a swell-tasting foot in it. Mine.

I get a lot of e-mail from Kerry and the DNC. Day before yesterday the DNC sent me one about the missing explosives in Iraq. Since Fixer and I had been expounding at length about how the swell fellows in charge of our military mission, beginning with the so-called Commander-in-Chief, may possibly have been the teensiest bit remiss in their planning and foresight, the subject was up front in my mind.

I hit 'forward' and fired the e-mail off to a lot of my friends, including one I shouldn't have: My wife's nephew, Steve. He is not quite 40, married, father of two small children. He's a schoolteacher and so's his wife. He is a published author.I have known him since he was about eight. I like him a lot.

Steve's mom, Mrs. G.'s sister, doesn't like political discussions amongst family members and now I see why. I know Steve is a wingnut, and I sent him the e-mail to mess with him. It must have worked.

Steve replied with some caustic comments about my intelligence and the "lame stream media". He mailed me a whole article, not a link, from some wingnut website refuting any administration or Army involvement. Then I made my second mistake: I responded with a short quote and link countering his crap. Thinking that would be the end of it, I closed with this line: "Peace. Be sure to vote on November 3rd."

He responded by accusing me of voter suppression and more wingnut BS. This time I just sent "Peace" hoping he'd stop it.

Next, he sends me comments about Kerry's anti-Vietnam-war statements and a quote from A. Lincoln about being a traitor if you criticize the President in time of war, along with, again, a whole article, this time from Faux News. I haven't responded to this one and don't think I will. Nah, I'll probably send him this post. Mrs. G. wants to send him a link to "Bush Relatives For Kerry". She knew I started this thing as a little dig, and now she's getting pissed. With two small kids, he ought to have better things to do. As a schoolteacher with a college education, he should know better than to buy into the wingnut scam.

So, Fixer, get a good laugh on ol' Gord. Roll around on the floor holding your sides and spew milk out your nose if you like. I damn sure got it coming. I should be more careful of what I say because it's likely to come back and bite me on the ass, but I probably won't, and it probably will.

In closing, I can think of no better thing to say about my favorite nephew than this quote from the Fixer: "I'd love to shove my Godless, baby-killing, Commie-pinko, gay-loving, Liberal foot up his ass." Yeesh!


Who is Iraqi hand puppet . . . er, Prime Minister Allawi playing to? I know everybody's been on this:

Prime Minister Ayad Allawi blamed the American-led military forces on Tuesday for the weekend massacre of 49 freshly trained Iraqi soldiers, saying the military had shown “major negligence.”

[. . .]

Could it be that while he is a cutthroat and a CIA informant/assassin/stooge, he cares about his country and his people a little more than he does about the Bush agenda? Blood is thicker than money and oil after all. Maybe he does want a stable society, maybe he's had enough of the carnage and the bodies stacking up. Maybe he sees his country's infrastructure crumbling away under continued U.S. bombing. It is his home, you know. Allawi could be the spoiler for Bush in the election if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. If he's assassinated in the next couple days, you can guess who did it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Rabin's Legacy

With the passage by the Israeli Kesset of Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw Israeli forces and settlers from the Gaza Strip, Danny, blogging at The Head Heeb, takes a look at the effects of Yitzhak Rabin's visions for the Jewish homeland, 9 years after his death.


I just finished wasting an hour replying to some Republican propaganda and probably losing Mrs. F a friend in the process. It's a guy she deals with through work who lives out in Ohio and she's friends with this guy's whole family. So he's been sending Republican and Christian bullshit to the house for months. Up until now I've just ignored it and deleted it. But yesterday I had a tough day and he sent a cartoon entitled "Where Religion and Politics Mix". It's got Kerry standing on books that say 'Abortion' and 'Gay Marriage' and Bush standing on a book that says 'Word of God'. Kerry is labled 'Religion' and Bush is labeled 'Christianity'.

Like I said, yesterday is was a tough day. So I replied. Didn't say anything but forwarded that 'A day in the life of Joe Republican' thing. You know, all the things you can thank liberals for.

Joe gets up at 6 a.m. and fills his coffeepot with water to prepare his morning coffee. The water is clean and good because some tree-hugging liberal fought for minimum water-quality standards. With his first swallow of water, he takes his daily medication. His medications are safe to take because some stupid commie liberal fought to ensure their safety and that they work as advertised.

[. . .]

I figured, hey, have one of mine for once. I didn't think anything of it anymore. Went to work today and when I came home, there's a reply to mine. This guy took each point and rebutted them. He actually took the time to dissect a junk email. Blew my fucking mind. Needless to say, I took offense. I re-rebutted. A sample. Original in bold, his in normal, mine in italic:

[. . .]

He walks on the government-provided sidewalk to subway station for his government-subsidized ride to work. It saves him considerable money in parking and transportation fees because some fancy-pants liberal fought for affordable public transportation, which gives everyone the opportunity to be a contributor.

If they are contributing so much, then why are they still taking so much from my check to pay for all the freebie seeking liberals and the afirmative action Democrats in Congress. Atta boy

As opposed to that tax cut? Gee, thanks for the $300. That'll make up for the 40% increase in my property taxes because the President wants 'No Child Left Behind' but refuses to fund it. Oh, I'm sorry, was that a big government program? Oh, and did I forget, George Bush increased the size of the federal government 10% over Bill Clinton? Yup, gotta watch them tax and spend liberals and their programs.

[. . .]

And it went on through about 10 or 11 points. Incredible. Thing is, this last one pissed me off:

[. . .]

Joe gets back in his car for the ride home, and turns on a radio talk show. The radio host keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservatives are good. He doesn't mention that the beloved Republicans have fought against every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day. Joe agrees: "We don't need those big-government liberals ruining our lives! After all, I'm a self-made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have."

The truth is the conservative is working hard to pay all of the things listed above and because we believe everyone that works hard should be allowed to say what happens to the money we make, the liberals say they should be getting the same amount as me even though I don't want their money, they just want mine. I'll take care of my family, you take care of yours. I won't tell you what you can spend and you don't tell me. the problem is, you can't do for yourself and I can. If you can, then why do you have to have the government do it all for you. Atta boy.

Yup, 'cause I'm a liberal, I don't work hard, can't do for myself, and I'm knocking on your door with my hand out. Hope you don't come to me if you have some catastrophic illness and your savings is wiped out and you're evicted from your home because you can't pay your rent. I'll just tell you that you should have saved more and to get off my land or I'll put a load of buckshot in your ass. You forgot to say that liberals like me want to take away your guns too. Yeah right. This liberal is a marksman.

[. . .]

Lastly, never forget. If you want to live like a Republican, vote for a Democrat. Please, don't send me any more of your politcal crap, I didn't ask for it and I don't tell you how to vote or how to worship. While my wife doesn't take offense, I do. I don't need to be insulted.

I have to show it to the Mrs. and prepare her for my mouth (or words) losing her a friend. At least is wasn't her job (did that once). I'll let you know if I'm scratchin' fleas in the morning.

Update: 16:45:

Thinking about it now, I should have used better judgment and deleted it without replying, but I'm fucking tired of the Repubs and trying to shove their faith-based world down my throat. I'd love to shove my Godless, baby-killing, Commie-pinko, gay-loving, Liberal foot up his ass.

Might As Well Post The Whole Damn Thing

But I won't. Fixer would blow me off the planet with all that RDX he doesn't have. OK, I'll just link you to all the good shit on today's Working For Change.

"Clueless People Love Bush" by Molly Ivins

"Bush Mobilizes The Base" by E.J.Dionne Jr

"The Man Behind The Oval Office Curtain" by Robert Scheer

Read 'em all, especially the last one. Report back when done. There might be a quiz.

De Shadow Know....

One of the premier incisive and plain-speaking journalists in these times when there aren't near enough of them, Paul Krugman, has something to say about the administration's "culture of cover-ups" and the "shroud of secrecy" in a NYTimes editorial:

Informed sources quoted by the influential Nelson Report say explosives from Al Qaqaa are the "primary source" of the roadside and car bombs that have killed and wounded so many U.S. soldiers. And thanks to the huge amount looted - "in a highly organized operation using heavy equipment" - the insurgents and whoever else have access to the Qaqaa material have enough explosives for tens of thousands of future bombs.

If the administration had had its way, the public would never have heard anything about this. Administration officials have known about the looting of Al Qaqaa for at least six months, and probably much longer. But they didn't let the I.A.E.A. inspect the site after the war, and pressured the Iraqis not to inform the agency about the loss. They now say that they didn't want our enemies - that is, the people who stole the stuff - to know it was missing. The real reason, obviously, was that they wanted the news kept under wraps until after Nov. 2.

This isn't speculation: Mr. Goss is already involved in a new cover-up. Last week Robert Scheer of The Los Angeles Times revealed the existence of a devastating but suppressed report by the C.I.A.'s inspector general on 9/11 intelligence failures. Newsweek has now confirmed the gist of Mr. Scheer's column.

The report, the magazine says, "identifies a host of current and former officials who could be candidates for possible disciplinary procedures." But although the report was completed in June, Mr. Goss has refused to release it to Congress. "Everyone feels it will be better if this hits the fan after the election," an official told the magazine. Better for whom?

What really happened on 9/11, or in Iraq? Next week's election may determine whether we ever find out.

Let's make sure Senator Kerry becomes President so we have a chance to bring these traitors to judgment if not to justice. I'm still hoping for a twelve-roper.

Yada, Yada

The New Yorker endorses a presidential candidate for the first time in 80 years. It takes almost that long to read the article and find out which candidate! They must get paid by the word. Or by the pound.

Turn Out The Vote

I think voter turnout will likely set records. See this site.

By the way, "turnout" has a whole different meaning to bikers. I think Dubya is a good candidate.

TV's Top 10 Pundits

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. You'll never guess who came in first. I like it.

America, take heart. The last week of the turbulent presidential campaign is upon us.

This also means our TV screens will be bursting with pontificators, prognosticators, prevaricators, punch lines and overall punch-drunk love for the climactic final rounds between President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry

How did that turd Hannity make it onto the list? Or any of the Faux News wingnuts? That does not speak well of our national IQ.

On the electronic voting machines

From the computer geeks:

[. . .]

In particular, many electronic voting systems have been evaluated by independent, generally-recognized experts and have been found to be poorly designed; developed using inferior software engineering processes; designed without (or with very limited) external audit capabilities; intended for operation without obvious protective measures; and deployed without rigorous, scientifically-designed testing.

[. . .]

Science? We don't need no steenking science! We have Faith! Assholes.

Thanks to are you effin' kidding me? for the link.

Whatever it takes


Bush is appealing to Democrats on national security grounds, citing FDR and Truman. Had either of them fought a war as incompetently as this one, we'd be speaking German on the East Coast and Japanese on the West. Or Russian from sea to shining sea.

FDR and Truman? The man who got us through the Great Depression and the largest conflict in human history? The man who set the bar for Presidential responsibility, coining the phrase 'The Buck Stops Here'? I thought I had an overdeveloped ego.

I guess that's what happens when you have fucked up everything you've touched. You have to wrap yourself in different cloaks. Reagan? FDR? Truman? Like Lloyd Bentsen said to Dan 'Dickhead' Quayle: "I knew Jack Kennedy; he was a friend of mine. You're NO Jack Kennedy." Well, President Limp Weenie, you're no FDR or Truman, you're just another Dan Quayle.

Monday, October 25, 2004


To my partner's (who is in a blind rage about this, just as I am) two posts (here and here) on the missing HE. White House Propaganda Stooge Snot 'Lyin Muthafucka' McClellan today:

[. . .]

Q But after Iraqi Freedom, there were those caches all around, wasn't the multinational force -- who was responsible for keeping track --

MR. McCLELLAN: At the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom there were a number of priorities. It was a priority to make sure that the oil fields were secure, so that there wasn't massive destruction of the oil fields, which we thought would occur. It was a priority to get the reconstruction office up and running. It was a priority to secure the various ministries, so that we could get those ministries working on their priorities, whether it was --

Q So it was the multinational force's responsibility --

MR. McCLELLAN: There were a number of -- well, the coalition forces, there were a number of priorities at the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom. And munitions, as I said, were literally spread throughout the country. And we have gone in and destroyed, as I pointed out, more than 243,000 tons --

Q Was it the coalition's responsibility to take care of that --

Q This morning, in Senator Kerry's remarks, he calls this one of the greatest blunders in the Iraq mission and this presidency. How do you respond to that? [my emphasis]

[. . .]

Well they didn't do a good job keeping the oil fields secure either. What a clusterfuck. Thanks to Kos for the link.

More On Missing Explosives

The administration knew these explosives had been missing for a year according to this article from Josh Marshall:

It is apparently widely believed within the US government that those looted explosives are what in many, perhaps most, cases is being used in car bombs and suicide attacks against US troops. That is, according to TPM sources and sources quoted in this evening's Nelson Report, where the story first broke.

One administration official told Nelson, "This is the stuff the bad guys have been using to kill our troops, so you can’t ignore the political implications of this, and you would be correct to suspect that politics, or the fear of politics, played a major role in delaying the release of this information."

What's clear in Nelson's and TPM's reporting is that the administration has known about this for at least a year. But they've gone to great lengths to hide the facts both from monitoring organizations like the IAEA but also, by extension, from the American public.

As another administration source told Nelson, "What the hell were WE doing in the year and a half from the time we knew the stuff was gone, is obviously a huge question, and you can imagine why no one [in the Administration] wants to face up to it, certainly not before the election."

Another told Nelson, "You would be correct to suspect that politics, or the fear of politics, played a major role in delaying the release of this information."

It's a story that really brings together the adminstration's two cardinal sins: dishonesty and incompetence.

And what other stories are they trying to push back until after November 2nd?

Please go read the article. Losing the explosives through Bush and Rumsfeld's world class incompetence is bad enough, but the cover-up is almost worse than I thought the bastards were capable of.


From Josh Marshall:

On Good Morning America, President Bush pushes the idea of a pre-election or an election day terrorist attack: "I am worried about it and we should be worried about it. On the other hand, I don't want people to say, that he knows something I don't know and therefore, something is imminent."

'I really don't have any idea what I'm talking about, so don't take my word for it, but be scared anyway.'

I hate this little chimp-ass, lowlife, lying sack of shit, cocksucking, spoiled brat. If you don't vote on 2 Nov, I'm gonna come looking for ya. This is just intolerable.

Not good

MSNBC Breaking News

Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist hospitalized with thyroid cancer -

Bush has 4 months at least to appoint a replacement.

Don't Worry, It'll Turn Up

I am angrier with this administration than I have ever been. From today's NYTimes:

The Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives - used to demolish buildings, make missile warheads and detonate nuclear weapons - are missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations. (my emphasis)

The White House said President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, was informed within the past month that the explosives were missing. It is unclear whether President Bush was informed. American officials have never publicly announced the disappearance, but beginning last week they answered questions about it posed by The New York Times and the CBS News program "60 Minutes."

After the invasion, when widespread looting began in Iraq, the international weapons experts grew concerned that the Qaqaa stockpile could fall into unfriendly hands. In May, an internal I.A.E.A. memorandum warned that terrorists might be helping "themselves to the greatest explosives bonanza in history."

760,000 pounds of high explosive. It took less than one pound of the same stuff to bring down Pan Am 103. If one pound of this shit went off under your ass, you'd be lucky if they found your belt buckle.

This is not unexpected news.The media has been going on about unprotected weapons caches and ammo dumps for months. Some of the dumps are miles on a side.

Our soldiers would have guarded or destroyed these dumps gladly if there were enough troops in theater to do it and if someone had told them to.

Our so-called leadership was asleep at the switch - again. This time it's more serious than ever and they should be held accountable, but don't bet on it.

Don't worry, Bush. Our soldiers will find the explosives. Oh, yes. They'll find them the same way they found missing or "dud" explosives in Vietnam - one piece at a time. Each time they find a little of it, one or more of them will die or be horribly maimed, just like Vietnam. Each soldier, and his family, can thank Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld for his death or lifetime as a cripple.

These explosives may turn up anywhere in the world for many years to come. We won't know where until it's too late to do anything except police up the carnage.

This could have been prevented, but Bush didn't do it. There is absolutely no excuse or reason for not securing these caches. Incompetence doesn't begin to cover it. Criminal negligence is closer to the truth.

Bush, if anything you've ever done consigns you to Hell, this is it. You motherfucker.

Remember this

For all you nitwits who are undecided. Think about this for the next week. From Sadly, No!:

Who let the Dog out?

The Big Dog will be in Philly today, stumping for Big John. Yeah!

Update: 15:00:

From WTF Is It Now??

Village Idiots

No, not Gordon and me. Glen at A Brooklyn Bridge about the Republicans in the Oklahoma Senate race:

[. . .]

As Andrew noted, Dobson is "one of the most influential people in the Republican Party." On November 2nd, it's not just possibly electing George: he brings with him a passel of village idiots from all over the country. Does anyone want to keep this one in Washington?

[. . .]

More on the OK race from Kos.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The American Conservative Is Endorsing WHO?

The American Conservative, a magazine for "traditional" conservatives and the employer of Pat "Genghis Khan Was A Liberal" Buchanan, will endorse John Kerry for President in the November 8 issue. Here is a sneak peek:

George W. Bush has come to embody a politics that is antithetical to almost any kind of thoughtful conservatism. His international policies have been based on the hopelessly naïve belief that foreign peoples are eager to be liberated by American armies—a notion more grounded in Leon Trotsky’s concept of global revolution than any sort of conservative statecraft. His immigration policies—temporarily put on hold while he runs for re-election—are just as extreme. A re-elected President Bush would be committed to bringing in millions of low-wage immigrants to do jobs Americans “won’t do.” This election is all about George W. Bush, and those issues are enough to render him unworthy of any conservative support

To read the whole article by Scott McConnell go here.

Will wonders never cease? Besides calling Bush a Commie Rat Bastard, I mean.I understand why they are pissed at Bush, but I am, for once, rendered speechless. (Wild cheering in the background. Yes, dear.)

Gazette-Urinal Rolls Dice* For Kerry

The Reno Gazette-Journal, a newspaper oft scorned for its pro-casino-owner positions came out on Saturday for Big John.

That conflict manifests itself in the Gazette-Journal’s Editorial Board, which found itself split on the choice for president. The choice came down to which candidate best represented the values that Americans hold most dear: compassion for the have-nots and those who feel they have been left out, a dedication to the principles set forth in the Bill of Rights, and a commitment to open government as well as free and open debate. That candidate is Sen. John Kerry.

That the administration of George W. Bush largely has been a failure is difficult to deny.

As to Kerry’s leadership abilities and honesty, Northern Nevadans should take the word of Sen. Harry Reid. Nevadans have entrusted Reid with their state’s position on the national stage for 18 years. He has known Kerry for 20 years and has seen him in action close up. When Kerry says that he will not allow Yucca Mountain to be used as a nuclear waste repository, Reid says that Nevadans can believe him. And when Reid says that Kerry is a superb leader who will make this nation proud again, Nevadans can believe him.

Thanks for doing the right thing, RGJ.

*The RGJ has 'come out' for Kerry. The first roll in craps is the 'come-out' roll. Reference is to legal gaming in Nevada for our many readers in convents.

WaPo For Kerry

Below is the last paragraph of a long editorial, well worth reading, in today's WaPo:

We do not view a vote for Mr. Kerry as a vote without risks. But the risks on the other side are well known, and the strengths Mr. Kerry brings are considerable. He pledges both to fight in Iraq and to reach out to allies; to hunt down terrorists, and to engage without arrogance the Islamic world. These are the right goals, and we think Mr. Kerry is the better bet to achieve them.

Hear, hear.

Master Blaster Award Denied

This article from today's Washington Post:

Army Badge Of Honor Now In Contention
Award Denied to GIs Retrained for Infantry

The Army retrained thousands of soldiers -- tankers, engineers, artillerymen -- to perform as infantry in Iraq's urban hot spots. But part of the fallout is an intense internal debate over who qualifies for the Combat Infantryman Badge, or CIB, and, more broadly, what constitutes an infantryman in a rapidly changing Army.

"There isn't anything that equals the Combat Infantryman's Badge," said retired Army Col. John M. Collins, a military historian. "That is the prize on top of the prize. It says, 'I did it. I was there and I came back.' " Only soldiers whose formal "occupational specialty" is infantry are eligible for the award "regardless of the circumstances," the requirements state.

Morning said he regrets that not only Brown but the entire company is ineligible for the badge. "In my opinion, my soldiers have earned it as much as anyone else in the theater," he said. "A lot of guys aren't going to admit it, but it would mean a lot to them. It shows that they fought as infantrymen, on the ground."

Brown himself is philosophical, but he said the criteria make little sense. "The excuses they're using aren't really legitimate excuses," he said. "This is my second deployment and I haven't been in a tank yet."

The Army has so much decoration on its uniforms that I certainly can't tell what all the stuff is, and they all look kinda like South American generals to me, but even I know a Combat Infantryman (aka Master Blaster) Badge when I see it. It means the guy has been shot at, up close and personal, and maybe even shot back. It's prestigious.

Look, if it walks like a far as I am concerned if a guy is on an infantry mission with a rifle in his hands, walking on his own two feet, and with only his shirt for protection from enemy bullets, he's an infantryman, period, and should get the pretty little blue ribbon that "real" infantryman get.

My Marine Corps eliminated the extra expense of this kind of award and unit designation patches decades ago, the cheap bastards. They feel that every Marine is a rifleman FIRST and that the shared pride of being a Marine comes before public display of unit differences.It's a lot smaller outfit than the Army and they're probably right.

Besides, whatever outfit you're in is better than any of those other rag-tag mobs of uniformed civilians and diddy-boppers that call themselves Marines but are just stealing the money, right?

Marines keep their weapons clean because they know they may very likely be called upon to use them, and ad hoc, cobbled-together outfits made up of clerks, cooks, mechanics, etc., have turned the tide in many a fight.

The Marine Corps and Navy have a ribbon called the "Combat Action Ribbon". It makes sense. You get it for being in an active combat zone if you come under fire, even if your only action was to grab the company diary and dive into the shitter to protect it. I think that's the right approach. Every man stands the same chance of getting blown away as anyone else.

In the overall scheme of the Iraq mission, the CIB flap is small potatoes, but in politics it would be called a "wedge issue": it has the potential to divide one group from another instead of promoting unity in the ranks. Gee, that sounds familiar. I hope they come to some equitable solution.

Resident Geezer Opines.

This blurb is from the bottom of the page on my daily NYT e-mail. "The Day In History".

On Oct. 24, 1945, the United Nations officially came into existence as its charter took effect

The UN is younger than I am! I'm in way better shape. They better start taking better care of themselves.

I read it in the Sunday papers . . .

And while you're reading your Sunday paper, check out how many newspaper endorsements have come Kerry's way, especially from papers who'd endorsed Bush in 2000. Thanks to Xan for the link.


In short, Ann Coulter is a waste of good air, but she can run like a hooker being chased by a couple vice cops. Gord turned me on to Wolcott and he's become a regular read for me.

Ich bin von Himmel gefallen!

I love it. Stolen from Corrente:

Bush's Nazi name:

Dubya von Himmel.