Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flight NAACP 105

This was just posted on YouTube a few days ago. I remember it from my days at Camp Lejeune in '65-'66. It was on the jukebox in a saloon in Swansboro NC. The bars in Onslow County were closed on Sunday so we went up there to drink beer. Your basic asshole racist white Marines would play this if a splib* Marine came in. Maybe they thought it was a good joke. It wasn't. I have told people about this record and they didn't believe me. I think it is of some historical interest. Times have changed, thank God.

Rebel Records is still going as a Bluegrass and Americana label but I don't think this is in their catalog any more. I sure hope not.

Thanks, I guess, to TheErrol1975, Sweden.

*From the Urban Dictionary:

In the mid 60's, while in the Marine Corps, the term splib was used commonly among black and white marines. It was not used in a pejorative way by either blacks or whites but as a "hip", descriptive way of identifying a person, usually a male, of the negro race, such as in the phrase "splib dude". Likewise the descriptive and non-pejorative term "chuck" was used to describe a white person, however it was also used to describe the Viet Cong (VC), such as in "Victor Charlie", "Charlie" or just "Chuck" In fact, one might get vanilla or chocolate creme filled cookies that were included in the field "C" rations. These were commonly referred to as "chuck" or "splib" cookies.
The important thing about the word "splib" was that no offense was intended and none was taken. It was a good word. "Negro" was too formal, "nigger" was out of the question in mixed company, and "black" and "African-American" were not in use yet. I have no idea what the origin of "splib" is, but I've heard that it's an acronym. If you know, please tell me.

"Chuck" bothered no one either.

Maybe I can find the other Rebel record I remember from that jukjebox - "Cajun Ku Klux Klan". In the rest of the United States, folks have a hard time believing such shit actually existed. Trust me, it did. Still does too, if you know where to look for it. There are still a lot of racist assholes.

None Will Dare Call It What It Is

Paul Krugman

For the reality is that our two major political parties are engaged in a fierce struggle over the future shape of American society. Democrats want to preserve the legacy of the New Deal and the Great Society — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — and add to them what every other advanced country has: a more or less universal guarantee of essential health care. Republicans want to roll all of that back, making room for drastically lower taxes on the wealthy. Yes, it’s essentially a class war.
Started by the Repugs at the behest of their 1% Masters about thirty years ago and which they have been winning up 'til now until Dim Son gave the game away and nearly wrecked the joint. It is only called "class war" when WE fight back.

But the G.O.P. retains the power to destroy, in particular by refusing to raise the debt limit — which could cause a financial crisis. And Republicans have made it clear that they plan to use their destructive power to extract major policy concessions.

Now, the president has said that he won’t negotiate on that basis, and rightly so. Threatening to hurt tens of millions of innocent victims unless you get your way — which is what the G.O.P. strategy boils down to — shouldn’t be treated as a legitimate political tactic.
It should be treated - and called - as what it is - Repug Terrorism, a criminal act by the criminal class. This, of course, will make them whine "the liberals are victimizing us!" like when you deck a bully. They can say what they want as long as they bleed and hurt and quit doing it.

Yeah, like that'll happen.

Democrats Send ‘Tea Party Membership Cards’ To GOP Freshmen


Democrats aren't the only ones sarcastically rolling out the red carpet for the other side's incoming class. The NRCC sent out "offical lap dog kits" for freshman Democrats emblazoned with corgis on Thursday, claiming they would teach them how to graduate from "Nancy Pelosi's obedience school."

All right you people. You've had your little digs at each other. Knock off the cheap shit and get to work.

Yeah, like that'll happen. Yeesh.

The New Year is starting well

The Brain has been following this for a long time and I am pleased to report:

Tom DeLay Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

The piece was misdated so I had to corroborate it elsewhere or I'd have posted it prior to now. Go read about how Hot Tub Tommy thinks he's being penalized for his "politics".

No, jackoff, you're being penalized for committing crimes. Oh yeah, your politics suck too.

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

The spectacular finale to the 2012 Americana Music Association awards ceremony, held in the historic Ryman Auditorium in September. Such a privilege to be there to witness so much incredible talent in this all-star finale tribute to Levon Helm.

Led by Levon's daughter Amy Helm and his former Levon Helm Band-mates Teresa Williams and Larry Campbell, the trio are joined on the Ryman stage by guest vocalists Emmylou Harris, John Hiatt, Alabama Shakes front-woman Brittany Howard and Bonnie Raitt, with stunning support from Richard Thompson, Jim Lauderdale, Darrell Scott, Buddy Miller, and more.

Worth a watch!

Thanks to MissOhio1000, UK.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopping Day

Over the mountains and through the woods to Costco we will go! Spa day for the pup and breakfast for us. Big day out! See yas!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slow day...

Not much going on today. Although we bid a "don't hitcherself in the ass with the door on the way out" farewell to the worse-than-worthless 112th Congress, the nearly-as-worthless 113th is being sworn in (or "at". Nothing much changes in that joint.).

The highlight of that clusterfuck was when, and I have no cite for this as yet, some fucking moron nominated cashiered colonel and Teatard spewsman former rep Allen West for Speaker. That fuckin' idiot from Texas, Gohmert, and one other actually voted for him. You think coffee coming out your nose is irritating? I was eating breakfast and I'm still picking sausage outta my nose hairs!


The other vote for West was the fuckin' idiot from Georgia, Broun. Figures.

I think we need a song of faith and inspiration. Right now.

Thanks to kendeb52 and a tip o' the Brain to Jersey Guy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Even Better Headline of the Day

Rachel Maddow's Surge Is Fox News' Worst Ratings Nightmare

Every day, I thank God for making her gay. If she was straight I'd run away from home for her. That would not only ruin my home life but I'd be in the hoosegow for expressing my true love, known to the squares who run the system as "stalking".

Headline of the Day

Peter King near tears, threatens to quit Republican Party for blocking Sandy relief
Yeah, that was pretty shitty, but what did you expect? There's no profit in helping people.

Note to Petey: You're one of the assholes di tutti assholes, but I don't blame you for threatening to quit over this. You're pretty much famous for spewing shit so I don't think you will, but please, please, please don't become a Democrat.

The good, hard spanking of 2012

If it's Wednesday it must be Morford going on about things we learned in 2012. Or not.

What a year it was. Did we learn anything? How about…

Bet on the Nazi socialist Kenyan
Is it not refreshing? Is it not all kinds of wonderful to be reminded that all the spittle-flecked hate and hissing resentment in the world still can’t defeat intelligence, wisdom, flawed but honest integrity?

Behold: The GOP’s relentless, shameless four-year onslaught of racism, birtherism, isolationism and gross antipathy, during which they called the president everything from a communist to a Nazi to a fundamentalist Muslim, failed to rally sufficient numbers of the undereducated and the paranoid to nosedive the nation back into a sinkhole of conservative bile. It was easily the most methodical, coldblooded personal attack in modern political history, and it failed ugly. Hugs all around.
Much more. Last ¶:

We know everything and nothing. Our deepest space probes have travelled the equivalent of a single millimeter in a room five trillion miles wide. We still don’t know why whales sing. We have no idea what the dolphins know, how the brain functions, what love actually is, or why anyone likes Adam Sandler movies. Every mystery solved launches five intriguing new questions. Every wonderful leap in technology invites more serious inquiries about our lost humanity. We are either on the cusp of total madness or total illumination. The Great Ascension and the Great Collapse are one and the same, depending on what you’re wearing. Please dress accordingly.
Jeans and a flannel shirt have served me well and will see me nicely through the Enlightenment or the Collapse, thank you.

Monday, December 31, 2012


A tip o' the Brain to New Breed M.C.

Oh, the irony...

The guys at Ironic Times finally showed up for work...

Housing Sector Improves
As visiting relatives finally leave.

Study: Indoor Marijuana Production Responsible for 9% of California's Household Energy Use
And 90% of Sara Lee sales.

World's Longest High-Speed Rail Line Opens in China
Trip that normally takes a year and a half by ox cart now just two hours by train.

Predictions for 2013

Madame Blavinsky, psychic (Switzerland): “A Republican lawmaker will be caught committing the very thing he built a political career opposing, then apologize to his family and take full responsibility for his actions.”
Jeez, that's goin' out on a limb... Heh.

Rude Readers' Haiku Review of 2012

You know whom. Here's just a couple:

Texas: "Let's secede."
The rest of the nation says,
"Good idea. When?"

Rush called Fluke a slut.
No birth control needed with
Dominican boys.

Dave Barry’s Year in Review 2012

If you've ever watched Gold Rush, you know that you need to move an awful lot of dirt to find a nugget. There are a lot of them in this piece and they're closer to the surface.

t was a cruel, cruel year — a year that kept raising our hopes, only to squash them flatter than a dead possum on the interstate.

Example: This year the “reality” show “Jersey Shore,” which for six hideous seasons has been a compelling argument in favor of a major Earth-asteroid collision, finally got canceled, and we dared to wonder if maybe, just maybe, we, as a society, were becoming slightly less stupid.

But then, WHAP, we were slapped in our national face by the cold hard frozen mackerel of reality in the form of the hugely popular new “reality” show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” which, in terms of intellectual content, makes “Jersey Shore” look like “Hamlet.”


Tensions between the United States and Pakistan mount after eyewitnesses in Waziristan claim that an unmanned U.S. Predator drone robbed a convenience store.


In the Middle East, tensions rise between the United States and Pakistan after an unmanned Predator drone destroys the only working toilet in Waziristan.


... Newt Gingrich finally suspends his presidential campaign, despite an emotional plea to keep fighting from his base of supporters, namely Mrs. and Mrs. Elrod Pomfurter of Oklahoma City, who, after months of deliberation, had just invested in a bumper sticker.

In sports, Usain Bolt, running in his final tuneup race before the Olympics, wins the Kentucky Derby.


Closer to home, suspicions that the Mexican military may be involved with drug trafficking are heightened when a U.S. surveillance satellite photographs a Mexican army convoy transporting what appears to be a 200-foot doobie.


With polls showing a very tight race, the final weeks of the campaign are a textbook example of what this great experiment called “American democracy” is all about: two opposing political parties, each with valid positions, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on comically simplistic radio and TV ads designed by consultants to terrify ill-informed half-wits.
The good news there is the half-wits sorta lost.

Many more, and since I may not be the best judge of nuggets, go look for some yourself. Use of the pan and sluice box is free!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012