Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

They say there`s wreckage washing up all along the coast, No one seems know too much, or got hit the most.
Nothing has been spoken, there`s not a lot to see
But something has been broken, that`s how feels to me.
We had a harmony, I never meant to small boats
Lying out in the water, like a slick of oil.
Tide is running out to the sea, under a darkening sky.
The night is falling down on me, and I`m a thinking that
I should head on, head on Home (been gone to long)
Gone too long, leave my roam... Beachcomb.
Little wild kitten out hunting, see what he can get,
You`re in a big city, that won`t stop growing yet.
the sun is going down smoking, a flaming testament
Something has been broken, and it feels permanent.

The little seabird flying, he knows where he wants to go
Quess I ought to pack my stuff, and do the thing I know
Turn around and head on back, along the old sea walls
I felt something give and crack, and now I`m sorry that`s all head on, Head on Home (been gone to long)
Gone too long, leave my roam... Beachcomb.

Thanks to danradu leaf.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

New UN Ambassador Heather Nauert Cites D-Day as Example of America's “Strong Relationship” with Germany
Makes comment while honoring Japan “for their help” at Pearl Harbor.
New York Times: Undocumented Immigrants Working at Trump's Golf Club in New Jersey
They replaced employees who left to take positions in White House.
Altria, Maker of Marlboro, in Talks to Buy Cannabis Company
Phasing out tobacco, signs Willie Nelson to be the new Marlboro Man.
Study: Self-Centered People Less Likely to Support Democratic Values
Researchers spent nearly one hundred and twenty seconds watching a presidential news conference before reaching their conclusion.