Saturday, April 28, 2012

Manzanar Revisited

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A few years ago, me 'n Mrs. G visited Manzanar. Interesting photo gallery in today's LATimes.

Also see Manzanar National Historic Site.

Manzanar is notable as an example of what the government can do to the civil rights of American citizens out of unfounded fear. Who'll be next?


Our friend Chris, whom Mrs. G went to High School with, was born in one of the concentration camps gulags War Relocation Centers. He's nominally Filipino but his mother was Japanese. When Reagan paid off made "reparations" to the internees, Chris used the money to buy an extra-long Dodge van for his carpet business.

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

From A Prairie Home Companion.

Emmylou Harris ~ Someday My Ship Will Sail
Thanks to cweiandnd.

Friday, April 27, 2012

"A glass of your finest green, Garçon!"


Pot-infused wine is all the rage in dope-friendly California

How could you make a substance like wine, with chemical properties that make you pleasantly woozy and a bit euphoric, any better? Infuse it with another substance whose chemicals make you pleasantly woozy and a bit euphoric, of course! Enter marijuana-laced wine. A bit like the pot brownie's more refined big sister, the aromatic red spirit is on the rise in California where increasingly lax pot laws have brought the decades-old fad back into fashion. The recipe calls for dropping a pound of pot into a fermenting cask of wine, which yields about 1.5 grams of weed per bottle. Plenty enough, we think, to get a group of sophisticated vintners chanting "duuuude" and eating Funyuns.

Earthy nose, hard to light...

Obvious ...

It's obvious that our most prosperous days, as a nation, are when we tax the shit out of the very rich.

Stolen from the Being Liberal FB page.

Funeral today. Back in form soon ...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Willard Campaign Warns Of Soviet Threat


Romney and his surrogates have revealed an ongoing Cold War fixation. Former Reagan Navy Secretary John Lehman and former Bush administration Ambassador Pierre Prosper, on Thursday derailed Romney messaging in a conference call with reporters by raising the specter of the “Soviet Union” and slamming Obama for not protecting Czechoslovakia — a country that was peacefully dissolved in 1993 and now exists as the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Thursday. That's today they said that. 2012.

Reagan and Bush guys, huh? Figures. What, they're tapping out foreign policy advice in Morse code with their canes from the Geezer Room?

Next they'll be telling Willard that Yugoslavia has weapons of mass destruction. Yeesh.

Question of the Day

Thanks to YubaNet for "veepwannabe".

The gasbags talk about Rubio in terms of his appeal to Hispanic voters.

Here's my question:

There are lots of Mexicans out west, and lots of Puerto Ricans back east. There's a little bloc of Cubans in southeast Florida. Do the east coast and west coast (and just about every place else these days) Hispanics think of the Cubans as being the same sort of people they themselves are or are the Repugs pissin' up a rope by lumping them all together as one voting bloc?

The difference, to me, is that the Cubans came here as political refugees and are known to vote the wrong way because they don't like Castro, and the others came here largely as economic refugees and vote Dem because the Repugs dump on them.

Shorter: Do Messkins and Boricuas identify with Cubans or do they consider Cubanos as Hispanic cultural outliers and an obvious and transparent desperate attempt by Repugs to get their vote if they nominate Rubio which I don't think is going to happen anyway?

I'm down wid the latter but I'm askin' what you think.

Repug Job One

GOP's Anti-Obama Campaign Started Night Of Inauguration

I'm actually a little surprised at that. I would have thought they'd have done that on election night, if not as soon as they realized what they'd put up as their Vice-Presidential candidate.

After all, they're only women

GOP Tries To Water Down Violence Against Women Act, Expresses Willingness To Tolerate Some Domestic Abuse

As despicable as that is and as much as we've come to expect that from Repugs, I must admit I would love to watch Callista beat the crap outta Neutie for being such a pathetic loser. Or Crazy Eyes beating the crap outta her husband because she's such a loser. Nah, he probably likes it when she does that. Heh.

The Twit's Death Spiral

A little Thursday Schadenfreude at Salon. Twit-boy ain't worth five minutes of your time, but this piece about him is.

In many ways Tucker Carlson’s a better symbol of the pathetic state of what passes for conservative journalism than even Glenn Beck or the late Andrew Breitbart, to name two of his contemporaries with a much larger following. Glenn Beck started as a no-account shock jock and is now a no-account Internet show host. Breitbart at least went from Drudge lackey to successful right-wing media mogul. Carlson, though, began his career in the most respectable fashion possible and has spent the ensuing decades gradually lowering himself into the gutter. His story illustrates why we can’t have a responsible or at least slightly less hysterical conservative media.

No one watched “Tucker.” Cool, no-tie Tucker was just as loathed by TV viewers as prep school prick club-tie Tucker had been. [...]

Carlson’s Daily Caller was supposed to be a home for edgy, independent voices and serious, well-reported journalism from a conservative perspective. No one actually wants that — if they did, it would exist, right? — because the online right-wing audience simply wants to be told reassuring and outrageous lies. [...]

Carlson is now engaged in giving the people — the idiotic, angry, paranoid people — what they want, which became incredibly apparent once The Caller began tackling the Trayvon Martin tragedy by launching a campaign to prove that Martin had been a thug. It was barrel-scraping racist garbage. [...]

Some particular low lights from an increasingly regrettable career: The time Carlson said he beat up some gay guy who tried to be gay all over him because Carlson is deathly afraid of gay people and the prospect of anyone ever thinking he is gay. The time he got a video store employee fired, and threatened to “destroy” him, for mentioning that Tucker Carlson rented a video from his store. His remarkably stupid and creepy interview with Elle in which he embodied every repulsive fratty asshole stereotype imaginable [...]

Downward spirals end only one way. I'm curious to see how big a hole he makes when he finally augers in or if he just goes splat. Either way is fine with me.

Headline of the Day

Prison Industries: "Don't Let Society Improve or We Lose Business"

There should not be private prisons. Incarceration is the business of the state.

I got ...

A couple nominations *cough*bushcheney*cough* for the role of "defendant" now that they're done with this asshole:

A UN-backed international court has convicted former Liberian president Charles Taylor of war crimes - the first African head of state to be found guilty by an international tribunal.

Taylor, 64, was charged 11 counts of war crimes including murder, rape, conscripting child soldiers and sexual slavery during intertwined wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone, in which more than 50,000 people were killed.



I actually found the time to sit down yesterday and have a beer and a smoke on the deck.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quote of the Day

Raw Story, with video.

A Fox News host who joked that women have all the rights the need because they can shop got a two-word response from The Young Turks co-host Ana Kasparian on Tuesday: “Fuck you!”

Those F**Noise assholes need to hear that so often they change their name to BLEEPNews.

The Weight

William Rivers Pitt

It is brutally hard to be a Christian in America these days. Some of us Christians take that bit about doing unto the least of us deeply, deeply seriously. Some of us Christians think that it is wrong, sinful, and in fact a brazen form of Apartheid to deny certain Americans the rights enjoyed by other Americans based upon who they love. Mostly, some of us think Christianity in America has gone barking-mad insane.

I am a Christian. I make no apologies for it. I'm not sure if I believe that Jesus turned that water into wine, or if He raised up Lazarus, or even if He rose from the dead. That all sounds like a lot of magic nonsense from two thousand years ago when you think about it, which is why they call it The Mystery of Faith.

But I believe that I am my brother's keeper, that I should worship without bragging about it, that the poor will God-damned-right inherit the Earth, and that what you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do unto me. I believe that the first four books of the New Testament are a wonderful blueprint for being a decent person on this planet, and that's what I live by, as best I can.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to drink some new wine, hang out with a familiar whore, and listen to the dead.

I would have capitalized "Dead" but keep doin' whatcher doin', Bill. Keep in mind that the hateful throwback bastards that make the most noise about being Christians are using it for cover and really aren't.

Crazy ...

Sorry about the sporadic appearances but if we thought life couldn't get crazier, it has. As you know, we're dealing with my dad-in-law's passing and all that entails (the Mrs. is the executor), trying to get his house in order to put it on the market, trying to get my deck finished before the end of summer (maybe I should have put it off until next year), and the normal stuff we never seem to have time for anymore. Then, this week, my sister-in-law's sister passed away after dealing with cancer and diabetes (and the complications from both) for a few years. Not unexpected, she was terminal and, like dad-in-law, in a better place now. It's just made doing depressing stuff a little more depressing.

This song's been going through my head since we got the news. Apropos for her, I think.

The Kinks - Come Dancing

How to properly spank a nun

If it's Wednesday, it must be Morford going on about nuns. Links at site.

Funny how no one ever talks about the nuns.

I suppose it makes sense. After all, Catholic nuns are so rarely embroiled in sex scandals. They are never caught pants down in the rectory with a 10-year-old altar boy, teaching him of the "mystical secretions" of the Lord. They never cost the church billions in litigious payouts for rape, abuse, millennia of pedophilic atrocity and shame. For that, you gotta look to the priests.

Have you heard? The Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the umbrella group representing those 57K American nuns, they've been accused of having "serious doctrinal issues" and promoting nothing short of "radical feminist themes" (!) which apparently consists of gently supporting Obamacare (free health care for the poor? Nuns are all over it), endorsing the idea of female priests, ministering to the underprivileged, and being way too nice to gay people.

Horrible! You can see why the pope is furious. Some nuns are even accused of spending so much time working in local politics to help the needy, they leave themselves no room to bash gay marriage, wail about abortion, attack humanity for enjoying sex, or scold their own gender for having vaginas in the first place. I know! Those wenches.

But if you're like me -- and I know you are -- the question often gnaws like a squirrel in the rafters: In an age of bitter corruption, suspicious sources and ersatz meanings, where do you go to find true integrity of mission? Where do you go to find a quietly intentional upsetting of the long-established doctrine of idiocy and belligerence, patriarchy and hoary dogma?

Now we know. Now we can look to the Catholic nuns, those fierce n' fiery wenches of God, those cool goth cheerleaders of Jesus, for a hint of inspiration and temerity, just a tiny taste of delicious insurrection right when we need it most.

Ah yes, the Roman Catholic Church, perhaps the last holdout from the Dark Ages. They make the fundies seem almost modern, like something out of the radical upstart 16th century.


Get some, sisters!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Please pardon...

...the light blogging, but it's been spring here for five days and I'm already a month behind on spring projects. I may not catch up, I never do, but I'll get over the rush of getting to work outdoors, like in the garage.

In spring, an old man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of motorcycles and raking pine needles and cleaning out the "junk corner" in the office and...and...and...

Huntsman almost cleaned it up...


Former Republican candidate Jon Huntsman took a battle axe to his own party, comparing it to China's Communist Party and criticizing its standard bearer in a wide-ranging interview at the 92nd Street Y Sunday night.

Huntsman, the former Utah governor and once President Barack Obama's Ambassador to China, expressed disappointment that the Republican Party disinvited him from a Florida fundraiser in March after he publicly called for a third party.

"This is what they do in China on party matters, they punish you, if you talk off script," he said.

He got that right, of course, but Huntsman is now saying BuzzFeed "took it out of context" as if someone from Repug higher-higher subsequently had a moment of prayer with him about his political future. The line is verbatim but notice how it ends with a comma. Rachel Maddow played the whole comment last night (I can't find it) and the next three words are "but not here".

You can hear the comma as if he realized right there that he had waffle-stomped his weenie and tried to clean it up.

As any married man can attest, getting yourself outta trouble in the very same sentence you got yourself into trouble in the first place is a painfully learned ART. Heh. Nice try, Jon.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Shitbag Blogger ...

For all those, like me and Gord, who hate the "new" Blogger, look up on the right on the "Settings" page for a little gear-looking thing. Click that and then click "Old Blogger Interface" on the menu.

It would be nice ...

If we did this here:
REYKJAVIK (Reuters) - An Icelandic court ruled on Monday that former Prime Minister Geir Haarde was guilty of one charge related to negligence in connection with the North Atlantic island nation's financial meltdown in 2008 but gave him no punishment. ...
He might not have to go to jail, but I could live with a public shaming of our corporate criminals and their political cohorts. Unfortunately, those here who are responsible own those who make the laws.

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

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