Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

Published on Dec 13, 2013
Emmylou Harris,
"Mister Sandman".
Kultnacht, ZDF German TV, 1981.

Thanks to JadeDiscoHD.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Please forgive me...

..for the light-to-none blogging. There ain't much poppin' my cork lately. I guess I've grown kinda numb to all the Repug outrage which has turned into sort of a constant low hum like the machinery noise on a ship. Without it, it would be quiet .... too quiet, and then I'd be worried. Heh. I'm sure this will change so please check in once in a while.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Won’t you please help Liz Cheney save America from evil liberal John McCain?

This is just for fun. TBogg:

In our continuing series on the Dick Dynasty that is la famiglia Cheney we are getting fan-mail from the floundering campaign of Elizabeth “Liz, Not Lez” Cheney whom you may know as Daddy’s Little Deferment or, if you’ve seen her on the teevee machine: Princess Snarlyface. In order to defeat left-wing anarchist Mike Enzi (whose last name sounds suspiciously foreign and, in fact, contains important letters that you would need to spell out the last name of Bartolomeo Vanzetti. Coincidence? Doubtful.) Liz needs you to send her your Christmas Club money before you blow it on presents and food for the kids. (Helpful hint from McDonalds: Happy Meals contain both a toy and “food”, so you’re covered). What is Liz Cheney going to do with this money? I’m glad you asked because now I have something to do with this Very Important email that LIZ CHENEY PERSONALLY SENT TO ME because we are BFF’s even though she blocks me on Twitter which is probably an oversight or something and we will undoubtedly laugh and laugh about it someday.

As you can see my friend Liz is under attack from “a shadowy, out-of-state Super PAC” which has launched “a dishonest smear campaign to distort my her record” and by “shadowy out-of-state Super PAC” she means “communist homosexual foreigners” which is also just her nice way of saying “people from New York City”. And these same people are like the ones who tried to elect evil secret-liberal John McCain who Manchurian-candidated his way onto the 2008 GOP ticket and then blew the whole campaign up by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate which reminded people in America that our national elections were established for the purpose of maintaining an orderly transition of power and not as a murder/suicide pact in an abandoned car parked behind a Circle K (also knows as a “Wasilla Divorce”) (my em). I mean, c’mon, McCain had to find some way to lose to a black guy. So, yeah, genius move. Well played, Johnny Mac. Not that Liz Cheney didn’t think something was up at the time.

But that was then and this is now, and these carpetbagging donors are trying to prevent carpetbagging Liz Cheney from claiming her rightful throne as the Cowboy Queen of Wyoming and she needs people like you and me who do not live in her state to give her money because when we give her our out-of-state money it is totally different because shut up. [...]

I am SO DISAPPOINTED because I have always wanted to meet undead-thing Dick Cheney and get to poke his unnaturally cool waxy skin and watch and see if floral arrangements wilt and die in his wake like so many Iraqi orphans. Wait til Liz hears my e-vite never showed. She’ll be mortified. I bet she sends me a nice hand-written note of apology.

And then we’ll laugh and laugh about it someday…
I...I...I have nothing to add!

Headline of the Day

New Obama Adviser Calls House Republicans A 'Cult Worthy Of Jonestown'
Quit screwin' around and get to drinkin' the "special recipe" Kool-aid, willya?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

As their third base coach.

House Republicans Criticize Iran Deal
Fear possible outbreak of peace.
And the resultant loss of profit to their major donors.

World's Largest Ship Launches
Owned by Shell, it will transport vast amounts of oil from autocrats to plutocrats.

With Rules Changes, Your Odds of Winning the Lottery Sink from 1 in 176 Million to 1 in 259 Million
You have a better chance of being struck by lightning while being bitten by a shark.
Odds slightly worse if you don't buy a ticket.