Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Poor Whites in Red-States Vote Against Their Interest

via Occupy Democrats.

In what is quite possibly the most powerful, insightful, and concise answer to the age-old question of why poor whites residing in red-states always vote against their own best interest, Michael Eric Dyson hits the nail right on the head and gives some powerful advice to these red-state voters.

In this powerful 90-second response to a viewer’s question, Dyson doesn’t attack nor belittle these white voters, but he does provide a very powerful example given by the Rev. Martin Luther King that shows why these voters living in red-states would be much better served by joining in solidarity with other poor Americans of every color in fighting for better wages, a fairer economy, healthcare for the poor, and the stemming of growing socioeconomic inequality.

It's too bad most of the poor people in red states won't see this on FOXNoise.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This cocaine tastes like Oreos

If it's Wednesday it must be Morford on corporate scientific engineering of addiction.

Then came a flawless little orgasm of a headline, a pitch-perfect, viral-ready soundbite of awesomeness packed with all the keywords Americans love most – Drugs! Cocaine! Oreo cookies! You! Rats! Addiction! Obamacare! Sex! – all about this cute little study that reveals how it lab rats, not all that surprisingly, love those famous, chocolatey discs of sugar and lard just as much as they love cocaine, and btw just kidding about the Obamacare and the sex. Sort of.

OMG, Oreos! Right? Tasty and barely digestible wheels of refined sugar, lard, chemicals and $20 billion/100 years of slightly evil marketing? And cocaine! Popular and cheaper-than-ever whiffs of refined coca plant, $1 trillion in completely failed drug war and absolutely zero marketing required, ever? Perfect.
You're on your own. I'm gettin' the munchies. Gotta go chop up an Oreo or ten and line 'em out...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We won't hit ourselves in the ass with the door on the way out...

Let the Dysfunctional Plantation-Based Red States Secede

I've got no problem with this. If we learned anything from last time, it's that you can't fix stupid. Better to let 'em go than fight to keep them.

Simply put, the Tea Party represents the 21st century rebirth of angry 19th century white male Confederates who wanted to secede from the United States and start their own dysfunctional country based on a plantation economy.

Maybe we should let them.
That was the slow pitch. Now for the fast curve:

And while we’re at it, let’s make it easier for Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann and the rest of their Tea Party friends to start their own plantation-economy style country, by starting a secessionist movement of our own in the “blue” states.

The idea of northern industrialized states seceding from America is nothing new.
Bada bing! If they won't secede, and they won't because they like our money too much, maybe we should.

It’s time for a new Hartford Convention.

So what would an America free of Southern lunacy and Tea Party radicalism look like?
Long list follows.

And, the Medicare eligibility age would be lowered to the moment birth, giving us a national single-payer healthcare system.

When this is accomplished, America will reflect a 21st century version of the ideals and visions of the Founders.

If it takes a secession of “blue” America to achieve all of this, then so be it.

It’s time to let small-minded bigots go back to their plantation-style economies and let them run their states like third-world countries.
Maybe instead of us seceding, we oughta just throw their ignorant racist asses out. It would be a grand experiment during which we would prosper from not sending more tax money to the moocher states than they pay in, and it would be over as soon as the people started to starve and begged to be let back in. Maybe, just maybe, they'd figure out the world doesn't work now the way it did 200 years ago and develop a little humility. I'd be happy if they'd just STFU. Ah, never happen.

Ever the optimist, I'm going to invest in chain link fence, barbed wire, and land mine companies. Might as well make a little money from the border fence that keeps sane people out of crazyland or the other way 'round. It'll be a long one.

Monday, October 21, 2013



A senior official from former President George W. Bush's administration is quoted in “Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House” saying American troops went into Iraq because the U.S. was looking for a fight.

"The only reason we went into Iraq, I tell people now, is we were looking for somebody’s ass to kick. Afghanistan was too easy," the anonymous official said, according to Politico.
Afghanistan didn't have any oil, either.

Nice going, Dumya and The Dick. The ass "you" ended up kicking was OURS. Bastards.

Headline of the Day

From Red To Blue — Why the House Will Absolutely Change Hands Next Year
I don't really much care why as long as it does.

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Violin Played by Titanic's Bandleader as Ship Went Down Auctioned Off
Winning bid made by Ted Cruz.
Fitting - the fiddle is known as "the devil's instrument":

Some conservative Christian denominations condemned dancing -- along with card playing and drinking -- as sinful and Satan-inspired. But listening to a good dance fiddler, even conservative Christians were apt to find themselves irresistibly lured into tapping their feet or moving to the music. The hypnotic and seductive lure of good fiddle music makes it a tool of the Devil.

Post Shutdown, Democrats Choose New Slogan for 2014 Elections
“Not Crazy.”

Michelle Bachman: We're in God's End Times
Offers herself as evidence.

Physics Nobel Prize-Winner Peter Higgs Doesn't Own Computer or Cell Phone
Was informed of his win by owl.