Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Mexican St. Paddy's Day!

An excuse for gringos to drink tequila instead of green beer! Don't worry, it'll be green when it comes up! :-)

Cautionary note: Today is also the Full Flower Moon, denoting a time of increased fertility. Be careful out there!

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Rambo Jesus

Stolen from my own Facebook page after first stealing it from The Christian Left.

Should you encounter this incarnation of Jesus remember that if you use a "six o'clock hold" aim at the bottom of the flag. For "point of aim = point of impact", hold on the 6th or 7th stripe. In real life of course, such a figment of a deluded imagination will not look exactly like that and your round will get him right at the top of his beer gut or, more likely, dead center in his fat ass when he realizes liberals have guns too and turns and runs away.

Also, in the unlikely event of close quarters combat (righties run very fast when afraid), common courtesy requires you to remove the magazine and clear the chamber before you jam the weapon up his ass.

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

Subtitled for your convenience!

Emmylou Harris & Trisha Yearwood ~ Tennessee Rose
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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Wisdom Of The Ages...

Maybe I'm just jaded, or maybe dead from it all, but there's nothing going on today besides watching the Repugs waffle-stomp their weenies, so back to basics...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just looking for my car keys, ma'am...

What Would Happen If You Stuck Your Hand In The Big Bang Machine?

Far-Right Conservatives Invent New Language

Addicting Info

I DECIDED IT WAS TIME TO ACT and started trying to put together a new right-wing lexicon. Here’s what I have so far:

Fox News: the last bastion of truth where free enterprise is always worshiped.

Patriot: any American who listens exclusively to Fox News, who agrees that taxes on billionaires can never be raised because it will make them sad, or something; a person who feels it is better to deny health care to other Americans, because, well, if you love America, you don’t want poor Americans to love America and be healthy, too; may also be an American who supports family values and would love to die for his or her country, except when they might want to commit adultery, personally, or actually have the chance to enlist and get shot at by real enemies of the United States. (See: Cheney, Gingrich, Romney, etc.)

Patriotism: what a billionaire or millionaire feels when he or she sees other people’s children sent off to fight to protect his or her freedom, while simultaneously keeping tax rates low (flag pin displayed in your lapel proves your patriotism, but serving in the military under the actual real flag does not if you’d like to marry your same-sex partner).

Public sector workers (also union thug, below): men and women who undermine individual economic freedoms and pose an insidious threat to free markets because their jobs cannot be outsourced to Mexico or Honduras.

Much, much more.

Who knew ...

Exploding Head Syndrome: Do you have it? We do! How cool is that? It's not, as some might think, the result of cognitive dissonance, but, as w/ so many syndromes, it's all in the mind, baby:


This happens to me about 3 times a week. I thought it was just me and I figured it was a result of a misspent youth.

Screwing the spouses ...

The crux of the biscuit:


To civilians, this is analogous to someone telling us after losing our spouse that we can have his or her retirement money or their life insurance -- but not both. Of course, this would be considered an outrage and an earned-benefits rip-off, but for military families, this evidently makes complete sense to the government. [em on orig]


Heaven forbid a military spouse gets what any other citizen would expect after their loved one dies (let alone the fact they died protecting the nation). Can't have that because they might have to raise taxes a tenth of a percent on the rich folks.

This should be good ...

Seems the Paulites have their own plans for the GOP nomination.

With Newt Gingrich finally out of the race, there’s only one other candidate standing between Mitt Romney and the official nomination. And while Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance to stop Romney, he seems poised to make some trouble for him in at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Across the country, fired-up Paul supporters are crashing the delegate-nominating process long after the rest of the party has moved onto the general election. Exploiting a byzantine nominating process that often flies under the radar, supporters are working the system to gain delegate majorities in states Paul lost in the primaries or caucuses (he hasn’t won a single contest outright).


I'd giggle my ass off if the Mittster was forced to name the Nazi troll Ron Paul as his running mate. Pass the fucking popcorn!

Priorities ...

Gotta love Florida, the limp dick of America:


In the politically-charged and likely protest-filled streets of Tampa, Fla., during the Republican National Convention in August, water guns will be strictly prohibited. Concealed handguns, on the other hand, will be perfectly legal...


Nothing like the mass casualties that can be incurred by some idiot with a Super Soaker.

What's better?

Pic stolen from God.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Daily Show Imagines Bush’s “I Killed Bin Laden” Ad

In case you missed it. Via TPM:

Jon Stewart has a message for Republicans railing against President Obama’s campaign ad touting the killing of Osama bin Laden: “Wah.”

Yeah, the ad is kind of “shitty,” Stewart said on Tuesday. “A bit of a cheap shot. The only reason you’re pissed is you didn’t get to run it. Let’s face it: if Bin Laden had been killed on Bush’s watch, this would have been the ad you’re running with.”

Watch the rip-roaring ad:

Well, of course they did...


Mitch McConnell and the Chamber of Commerce Tell the Supreme Court to Double Down on Citizens United

Yet while the briefs are unsurprising, they demonstrate both the corporate lobby and the Republican Party’s commitment to keeping wealthy interest groups’ ability to buy and sell elections intact.

Some things are simply sacred. Picture a two-story outhouse with "99%" over the lower door. "Trickle down" would be almost a pleasure by comparison.

Hitler FInds Out Romney Strapped His Dog to the Car Roof

Via BuzzFlash. I apologize in advance for this memorable line:

"Even the Jews rode inside the trains!"

Eat this and be wildly grateful

If it's Wednesday, it must be Morford on giving thanks for the little things.

Hey! See those people sitting next to you at that restaurant? That café? That food court juice bar sushi joint? Ever notice what happens when their food order arrives?

...Food, mind you, that has (usually) been carefully planned, meticulously prepared, perfectly cooked, beautifully presented, food that has been sourced from the finest or at least most fascinating array of growers, butchers, manufacturers, tastemakers, plants and animals from all over the world?

Watch and be sort of... depressed. Many, even most Americans will barely glance at their plates when they land in front of them. It's true. From casual café fare to the fanciest gourmet meal, most will simply take one glimpse to make sure everything appears tolerable and not moldy, and then plow right into it, devour it, perhaps barely chewing, not even noticing what they're doing.

Have you ever noticed? It's sort of tragically rare to see anyone pause for more than a split second to offer deeper thanks, to appreciate any level of beauty, bounty, artistry, nourishment in their food as it hovers near their mouths and prepares to enter the human system. All too often, we just take it all for granted and devour. Hey, I do it, too. I'm trying to do it far less. Aiming for never. Aiming, in fact, for the exact opposite approach.

Not me, young Mark! When my Holy Trinity combination plate arrives, usually a taco, enchilada, and chile relleno (with arroz, frijoles, and tortillas de mais of course), I gaze at it in wonderment and often ask the waiter for a can of plastic spray and a plate hanger because it's a work of art and looks too good to eat and ought to be hanging on the wall next to the dogs playing poker and velvet Elvis. Then I calm down and go in face first, giving thanks all the while for the good things in life.

It may be bullshit ...

But at least Barry is talking about an endgame in Shitholeistan.


"My fellow Americans, we have traveled through more than a decade under the dark cloud of war. Yet here, in the predawn darkness of Afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon," the president said.


It's far too long, both the amount of time we've been there already and the amount of time until we finally get out, but at least his head seems to be in the right place. Hopefully, he won't find an excuse to extend the stay.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Headline of the Day

Not much going on today that pops my cork. The Federal Bureau of Ineptitude is always good for a laugh:

FBI Foils Another Bomb Plot it Engineered

Might as well have been "Fireman Puts Out Fire He Set".

They know ...

What they're getting and they know what they want him to do:


Grover Norquist, the Republican strategist who heads Americans for Tax Reform, said in an interview that he did not expect Mr. Romney to lead as president. He just wants him to sign the bills that put Mr. Ryan’s vision into practice.


The people pulling the GOP's strings don't want a leader, just some clown who'll do what they tell him. They found the perfect tool in Romney.

Quote of the Day

Digby on the Tennessee "no hand-holding" law:


It sounds to me as if somebody watched Footloose and walked out before the rave up ending.


All you need to know ...

About who is getting screwed in this country.

Stolen from the Being Liberal FB page.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Remarks by President Obama at White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, April 28, 2012

In case you missed it on C-Span. Heh. Via Kos.

Obama's Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) April 30, 2012 – In the first term in office, President Barack Obama has broken with a tradition established over the previous eight years through his controversial use of complete sentences, political observers say.

Mr. Obama's decision to use complete sentences in his public pronouncements, as well as his insistence on the correct pronunciation of the word "nuclear," has harmed his reelection hopes among millions of voters who find his unusual speaking style unfamiliar and bizarre.

According to presidential historian Davis Logsdon of the University of Minnesota, after eight years of George W. Bush many Americans find it "alienating" to have a President who speaks English as if it were his first language.

Those are the ones who want English as our official language, most of whom couldn't make a complete sentence if their lives depended on it.

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Suppressed Dissenting 2006 State Dept. Memo Regarding Torture Seen for First Time
Identity, whereabouts of author still unknown.

House Republicans Working With Big Business to Mine Grand Canyon
Which you’ll be able to watch from Vista del Grand Canyon Luxury Condos & Golf Course.

Pizza Hut Debuts Pizzas With Cheeseburgers in Crust
Delivered right to your hospice.

President of Southern Baptist Ethics Commission Faces Charges That He Plagiarized Racist Comments on His Radio Show
Church wants original racist remarks from its leaders.

NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs Converge
Beer briefly passes gold on commodities market.

Seen this movie before ...

Stolen from the Rethink Afghanistan FB page.


What war?

Yesterday John McCain took to the Senate floor and shook his fist in the air at the sky and proclaimed there is "no Republican War against Women". Meanwhile in reality: The Violence Against Women Act was renewed by a vote of 68 to 31.

The 31 votes against looked like this, obviously all Republican and naturally...:

Whaddaya mean I can't beat her? She's my wife.

Quote of the Day

Mme. Dowd via our pal Montag:

... The church leadership never recoiled in horror from pedophilia, yet it recoils in horror from outspoken nuns...

I have two aunts and one great aunt who are/were nuns. All did missionary work throughout their careers in some of the most impoverished places in the world. For them, the gospel came a distant second to doing the right thing for the people who lived there, even if it regularly brought them up against the local priests and church hierarchy.

Closure ...

Nothing will replace the friends and relatives we lost on 11 September but to New Yorkers, it means a lot to see the hole in our skyline filled again. Excellent vid of the new Freedom Tower and 9/11 Memorial going up in time lapse.