Saturday, July 16, 2011

Two days without one little stretch of road and L.A. is goin' nuckin' futs!

Those of us who got around L.A. just fine before there were freeways are laughin' our asses off at this "Carmageddon" bullshit!

Thanks to NothingIsCoolMovie.

Here's some comments on the video:

First they closed the 405,

and I didn't speak out because I didn't drive the 405.

Then they closed the Golden State,

and I didn't speak out because I didn't drive the Golden State.

Then they closed the 101,

and I didn't speak out because I didn't drive the 101.

Then they closed Fairfax and there was no one left to speak out for me.
notdecraw 23 hours ago 97

After Hitler's suicide, the freeway was divided: East 405 (under Latino supervision) and West 405, (controlled by Peoples Republic of Santa Monica). Drivers soon took other routes. Thus began the Cold(water Canyon) War.
tashload 23 hours ago 79

Many more.

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

From 1989

Emmylou Harris ~ How High The Moon
Thanks to 1000Magicians, UK.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shopping Day

Off ta the Big City, spa day for the pups, hearty breakfast, lotsa errands. See yas.

The Gripes Of Wrath

Thanks to YubaNet.

Fake witches outdraw real one at OC 30-plex

An article about Moosebreath that's actually worth reading in The Atlantic.

Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Theater in Orange County

"Why aren't you seeing Harry Potter?" an usher said to the reporter sitting alone in the audience

Here's how bad she misreads her tiny-brained subjects: even in one of the most rabidly right-wing counties in the U.S., old scared white people don't go out at midnight, even for her. The flick will probably do better at the matinee. If there's a senior discount.

Buh-bye, Sarah. You lasted longer than I thought you would, but you're almost over.

Bad shit happening ...

In Squidland. I brought up the Navy's big push (suddenly) to keep corrosion on their ships under control a while back and our pal Comrade Misfit looks at a related problem:

I wish I could say that I'm surprised about any of this, but I'm not. Warships take a lot of TLC to keep in good condition. A decade ago, the Navy went to a concept called "optimal manning", which was a bureaucratic way of saying "not enough sailors to keep the ships up." From what I've read, a Burke class DDG had a complement of 290, yet the Navy sent those ships to see with the the crew size of a Knox class FF (or a Perry class FFG). Those two frigate classes displaced 4,100 tons, but a Burke class DDG displace between 8,300 and 9,500 tons.*

The Burkes are much larger ships. Those who thought that the Navy could send them to sea with the crew size of a smaller ship and not eventually pay a price had to have been drinking the Ft. Fumble Kool-Aid. The practice of not sending enough sailors to ships to properly man the ships was a factor in the grounding of the USS Port Royal.


You can't fix a rotting ship if it isn't staffed properly. Bush/Cheney thought they could go to war on the cheap and this is where we've ended up 10 years later. Maybe, instead of buying the military new toys all the time, we might want to fix the old ones before they fall out from under our people.


I was informed that the new shed "looks naked" out there in the yard so we were at Home Depot this morning at 6. Me and the girls are headed out now to plant 6 new shrubs around it. Heh ...

I guess ...

God doesn't like Arsenal. Cliff Schecter:


Sadly, however, our God Culture isn't limited to just the political game, but also allows some of those clever cats, professional athletes, to get in on the action.

I must admit to finding it rather amusing - as in completely ridiculous - whenever an overpaid ballplayer hits a three-point shot or bashes a fastball over the center field wall, only to respond by pointing up to the Heavens as if it were Divinely ordained. Because we all know any Higher Power has nothing better to do - like ending conflict in the Sudan or curing cancer - than taking in some sport and using his/her powers to ensure Arsenal wins the FA Cup.


The Gunners went out early in FA Cup competition this year. Heh ...

See yas ...

It's about time one of the top management joins the 200 hard working people from News of the World on the unemployment line. However, she should be sharing the dock in Old Bailey with Murdoch and his son.

Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News International, has resigned, the company has confirmed.

Her departure follows days of increasing pressure to step down as the phone hacking crisis grew.

In a statement, she said she felt a "deep responsibility for the people we have hurt".


She feels a deep responsibility to keep herself out of jail.

The Mrs. asked me yesterday: "Is it too much to hope for that there will be no Fox News here in the future?"

Short answer: Yes.

I think, in America, Murdoch has the testicles of too many Republicans in his hand to get run out of town. AG Holder is no crusader for justice either.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Video. Too big to reproduce here. Go see. RawReplay.

Pastafarian Headline of the Day

Man wins right to wear pasta strainer on head in driver’s license photo

Fixer's right about Austrians bein' crazy fuckin' Germans on steroids...

I'm on my way to DMV to see if they'll finally let me wear my tinfoil hat in my drivers license photo now that crazy is officially sacred.

Republican Intransigence, as Revealed Through Republicans in Conservative Media

The Rude Pundit

This follows a pattern for most right-wingers, who do much of their posturing and politicking primarily in conservative media outlets. To wit:

'Wit' is not the word I would have used without 'half' as a prefix, but RP doesn't need editing from me. He lists a few examples from the more odious Repug STDs*.

*Scary Talkin' Doofusfucks

We can only hope that Obama's supposed declaration of "I've reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this" is true. We can only hope that it's the start of some new path for him, some utter abandonment of the bipartisan snipe hunt he's been on. Perhaps it's too late. Perhaps he's too far into the woods to find his way home.

But stupid optimism is what makes us American. And it's that stupidity that made so many Americans elect this actually dangerous group of people. There is no Forrest Gump-wisdom in the dimwitted. There's only the horrible consequences of their actions.

From the 'dangerous' link:

The more we find out about the House Republican caucus, the more obvious it becomes that they're not just trying to maximize their leverage by pretending to be crazy. They're crazy.

Does that mean we can tranq 'em and lock 'em away? Gitmo's still open...

Quote of the Day

Michael F:

... All kidding aside, I actually [find] Boehner the least odious of the bunch...but that's kind of like finding herpes the least odious STD ...

Heh ...

Pic stolen from here.

Or, like they say in the old country: "Get out."

I'm praying Barry knows what he's doing*.

*And that he's keeping the average American's interest in mind while he does it.

Hey, Froggy ...

If I were you, I'd be on my way back to Jersey. Montag (in toto):

It may be known as the land of 10,000 lakes but there will be 39 fewer brands of beer on sale in the state soon. This is the result of Miller-Coors failure to renew their licenses to sell beer in the state prior to the Republican caused shutdown of the government. Some may dismiss those brands as small beer and peewater but it is still an unnecessary cruelty to deny a man his brand just to protect millionaires and corporations from a much deserved tax hike.

Not being able to buy beer? That's where I draw the line. Heh ...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White House admits marijuana has ‘some’ medical value

Raw Story. Usual nice photo from Fixer's back yard, but that may change now that he has his spiffy new "equipment" shed. For all the hydroponic equipment no doubt. Heh.

Just days after the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) insisted that there is no medical value to marijuana, the White House appeared to contradict the position, saying in a report that there may actually be "some" medical value to "individual components of the cannabis plant" after all.

Here's the money shot:

Critics are likely to see the passage as offering a bit of wiggle room for major pharmesutical producers looking to grow marijuana to extract its psychoactive ingredient, THC, or other cannabinoid compounds that have been demonstrated to help abate symptoms of some chronic diseases, like wasting syndrome in AIDS patients or nausea in cancer patients.

In 2007, GW Pharmaceuticals announced that it partnered with Otsuka to bring "Sativex" -- or liquefied marijuana -- to the U.S. [...]

Reinventing the wheel in the process. Ahmed and his fucking camel used to partner to, besides the part involving a milk crate, bring hash oil to the U.S. One stripe of that down the side of a fatty and ZOWIE!

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has warned just as much, claiming that federal authorities may be looking to shift policy slightly, if only to legalize marijuana-based medicines for Big Pharma only, which could step in and potentially eradicate the medical marijuana market.

There ya have it - if it can't be to Big Pharma's profit, it can't be legal.

An ABC News poll found last year that eight in 10 Americans favor legalizing medical marijuana.

Since when did that matter to the Big Money or their pols?

Headline of the Day

Mitch McConnell: We Must Rewrite The Constitution Because ‘Elections’ Haven’t ‘Worked’

I'm speechless and my sides quote:

It’s worth noting just what McConnell is asking the American people to choke down.

Isn't it always?

Please protect the innocent conjugal sex fruit

If it's Wednesday, it must be Morford.

Don't have sex. Gays are evil. Repress your urges. Close your legs. Quit asking questions.

Jesus loves Coors Light and large-caliber handguns. Iraq is packed like a Bieber concert with squealing nuclear warheads aimed straight at the Utah public school system. The homosexual agenda is alive and very, very real, and it wants to indoctrinate your children, steal your semen and organize your underwear drawer far, far too perfectly. Also, God is judging you. Right. This. Second.

This may be his best column yet. Go.

If ya listen to Larry...Part Deux

Follow-up to Fixer's post yesterday. This isn't settled by a long shot, but it appears to me, because I wish it to be so (why is my other hand filling up so much more quickly...?), that my Stealth Ninja Jedi Prez is pulling off a rope-a-dope worthy of Cassius Clay. The Repugs (and a lot of us) expected him to cave because that's what he's been doing all along. Perhaps he will fool us this time. It's more important that he fool the Repugs into doing what he wanted all along.

I don't like a lot of the stuff he's done or the way he's done them either, but it's all above my pay grade. I'm still down wid him.

Lawrence explains how President Obama continues to outsmart, out-strategize and out-talk the Republicans, in the debt ceiling standoff. Plus, Howard Dean joins The Last Word with more analysis.

If ya don't believe Larry or me, believe Howie.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Welcome to Republican Cave

Gee, is that anything like Osama's cave...?

Upate II:

You must go read The Rude One's take!

There's myriad ways to look at Mitch McConnell's Deal o' Last Resort that he proffered yesterday. All of them involve the phrase "Fuck it." There's "Fuck it. If Obama loves the debt ceiling so much, he can marry it." And there's "Fuck it. These crazy Tea Party motherfuckers aren't gonna be happy until we're all living in heavily-armed bomb shelters." And there's "Fuck it. I'm sick of negotiating." And on and on, all variations on "Just fuck it."

McConnell announced the plan after taking to the Senate floor to say, "Democrats suck monkey balls." He also said a bunch of nonsense about what he thinks "the American people" want without mentioning that one of the things we want, by a huge majority, is higher taxes on people making far more than most of us.

The Rude Pundit sees this as part and parcel of how McConnell and Boehner have governed. They take themselves out of the battle and merely stand on the sidelines, hurling Molotov cocktails while saying that their pathetic pyromania is leadership.

One other thing: because this doesn't just raise the debt ceiling $2.5 trillion in one fell swoop, it requires a certain amount of trust in the Republicans by the Obama administration. If they dick the President over, then we plunge once again into crisis. Those fuckers aren't worthy of that kind of trust. Why would you let the arsonists guard the gas stove?

The arsonists can guard the gas stove as long as it's in their house and not ours. I hope they set their house alight and stand around arguing if it's really on fire and whether they should call the fire department..

Give the gays an inch* ...

And the polygamists want the whole enchilada:

Kody Brown is a proud polygamist, and a relatively famous one. Now Mr. Brown, his four wives and 16 children and stepchildren are going to court to keep from being punished for it.


Hey, if you want 4 women telling you what to do and 16 children screaming through your house, god bless ya. Me? 1 wife and 2 dogs are more than enough.

Seriously, most of these polygamist marriages appear, to me, to be reminiscent of Sultanates and Sheikdoms. A dominant man with women and children being more property than partners. I wonder if a woman wanted to take 4 husbands, if the men would be so gung-ho about trying to make it legal. Seems to me the "bylaws" of these folks' belief system gives all the rights to the men and few, if any, to the women. There is too much room for abuse and that's where my beef comes in. If it worked both ways, I'd say let the masochists have at it.

*Before anybody gets pissed, I'm being funny here. As regulars know, I am a strident supporter of gay marriage and I'm not equivocating the right for two people in love to marry with polygamy, a true lifestyle choice and an emotionally abusive situation on its best day.

We been saying it ...

For the better part of a decade:

Human Rights Watch has called on Barack Obama, the current US president, to order a criminal investigation into alleged detainee abuse by his predecessor, George W Bush, and senior figures from his administration.

"There are solid grounds to investigate Bush, [former vice president Dick] Cheney, [former secretary of defence Donald] Rumsfeld, and [former CIA director George] Tenet for authorising torture and war crimes," Kenneth Roth, HRW's executive director, said.


"The US is right to call for justice when serious international crimes are committed in places like Darfur, Libya, and Sri Lanka, but there should be no double standards," Roth said.


American exceptionalism at its best. If we want the rest of the world to start taking us seriously again, a good start would be dropping these clowns at the Hague; at the least, putting them on trial ourselves.

Good ...

Seems this is still America:

A Manhattan judge has thrown out a lawsuit from a retired firefighter who sued to block construction on the proposed Park51 Islamic Center near Ground Zero, but the conservative group that represented him says it will appeal the decision.

The New York Times reported that Justice Paul G. Feinman of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan ruled on Friday that retired firefighter Timothy Brown is "an individual with a strong interest in preservation of the building," but lacks legal standing to challenge construction of the Islamic Center.


The conservatives can play their bullshit down in the "Jesus Belt" but in these parts, "freedom of religion" doesn't mean freedom for Christians to persecute those who don't believe their way.

Fap, fap, fap ...

All of the sexually-stunted Rethugs are gonna be touching themselves over this. Fez:

But somehow Rich Lowry is going to end up making these digital pages stick together.

Heh ...

You and I ...

Are supporting Rupert Murdoch.

I'll admit that I watch a couple of Fox networks (Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus) but I don't mind giving him my money for them because they're the only places I can get regular football matches from Europe.

That said, I got a problem with giving him billions of my tax dollars:

(Reuters) - Rupert Murdoch may not garner as much attention for his financial savvy as he does for his journalistic escapades, which last week led to the shuttering of Britain's oldest tabloid. But that doesn't make his money management any less impressive.


Over the past four years Murdoch's U.S.-based News Corp. has made money on income taxes. Having earned $10.4 billion in profits, News Corp. would have been expected to pay $3.6 billion at the 35 percent corporate tax rate. Instead, it actually collected $4.8 billion in income tax refunds, all or nearly all from the U.S. government.


I say it's about time we stop paying him to help destroy the country.

Great thanks to Jill for the link.

Fox blackmail ...

Olbermann recounts Fox's attempts to work him to death:


On his show Tuesday, he said that while working at Fox Sports he became sick and was advised by his doctor to slow down at work. When he requested to work five days instead of six, Fox Sports immediately pulled him off the air until he received a letter from his doctor guaranteeing he was well enough to work.

They then offered to either have Olbermann work a very busy schedule or receive a 60 percent pay cut.


Same way the Rethugs "support our troops".

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

News Corp/News International/News of the World/phone-hacking/scum-sucking pigfuckers/Murdoch-gate

El Rude-o on the Murdoch scandal(s):

Rupert Murdoch's products in the United States have long been engaged in a one-sided war with the Obama administration. Now there's a justification for joining the fight, bringing all the power of the law to bear. It's a gift. Obama could crush Murdoch and make Bill O'Reilly have to beg CNN to let them blow Blitzer for quarters. The phone-hacking scandal is like God just handed the President a perfect, wet pussy and said, "No, it's okay. You can fuck it. Enjoy."

(Note: He won't fuck it.)

Go read the rest.

Roger Ailes Explains Why FOX News Never Hacks


"Why waste time and expense intercepting real cell-phone messages ... when we can simply sell our own phony messages."

Good point.

Go ahead Repugs...

...piss off the old folks.

Note to the Prez: make goddam sure they know it was the intransigence and ideological stoopidity of the Repugs that caused them to go on half-rations of store brand cat food. Then make sure all the polling places have wheelchair access for disabled/Vets come next election day.

CBS News via RawReplay.

I can make it through without a benefit payment or two or three. A lot of folks can't. I hope this does not come to pass.

Senate Republicans Block Benefits to Homeless Women Veterans Video of Sen. Murray's plea to do the right thing being shot down by that sonofabitch McConnell on behalf of that other sonofabitch Coburn.

Senate conservatives blocked the Homeless Women Veterans and Homeless Veterans with Children Act on Tuesday, following an objection from Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK, left), who spoke out in opposition to the bill. The $3.4 billion bill, introduced by Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), would have provided special benefits to homeless women veterans (as well as to homeless male veterans with dependent children).
Women returning from war have unique risk factors for homelessness, such as trauma from sexual assault while in the military and lower earning potential than men.
Blocking the bill is a puzzling move on the part of conservatives, for whom talking about things like Christian compassion, family values and supporting our troops is a cherished pastime. Must be the whole doing something thing that makes them squeamish.

The whole concept of doing something for Vets that involves spending money that might better go to their Masters in the M-I-C is not on their agenda. Talk is cheap and so are they.

And after all, these Vets are just women. Vessels of unholiness and 2d class citizens who need to be subservient anyway. Single mothers? They must all be undeserving whores. Their children? No-account little bastards who are out of the womb and thus rate nothing from Repugs.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if a Repug Congress passes a law denying benefits to any Vet who participates in one of their for-profit wars if they don't win it like a football game.

No pull trigger, no get food. Support the troops my ass. The Repug bastards strike again.

No great loss ...

Looks like Karzai's brother played one too many sides against the middle:


Ahmad Wali Karzai, a leading power broker in the country's south, was shot dead at his home in a blow to Nato's battle against the Taliban in the area.

He was shot twice by his long-time head of security Sardar Mohammed, who was himself killed almost immediately.


Loyalty only goes so far as the next paycheck.

If ya listen to Larry ...

You'd think Obama is a political genius:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The only person I ever saw pull off a successful "rope-a-dope" is the man who created it, Muhammad Ali.

Still looks to me like Barry has given away the store and the Rethugs are whining that they want more without "raising taxes on the job creators". Far be it, thanks to the latest job report, that they actually, you know, created a job.

If Obama pulls this off without screwing grandma and grandpa, or the rest of us who might need Medicare in the future, I'll eat my words, but in my book, he took the wrong tack from the beginning; actually giving the Rethug crazy more credibility than they deserve.

Monday, July 11, 2011

More shed ...

More than Gordon (and probably most of you, dear readers) ever wanted to know about sheds. Heh ...




It's 4 p.m. and I'm twisting myself a fatty, cracking a Newcastle, and going out to sit in the garden with the Dingo Sisters for a while. I iz tired ...

Slavery language dropped from “Marriage Vow” pledge, because it was “misconstrued”

Political Carnival, links and video.

In a previous post, I wrote about how Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum signed a pledge that likely has many right wing extremists salivating, and that had some highly controversial, highly offensive language in it suggesting that black children were better off born into slavery.

The anti-porn language was removed last week (file that under, “Mission Impossible”), and now THE FAMiLY LEADER (per Think Progress, the lowercase “i” is meant to represent individual submission) is scrubbing the “Slavery = Family Values” part, too.

“Can be misconstrued.” “Misconstruction.” Yes, that’s right… if you were one of those idiots who thought the LEADER sounded racist, then they’re awfully sorry you somehow twisted their words, “a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President” to mean something other than “Boy howdy, them slave kids were lucky ducks! They sure as heck had it good back in the day!”

The best part IMNSHO? Crazy Woman and Frothy Mixture had a contract changed on them after they signed it! IOKIYAR.


Liquid Alert!

Bachmann did not read pledge calling slavery a better arrangement for blacks

Santorum told CNN Sunday that he was "taken aback" by the pledge at first, but host Candy Crowley failed to ask him about the slavery claim.

You're supposed to read the fine print before you sign things, ya fuckin' idjits! Candy "Chins" Crowley is a Repug operative and ain't gonna question anything you do.

Wading Into the Shallows

Good read at TPJ Magazine about the "fundagelicals":

The shallows I’m talking about are virtual cesspools of right-wing religious dogma that pollute the cultural and political landscape of the U.S., especially in the South (where I live) and the Midwest. The outrages being committed in the name of dogmatic religious myths are growing, as the faithful and their political cohorts in God’s Own Party continue their relentless assault on vulnerable people’s lives and our democratic traditions.

Anyway, if the term dogma upsets the dogmatic, that’s too damn bad. When dealing with fanatics, no good can come from phony respect, especially at the expense of accuracy. And the fanatics who are bent on theocratic domination will only view any respect from the left, feigned or otherwise, as a sign of weakness to exploit to their advantage in their long-term war against all forms of enlightenment.

So while I hate to do it, I must chastise my liberal and moderate friends, irrespective of their religious views, for being far too tolerant of the madness of the religious right. It is very late in the game, and the well-organized religious fanatics already have a lock on one of our major political parties. So, contra President Obama, it is way past time to abandon the suicidal notion that we can reason with them or work with them constructively. Instead, we must match their determination. How about we start by dropping any pretense that they are rational people or that anything they are saying is even worth talking about? How about recognizing that our overriding goal must be to do everything in our power to prevent them from expanding their power, before it’s too late? We can start by publicly rebuking them any time they express their crazy ideas and by exposing their anti-democratic agenda at every opportunity. We need to match their determination, go into attack mode on all fronts, and make our voice heard in the timid, bought-and-paid-for mainstream media before they completely own it.

So let’s stop acting like the current crop of democrats, stop treating brainwashed fanatics like they’re worth talking to. [...]

So in conclusion, religious fundamentalists talk and act like they expect some special privilege to be granted to their religious beliefs; but as soldiers in the cultural and political wars, they deserve no privilege to be protected from criticism. Everyone understands that democracy is meaningless unless it permits vigorous debate. But they have no commitment to Constitutional democracy, which is an obstacle to the domination they seek.

Finally, a closing quotation from Christopher Hitchens:

“Since it is obviously inconceivable that all religions can be right, the most reasonable conclusion is that they are all wrong.”



The Real Fox Problem With Ryan's Plan: The Truth DID Come Out

Hillbilly Report, with video.

Since Paul Ryan introduced his draconian "roadmap" for cleaning up the mess he and his cohorts caused on the backs of working Americans the Republican lie machine has been spinning in high gear. They have the tough propoganda sell of telling Americans that they should sacrifice anything the government does for them so the wealthy can horde more money. With their sophisticated network to do just that and many complicit Democrats they have set out to accomplish just that task. However as always in right-wing fantasy land the facts are against them.

As always again the true facts are out there. Why do you think the propoganda machine has to kick into high gear?? They know they have to convince Americans that those nasty liberals are just lying and that they should not expect social security, medicare, or anything else the government provides.

So as always with Republicans if you want to know the real truth just listen to what they say and believe the opposite. Their real problem is not that they truth about the Ryan plan has not come out it is that it has. As always the truth does not support them and they have to lie to try and make it what they want.

This time however it appears as if Americans are smarter than the Republicans thought.

The Repugs have their Dead End Quarter sewed up tight, but the others are starting to catch on after the disastrous results of voting when they were angry in 2010.

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

U.S. Holds Back Aid to Pakistani Military
What are they going to do — sell their nukes?

I think we should make them an offer on their nukes they can't refuse.

GOP Spending Bill Slashes Budget of Consumer Product Safety Commission, Defunds Consumer Complaint Database
And calls for arrest and deportation of all undocumented consumers.

The Prison Industry Complex thinks they should be incarcerated domestically.

Murdoch Shuts Down News of the World in Light of Hacking Scandal
May have to sell majority ownership of British government.

Marijuana Dispensaries Outnumber Starbucks in Denver
“Mile High City” rebranded “High City.”

Shed update ...


While I like my new shed, there were some engineering details that pissed me off while I'm trying to get it painted.

Firstly, most of it is made of an engineered wood product, (3/4" OSB with a faux grain for the panels) but all the trim pieces are shitty ass 3/4" knotty pine that is so dry, it sucked the paint off the brush when I got within an inch of it. I hadda put a couple coats of this super duper sealer, anti-bug, anti-moisture primer on it before it would stop drinking up the paint. Then I put a coat of tinted primer on everything. That's where I am now, putting the first coat of color on this morning.

Secondly, I wonder who thought it would be a good idea to affix the door hinges with 3/4" long, #6 drywall screws. Same with the cheap ass lock/door handle. Doesn't matter if you lock it, somebody with a screwdriver can take the lock out or unscrew the hinges, or just pry 'em out of the wood with a dull butter knife. Needless to say I replaced the hinge screws with 1/4" diameter carriage bolts. I didn't give a shit about the lock because I bought two hasps and locks that I pre-drilled for before I painted. Not that I don't trust my neighbors but it's good to keep honest men honest. Nobody's getting in it without the keys without waking up the Dingo Sisters and, in turn, their owner.

And then a little extra anality from me. I caulked everything. Every seam, crack, joint, and nail head before I started priming. The Mrs. thinks I'm nuts but I look at it this way, good preparation pays off when I won't have to paint it or fix rot for 5 years at the least.

That said, I'm satisfied with the rest of it. I did spring for the extra $175 for the heavy duty, pressure treated floor rather than the painted OSB that came standard. Another selling point for me was that most of it is made from recycled wood products and natural, unlike the vinyl or PVC types that will be around for a couple thousand years after I'm not. The installation crew was punctual (they were an hour early), quick (took them less than an hour to put up), and neat (not a scrap of wood, packing, or sawdust was left after they were done). I'd recommend them and the product to anyone.

Back to painting. I want to have this done before the thunderstorms the weather weenie promises for tomorrow.

Good thing ...

We're spending so much money on Homeland "Security". I guess, on the bright side, the stun gun got a free flight from Boston to Newark.


Apparently a cleaning crew found the stun gun in a back pocket after the passengers and crew left the plane; the cleaners contacted the Port Authority police and TSA. Jet Blue confirmed the incident to My Fox NY and said it was cooperating.


As I said a couple weeks ago, all we're doing is giving corporate welfare to the companies who make the "detectors" and the retired cops who make up the majority of the Talented at Standing Around Transportation Security Administration. Time to do some budget cutting over there and at Defense.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

When Fixer gets done... the paint outta his hair, here's some Christine Lagarde on This Week. What I think about Mme. Lagarde and Christiane Amanpour together is not printable on Sunday except for the word "YUM!".

Sufficiently recuperated... go to the Cannibal Cruise (article) today. Maybe some pics later. Later.


There's some photos with (half) witty captions from the car show up at Fixer & Gordon. Enjoy.

Painting ...

And setting up my new shed this weekend. The shed company's warranty is void if you don't either varnish or paint it within 72 hours. I also bought a buncha hooks and racks to hold my garden implements and equipment so hopefully it'll stay organized.

Later ...