Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Emmylou Blogging

Published on May 24, 2014
Emmylou Harris plays Pancho and Lefty at Brighton Dome on 23 May 2014

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to live wretched and small

Mark Morford on the wretched and small among us.

You can cling to musty dogma, to strict, outdated codes of conduct and belief, all dictated by very scared, very dead old men who lived many hundreds of years ago and in such a state of abject misunderstanding of the world, and God, and sex, and women, and love, and spirit, and life itself, they might as well have written a big, terrible book about it.
Oh wait, they did. Here is the Bible, a numbingly tedious tome written (and re-re-rewritten) by multiple paranoid power-mongers obsessed with genealogy, real estate, women, weird curses, genitalia, shellfish, the blood of sacrificial animals and how to appease a schizophrenic deity who loves you like sunshine one day and covers your body in painful, oozing boils the next.

Ruled by a made-up bi-polar skydaddy is pretty wretched...

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Monday, June 2, 2014

"Holes In The Boat"

Old Fart Rants about the "I'm not a scientist" school of climate change denying politicians.

So how about this - since they're not doctors, how about they stop telling women what they're allowed to do with their own bodies? Since they're not nutritionists, how about they stop sticking their noses into what food children should be served at school? Since they're not professors, how about they keep their noses out of what should be taught in schools. Since they're not financial planners, how about they stop trying to kill Social Security and Medicare? Since they're not soldiers, how about they keep their noses out of problems at the VA? I could go on, but you catch my drift.

We need to throw every one of these knuckle dragging idiots, assholes, and oligarch boot lickers overboard in November, and never ever allow them back on the boat ever again - maybe then we can get somewhere before it's too late and the boat sinks.

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Far Right Tea Party-Like Groups Gaining Power Across Europe
Want return to simpler, more tranquil times of August, 1914.
What goes around, comes around...

Poll: Americans More Worried About Global Warming Than About Climate Change
More worried about Armageddon than Apocalypse.

FTC: Data Brokers Know More About Us Than Relatives Do
That's precisely the way we want it.

Study: 4% of Those on Death Row Likely Innocent
“Not too bad,” say prosecutors.