Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Alex Jones is a false flag

Raw Story. A 'must read' that esplains a lot about the tinfoil hat loonies in the wake of the 10-minute-revolution/murder spree in Las Vegas.

You might think that Jerad and Amanda Miller were a couple of murderous right wingers who killed a couple of cops and a bystander before killing themselves in a Las Vegas Walmart.

You sheeple need to wake up.

Alex Jones nailed it yesterday when he told off the White House-controlled media that this was, in fact, another “false flag” operation, and, as any second-grader could tell you, the target of this mind-control operation was none other than Alex Jones himself.

It couldn’t be simpler. Back in 2012, Jerad Miller married Amanda Woodruff in Lafayette, Indiana because the chemtrails over that fair town had triggered the preprogramming in their brains which MK-Ultra operatives had implanted years earlier.

Everything was in place. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office claims that on Sunday, the couple went into a Cici’s pizza restaurant and committed an unspeakable act, offing two cops at point-blank range. (Note the symbolism that would not be missed by the globalists funding the government’s sham operation — “CiCi’s”= “CC,” clearly evoking Chelsea Clinton, which would be reported in the media and would in turn trigger other cells to begin their operations elsewhere.)

Not only was this operation clearly an elaborate setup to smear Jones, with the liberal media dutifully attacking Jones seemingly within minutes of the attacks, but it was almost comically easy to spot as a “false flag.”

In fact, we expect patriots will soon conclude that this event never actually happened at all, and Jerad and Amanda Miller are having a good laugh, along with the two cops they supposedly killed but who of course never existed. The sheriff’s office says the killings were caught on videotape, and we can only laugh that they expect us to take their CGI wizardry seriously (not that we’ll ever get to see the tape. Which of course never existed in the first place).

These false flag attacks by the government are getting so numerous and so easy to spot, you have to wonder why the globalists keep trying the same thing, over and over, all in an attempt to besmirch Alex Jones and take your guns away. Seriously, it didn’t work the first 100 times, and the MK Ultra Masonic International Bankers should just stop trying.

But let us tell you just how far the globalists will go to destroy freedom-loving Americans.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Not shown: demonstrators.

Seattle Raises Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour
To keep pace with rising pot prices.

CIA Opens Twitter Account
Already has 6.3 billion followers.

Texas Republicans Support “Restorative Therapy” for Gays
Reject “restorative therapy” for bigots.

Secret Service Developing Software That Detects Sarcasm in Social Media
“I'm sure they'll build a perfect system,” tweets one Silicon Valley wag.