Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Stretched thin

No, this time it's not the U.S. military, it's me. I've been realizing over the past couple weeks that I have a lot of commitments, some that have to be dealt with sooner than others.

One is the book I've been writing over at creativity. That's fallen by the wayside and I'd like to get it finished because it's next up in line after Technocracy, the 8th in my epic series of pulp drivel whose publishing deadline is rapidly approaching. I'm starting to get serious hate mail from my regular readers, who've been waiting since November '03 for the next episode. I still have a little more work to do there before it gets shipped off.

Also, there's The Fixer & Gordon which I've let suffer, the contributing I do over at The Seventh Cross, and the administration of this blog, which is taking more and more time thanks to the increased traffic (thank you all who come by here and I'm not complaining). Then, most importantly, there's the reduction of quality time I'm spending with Mrs. F and the Princess thanks to all these commitments. Never mind work (my real job of keeping the cars in my section of Long Island's North Shore running).

So, I'm trying to figure out what to do. Since my books mean income, those naturally take priority. Though I've tried, blogging and writing just aren't working for me. I know others can do it, but I've found I can't. My brain goes to completely different places and it's a walking and chewing gum thing for me. My blogging will be reduced in the coming weeks, that's a given. How much is still a matter of consideration. Whether it'll be a complete hiatus for a couple months until the work on my books is done, or just a once in a while thing, I don't know yet. I'm also debating having a guest blogger until my hiatus is over, but that's for further, private, discussions between Gord, KR, and me. If someone is interested in filling in temporarily, email me and I'll take it into consideration. I'll still be doing the 'behind the scenes' work here regardless.

So that's it. Nothing Earth-shaking, just that you'll be seeing a little less of me here over the next couple months. No great loss really, I know y'all like Gord and KR better than me anyway. Ha!

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