Monday, August 29, 2005

Go have some fun

Mrs. G and I went for a spin yesterday to go find a better place than our driveway to take pictures of her new pickup. We ended up in the Martis Valley four miles from home, which is a big outing for the dogs as well as for us, although you could see where she works from there.

We were right across the street from Soar Truckee. Go see the crop dusters they tow the gliders with and look around their site. Soaring's a big deal around here as we have a lot of mountains and the sailplanes climb like an express elevator and stay up a long time. Be sure to check out the Northstar web cam too.

As long as we're in the neighborhood, go see Martis Peak Lookout. The third photo shows Truckee and Donner Lake in the distance, and the Sierra Nevada crest farther west. I've been there many times, and on a clear day (rarer these days) you can see Mt. Shasta, 150 miles to the north.

Now that you're all refreshed, get back to kickin' wingnut ass!

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