Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back in the New York groove

Just got in and I got about a million emails. I'll be up here tomorrow. Short version: Vacation was great, getting home was a bitch - including an evacuation of the terminal at Charles DeGaulle Airport for an unattended bag - but we're home. I'll post more in depth and put up a couple more pics. We had a snowstorm the other day too. Ausgezeichnet, as you'll see. Thanks for taking up the slack, guys.


I'm trying to stay up late to beat the jet lag and get my body back in the proper time zone. I fully planned to post while I was there, bringing my laptop and all accoutrement. Unfortunately 2 problems arose. One, my battery in the laptop is shot and I didn't know it until I tried to use it. Okay, I got a charger and I could run it on AC power. And then the second problem arises, I forgot to load my wi-fi software. That was a surprise. Couldn't find a place with a hardwired connection. At least I could download the pics I took every day. To wit, in no particular order:

Paris - Part 1
Paris - Part 2
Paris - Part 3
Retirement Home

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