Thursday, March 2, 2006

Rethug realities

Rep. Peter King (R-Idiot) is thinning down his Kool-Aid with real water. Reelection time is fast approaching and there are certain realities in play when you run on the Rebub ticket in NY. My neighbor Blondie has more on the dipshit's changing stance:

Peter King, the only republican congressman on Long Island has grown a bit of a conscience and is an outspoken critic of the UAE port deal. I believe he is up for re-election in November and realizes that allying with the bushistas isn't going to play well with his constituents (who mostly voted for John Kerry).


The port deal hits close to home for King, on several levels. His district is a valid target for al-Q, as opposed to his Rethug colleagues from say...Kansas or Wyoming, who probably wouldn't be able to see the mushroom cloud from their office windows, just as they didn't have the Stench of Death blow over their houses from the WTC from September 11th until Thanksgiving.

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