Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blogging and the 'MSM'

The lovely Maryscott O'Connor is the subject of a WaPo piece. I don't think the writer got her, or Left Blogtopia (y!sctp!). Lurch sums it up well:

...I can't help think that the story was a bit of a hatchet job, since those of us on the oxygen-breathing side of the internet understand that WaPo is now, ideologically, an wholly-owned subsidiary of the Republican Party.

Rage happens. We are creatures of emotion. The trappings of civilization fall from us easily and we become the wild beasts we once were, millions of years ago. I see that as a deplorable thing, but I've felt the red heat of rage myself, and understand how little civilized we really are. I think Mary Scott O'Connor's writings stem from a deep well of disgust, anguish and anger at what has been done to destroy our nation, our society. Those who despise America the institution are in charge right now, and work every day to separate us into small, easily manipulated groups and factions.


I think most of us do this because we're pissed off at what has happened to the nation we love. I sure as hell didn't go into blogging for some fan-love of an ideology. I'm here because I'm fucking pissed and I can vent to folks who understand and maybe educate those who are mis- or under-informed. Most of the folks in the 'media' think we, like the right side of blogtopia, are merely drones, repeating the line of the Kommissars. Hello, McFly? We're the ones with the pitchforks, torches, and the noose.

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