Sunday, April 8, 2007

Packing ...

MS Noordam at anchor off Porta Delgado, the Azores.
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We're leaving Wednesday for the Caribbean (my birthday present to Mrs. F) and, since we both have to work Monday and Tuesday, I'm doing most of our packing today. The bright side is we don't have to fly this time. We're meeting Noordam at Pier 92 on Manhattan's West Side (only a 40 minute car ride from home) and returning to the same place. Mrs. F can pack what she wants and buy what she wants without weight restriction. Yay!!!!

Since Noordam has satellite access to the intarwebs, I'll be taking you along (just like Europe - NYC last year), posting pics and sea stories at AltBrainNet, so as not to clog up the important shit here with pics. As usual, Gord's in charge until I get back and what he says goes.

And if you're interested in cruising, I wrote a piece last year about cruise ships and ocean liners. And to add, though I make no money from the endorsement, we book our cruises through Cruise Vacation Center exclusively.

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