Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bush's Next Preemptive Strike


George W. Bush is focusing now on his legacy. Duck. Run. Hide.

What Bush will almost surely be pushing for is permanent U.S. bases in Iraq, enshrined in a pact he can sign a few months before he leaves office. And here, as they used to say, is the beauty part: As far as Bush is concerned, he doesn't have to seek congressional ratification for such an enduring commitment of American force, treasure and lives.

But if Bush tries to lock the next president into permanent U.S. bases in Iraq, he may also be locking in a Democrat as the next president. Ironically, just when events on the ground in Iraq aren't looking as disastrous as they did six months ago, Bush's efforts to make the U.S. presence permanent would drape the necks of the Republican presidential and congressional candidates with one large, squawking albatross.

Well, if it gets the goddam Repugs out of power, drape away. Note to Dems: start looking for a way out of the permanent quagmire King George is fixin' to get us into. I don't think criminally insane sociopathic dry drunk warmongering traitors' signatures on a contract are valid, just for starters.

The president who waged a preemptive war now wants to lock in place a preemptive occupation. Only this time, instead of preempting a foreign nation, he is seeking to preempt Congress and his successor. It's the logical conclusion for his misshapen and miserable presidency, and I doubt the American people -- if they have any say in the matter -- will stand for it.

If we had any say in the matter, Bush, Cheney, the lot of warmongering, lying bastards would be in prison as we speak.

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