Sunday, September 14, 2008

Country Sisters

There are six terrific reasons to watch this video - Linda, Lucy, Souka, Lenska, and Wendy*. But that's only five, you say. Hands off, boys, Sonia, bassist and den mother/enforcer, far right on stage, is mine! Grrrr...

The band is Country Sisters, formerly "Jizerská protěž" (Jizera Mountain Edelweiss), from the Czech Republic, doing a fine old traditional country tune. Enjoy.

*Introduced on OBS. Slightly different lineup than at their site, so add a coupla reasons...

See yas later. There's about 3,979 more of these I gotta watch. Purely for reasons of scholarly musical research of course.


As I was going through the list of Country Sisters videos, I ran across some country sisters who brought me back down to earth. Thank God for reg'lar ol' gals. Probly more fun than the flashy kind in the long run, and definitely more survivable.

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