Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Emmylou Blogging

Yesterday's Emmylou Blogging didn't have quite enough Emmylou in it so here's one that does. It's from Sult: Spirit of the Music, an Irish TV show that I used to like to watch on the Ovation channel before SuddenlyNoLink took over our cable service. The channel had all kinds of World Music and I watched it a lot. Grrrrr....

Emmylou Harris ~ Waltz Across Texas Tonight

I 'waltzed across Texas' once in my '48 Plymouth on the way to Camp Lejeune. One stoplight in 825 miles and it snuck up on me and I ran it in broad daylight. No green or yellow, just a blinking red light. It was in Midland before the oil boom and there wasn't anybody around to catch me.

Thank you, cskwan.

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