Friday, March 6, 2009

Housekeeping ...

As those of you who use Blogrolling to keep links in order on their pages know, it's been teh suck (I haven't been able to add links to it in months) since they 'updated' to v2.0 (merely an excuse to hang ads in front of you, unless you pay). Since they ain't getting any money from me, I'm gonna redo the blogroll infrastructure here at the Brain this weekend.

That said, I'd like those of you whom I haven't/couldn't added/add to the blogroll yet to take a couple seconds while you're reading this and send me an email with your URL and the name of your blog so I can include it. We've got quite a few commenters whose blogs I don't have up and it'll save me going through the comment archives to find it (I got little enough time on my hands). If I can do this in one shot, it'll make shit easier.

Thanks for your help.

And a note to Gordon: There's a lot of pages you go to that I don't have up; could ya ship me an email with 'em so they can be included too? Thanks, pardner.

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