Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grey Poupon urges pardons for 'Dijon-gate'

Following up on my post of a coupla days ago, from The Moderate Voice:

The following is NOT a joke but a real email/press release from Kraft Food’s Grey Poupon team — a fun press release that is (smart) public relations at its best.

In case you’ve been on Mars, amid a recession, two wars, concerns over health care, etc. conservative talk show hosts and some Republicans have been making a big deal over the fact that President Barack Obama dared to put Grey Poupon mustard on his hamburger.

Republicans didn’t cut the mustard in the last election — and they have been “poupon-ing” independent voters for several years.

“We believe that all Americans should have the option to exercise their freedom of taste,” said Christie Crouch, brand manager for GREY POUPON. “When we learned that President Obama was criticized for ordering a hamburger with Dijon mustard — now known as ‘Dijon-gate’ — we decided to take a stand by urging the President to issue ‘Pardon Me For Loving Dijon’ proclamations in support of condiment lovers everywhere.”

A copy of the letter appears below and can be viewed at, where classic GREY POUPON “Pardon Me” television commercials can also be seen.

Enjoy. I'm glad this came on Saturday when I like to screw around a little! Good for the mustard company!

Hmmmm. I wonder if Hannity would volunteer to be 'mustardboarded'? I got some habanero 'tard around here somewhere...

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