Friday, July 2, 2010

Light blogging, things to do

I've got things to do today. My street bike backfired and blew the carburetor clean off. Heh. Gotta get that fixed so I can run nickel-and-dime errands without firin' up a Big American V8.

Then I gotta put the final touches on my Sherco so I can ride the Donner Classic Trial tomorrow. My friend Steve said I should practice by riding figure 8s in my driveway. I told him I practiced something that might be more useful - grabbin' a big handful of throttle and jumping off!

I dug out my riding gear yesterday. Hadn't seen some of it in years. Tried on my riding jersey. I got it on, but this is the first time it ever hummed. Musta shrunk. Today I have a very pretty new blue one from my local 'sickle emporium.

I'll leave ya with this:

Jimmy Buffet was supposed to give a free concert at his sister's restaurant to get some economic relief to hotels and restaurants on the Redneck Riviera. It worked, but the concert was rescheduled 'til 7/11 because of Hurricane Alex. Jimmy showed up anyway.

This is from MeyerVacationRentals in Gulf Shores, Alabama. They have lots of these and other oil spill vids as well. This is a pleasant video and shows there are more attractions on the Gulf Coast than tar balls. I think the lady with the long lens could hold me down pretty good in a big blow...

Also see Jimmy's interview with Anderson Cooper on his reaction to the oil spill.

What a surprise when we showed up for dinner at Lulu's last night! I will have the fish tacos with a side of Jimmy Buffett please. Jameson ordered a shrimp quesadilla with a side of Lucy Buffett, a necklace, a shirt and hair wrap :) Jimmy arrived by boat and played for almost three hours. Sorry if the camera was bumpy - I tried not to dance but it proved too difficult at times. And I apologize for being a back up singer - could not resist. Jameson and I had a blast! Come to the Coast for his next show on July 11th.

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