Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rust never sleeps ...

I'm just wondering why this is such a hot topic now. When I was in maintenance supervision on a SAC (B-52) base, corrosion control was always first and foremost on the, then, 35 year old aircraft. Seems the Squids (of all people, go figure) are really worried (Ya think?):

It scours the bottom of Navy ships, invades the crevices of Air Force jets and costs the Defense Department $23 billion a year. It’s not a clandestine agent or biological weapon. In fact, it’s in your home right now.

It’s rust.


Even new planes aren’t safe; leaky F-22’s are expected to cost the Air Force millions. And rust is a constant problem for the Navy, since it has a notoriously hard time avoiding salt water.


Nice of you to finally join the party, fellas.

I got an idea. Maybe, if we didn't spread ourselves so thin, with extended operations and deployments in wars we shouldn't be in anyway, we'd have time to get on a tighter refit schedule.

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