Sunday, July 3, 2011

Der Beckiebunker

Gawker, with video.

After concluding his Fox News program Thursday and being brutally assaulted by New York cultural elite fascist thugs earlier this week, Glenn Beck has had it with New York. So he's moving to Dallas, and renting this place for $20,000/month.

For $20,000 a month, this Texas pad had better be a well-fortified compound, the better to protect Beck and his kin when the marauding hordes of Jew-hippies come for his gold. (And they will come for his gold.) It's hard to say exactly what the house will look like when Beck inhabits it. These images are obviously a real estate agent's staging work, we see none of Beck's elephant leather furniture here, and anyway the whole place will be structurally different once Beck builds his traditional protection wall and hollows out a holy water-filled "Rapture Tank" in the root cellar for when the terrible magic snake-fires, sent by his sworn enemy the great and powerful sorcerer Soros, inevitably come for him. But you can get a vague impression.

So yeah, this will likely be Glenn Beck's new nightmare villa. He's your problem now, Texas!

You're welcome to him. Miss Becky is such a pussy that Texass' macho index will drop forty points as soon as she moves in.

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