Friday, September 9, 2011

Good speech ...

Last night but if Barry can do anything, it's bring the oratory when he needs to. I generally like what he had to say (outline of the American Jobs Act), but I can't see this getting through the House without a lot of whining and crying by the Republicans. I can't see it getting through the Senate without enough votes to break a Republican filibuster. Obama is gonna have to shove it up their asses.

Going to Cantor and Boner's districts over the next few days is a way to do it, but if he wants this to go through, he's gonna have to lead from the front on it. If he leaves it in Congress' hands (like he did with health care 'reform'), it will die by a thousand cuts.


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David Aquarius said...


Barry's gonna have to put on his Daddy pants for this one. Fight this one on Main Street, not Wall Street.

Main Street is where he'll find allies. People won't give a fuck what color your banner is, red or blue, if you put them back to work.

The people affected by the shitty economy could be Obama's greatest ally or his greatest threat. He has to get out of fucking DC and pound the pavement in as many hurting communities he can. When people see him up close and personal, he can stir their soul. But he has to be in their face to do it. He won't get this passed through Congress by sitting on his butt and letting those worthless ass pimples he has as advisers handle this.

Why is this so fucking hard for them to understand? In my many years of following politics, I have never seen so much potential wasted because of bad advice.

Fuck me to tears!