Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hot death of a perfect clock radio

If it's Wednesday, it must be Morford going on about our disposable society, waxing philosophical after simultaneous glitches in his clock radio and printer. No, really...

The clock is now locked in to one hour ahead (due to Daylight Saving Time), and the station is set to San Francisco's famous KCSM Jazz 91.1, which is what I liked to wake up to instead of, say, a soothing NPR voice telling me of a new horror in Bolivia or a fresh batch of gruesome beheadings in Mexico. Call me a romantic.

Wait, what? All I wanted to do was print my Groupon for 53 percent off a pedicure/oil change/sushi dinner, and suddenly I'm in irreparable printer breakdown hell? I don't think so.

Lightweight stuff for the holiday. Enjoy.

It's also the 4th Wednesday of the month. Social Security payday. Boy, are we gonna live it up on Black Friday!

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