Friday, March 30, 2012

I'll tell ya something, Bobby ...

A study conducted by Echo Research and Makovsky found that the “Occupy Wall Street” movement had an impact on marketing and communications executives at financial services firms.

However, professor Robert Reich said Thursday that marketing specialists might understand how angry the public has become at Wall Street, but CEOs and major traders — “the real power” — have probably not been effected.


The only way the Wall St. crowd is gonna get the message is when they see their buddies getting perp-walked out of their offices by federal agents during business hours. Until then, nothing's gonna change.


Gotta head up to the shop this morning to inspect my car. In all the hubbub surrounding dad-in-law's passing, I'd forgotten the inspections were up on the cars this month.


Gordon said...


Stood up against a wall and shot, ten minutes after a fair trial, is how it'll go when I'm EOTUS.

BadTux said...

Inspections? Those are the things that are supposed to keep unsafe cars off the road, right? We don't do'em here in Cah-lee-foh-neah. Probably why none of the drivers use their turn signals, 'cause their turn signal bulbs are all burned out. Or they're a**holes. I report, you decide ;).

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin