Friday, March 9, 2012

Selma Revisited

200 Marchers Carry on Selma-Montgomery Journey

You can no doubt watch it on MSNBC since Reverend Al is involved.

I passed through Selma AL just a few days after the original marches, maybe even in betweenst 'em since I'm not sure of the actual date, on my way to Camp Lejeune. The only reason I went through there was that it was on the road I was taking.

I must have gone through the outskirts of town because as I remember it there wasn't much to the place. I knew about the march and decided to send my folks a postcard so I stopped at a store.

The next person to enter the store was the biggest fucking cop I've ever seen in my life. His shoulder patch read "Alabama Alcohol & Beverage Control". They must have a lotta trouble controlling beverages down there because this guy had about the same weapons loadout as the average Marine fire team. And a lot more leather. Oooh...

Did I mention that I was driving a '48 Plymouth with California plates and a college decal in the back window? The cop musta thought I wuz another one'a them commies come ta free the Nee-groes and wanted ta nip it, nip it in the bud!

He must have seen the MCRDSD base sticker during his no doubt detailed inspection of my Kalifornia Krime Wagon because he took one look at my haircut and tan line that ended just above my ears and figured I wasn't the enemy and noticeably relaxed.

I don't remember if we exchanged any pleasantries. I sent my folks the postcard and was possibly the most well-protected motorist in the state of Alabama on my way east. The cop stayed in my rear view mirror for miles. Heh.

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Fixer said...

Shit, I was driving from Benning to Hurlburt in '82 and went through more than one 'sundown town' by the time I reached the FL border. Probly still find a couple today.