Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dickish Statements You Might Not Have Heard from Justice Scalia's Dissent on the Arizona Immigration Law Decision

A 'must read' from El Rude-o:

In Arizona v. United States, Scalia's dissent from the majority on the three sections of the immigration law it overturned is a masterpiece of vituperation, a Picasso of aggression, a Beethoven of bitterness, and a Goya of grotesquely contorted logic. You might have heard about charming sections like his use of pro-slavery laws as a way of justifying a state's control of its own borders, but there's so much in his dissent that is dickish in that ripe Scalia way that, really, you should read the whole thing in order to get the full thrust of it down your throat. Barring that, here's a few more examples:



Gleefully gleeped from The Christian Left.


Arthur Mervyn said...

Yes - a nice, Jesus' General-style article with a Spongebob reference thrown in. I like it!

Fixer said...

I love the toon. It's somewhat disquieting to know a SCOTUS justice is a Dittohead.