Friday, August 10, 2012

Headline of the Day

Alleged Chinese-Mexican Meth Lord Is Causing A Headache For Sheldon Adelson

Good. So are the bribery and prostitution scandals the GOP's biggest neocon* donor is involved in, although it is heartwarming to know that the "corned beef mafia" aka "Kosher Nostra" is still in business.

*Sorry 'bout that. So sue me like Sheldon did! Heh.


From The Tennessean via Ethical Reporters Against Faux News FB page:

The tea party claims they're the voice of fiscal responsibility, and that the left doesn't understand business. But a judge just ordered the Tea Party Nation to pay almost three quarters of a million dollars for skipping out on a hotel bill. Bonus: the money is owed to the Venetian owned by Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney's SuperPAC backer. (Note headline is in error: its not the attorney, but the organization, that is on the hook)

Bwahahahaha! Ain't nobody skips out on a debt to Kosher Nostra capo di tutti capo Adelson!


Fixer said...

I hope, when he goes down, he'll take Noot and the Mittster down with him.

Gordon said...

From your lips to DOJ etc.'s ears!