Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All your heroes are perverts

If it's Wednesday it must be Morford on the human condition.

One by one they fall, one by one they fail to live up to ridiculous or impossible standards, fall prey to undue pressure and temptation, are revealed to have kinkier tendencies, human frailty, addiction to fame or money, are too easily drunk on lust or power or culturally frowned-upon deviance in inelegant or sometimes illegal proportions.

Who is immune? You? The president? The pope? The dorky Christian NFL quarterback who thinks Jesus really gives a damn about his pass completion percentage? Nuns? Trees? Dogs?

Answer: No one. Not now, not ever, not even close. You know, just like Jesus intended.

God, what BS. What ignoble and harmful idiocy, this “sin” gibberish. Was there ever a more disastrous concept foisted upon humanity? A more oppressive and tragic propaganda?

Shorter: If someone can dream it up, no matter how bizarre, someone is doing it. Someone dreamed up religion after all.

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