Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Theory of PTS

I'm not calling it 'PTSD' any more. 'Disorder' has negative connotations. It's a condition, not a failing. Accompanying article here. A 'must read' on this issue.

Also, this theory isn't new. It's beginning to be recognized. Any Veteran who has PTS could have told them this, but at least they're starting to realize it on an official level.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I wonder when this true cost of war thing will really get attention it deserves. My Viet Nam veteran mate is still suffering; and a former best buddy of his? Informed him, speech alcohol-slurred at 10 a.m., that (1) "real men" don't get PTSD, and (2) even if they did, that doesn't include us because we were not in the infantry and didn't see real enough shit.

Right. One husband and one son here at last counting....who may not be real men and who apparently needed to see more shit.

Anonymous said...

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