Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Question of the Day

Did The NRA Faceplant After Newtown?
The answer is hopefully and we will see.

I was an NRA member since my service days, back when you needed a sponsor to join. My Company Commander signed for me. I quit when they went so godawful loony right-wing. I still have a silver bullet keychain with Charlton Heston's signature on it.

The NRA can kiss my ass. At gunpoint if need be.


CAFKIA said...

Somewhere I still have my NRA hat from 20+ years ago when I thought they made sense. I also read Soldier of Fortune magazine. The more I learned, the more I thought, the clearer things became.

I still have weapons, including firearms but, I am under no illusions that they might protect me from my government. That is what my vote and my awareness is for. What I do not have is any shred of respect for the NRA and their penchant for taking advantage of feeble minds.

Gordon said...

I read SOF when Dale Dye was the editor. I think they too went off the rails after that. I remember a hilarious article on how to attack an enemy camp with two guys on a motorcycle. Heh.

bearsense said...

I belong. But only because of the gun insurance.
Much cheaper than the "bump" in the household premium after one was stolen.