Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slow day...

Not much going on today. Although we bid a "don't hitcherself in the ass with the door on the way out" farewell to the worse-than-worthless 112th Congress, the nearly-as-worthless 113th is being sworn in (or "at". Nothing much changes in that joint.).

The highlight of that clusterfuck was when, and I have no cite for this as yet, some fucking moron nominated cashiered colonel and Teatard spewsman former rep Allen West for Speaker. That fuckin' idiot from Texas, Gohmert, and one other actually voted for him. You think coffee coming out your nose is irritating? I was eating breakfast and I'm still picking sausage outta my nose hairs!


The other vote for West was the fuckin' idiot from Georgia, Broun. Figures.

I think we need a song of faith and inspiration. Right now.

Thanks to kendeb52 and a tip o' the Brain to Jersey Guy.

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