Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paranoid-Delusional Headline of the Day

LaPierre: They’re Coming For Our Guns No Matter What They Say

The "nervous disorder" that got LaPee-air his draft deferment during Vietnam has apparently metastasized into total mind-control paranoid delusion.

Note to Wayne: Don't worry, sole occupant of "Wayne's World", those boys in the white coats with the big net aren't there for your guns. They're there for you. Heh.

And as they lead you gently away in the lovely canvas jacket with the really long sleeves, content yourself with knowing you were right about one thing: flouridating the water actually worked on the Dead End Quarter. Heh.


Comrade Misfit said...

Maybe it's a reflection on me, but I suspect that LaPierre, wingnutty though he may be, has a point. Maybe not this Administration, but I firmly believe that there are people in government and in the media who would be ecstatic if they could get all of the guns out of our hands.

Jimbo said...

Sorry but this is the long and tedious and paranoid view of the right-wingers like you. There has never, ever been a campaign against hunters. Environmentalists are actually allies, especially since hunters long ago wiped out predators of game like deer that are destroying local environments. In addition, most liberals have agreed to hand gun inevitability, if only with sensible background checks, etc.
The argument is now with the gun nuts insistence on weapons of mass destruction, i.e. weapons like the AR-15. Fanatics insist on their necessity for hunting and home defense. They end up being just psychotic and pathetic defenders of mass murder.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LaPierre's alleged draft deferment might have been legitimate. He certainly sounds like someone who is mentally disturbed. It is a failing of mine that I assume that one who lovingly obsesses about guns never served in the military, is a fearful person who fantasizes about comic book heroic actions, and should not be allowed to have a gun of any kind. It's sounding like LaPierre, along with Ted Nugent, is running true to form. It is all nauseating.

Jay in N.C.

David Aquarius said...

Fluoridation of the water only prevents cavities in the teeth not the brain. It can't reverse the effects of Fox News.