Monday, March 25, 2013

Light Blogging Today, i.e. I'm Pooped

I'm taking it easy today. We did a lot of driving this past weekend. Rode a trial on Saturday and collected a new pooch on Sunday. I'll let others have at the wingers today.

Here's the pooch. She's a 3-year-old tricolor Springer Spaniel named Roxie. Beautiful and friendly and settling in. She's the one on the left.

Here's a short vid of a bit of the trials action. Mrs. G walked almost a mile to get this. Prairie City SVRA is HUGE and the other sections were too far to walk to.

I win the 1st Place trophy every time because I'm the only one who ever signs up in my class - Old Farts Who Oughta Know Better.

Click to embiggen

Interestingly, the artist who did that lovely rendition of the dusty, tired boots that came off a dusty, tired rider, a white-bearded old trials rider himself name of Gene, was right there at the post-trial trophy presentation. I shook his hand and told him how terrific I thought it was.

It was a helluva good weekend and I'll just bask in the afterglow while I wait for my first-time-out-this-season thigh muscles to quit screaming "abuse!" at me. Heh. See yas later.


Anonymous said...
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Phil said...

Pretty dog Gord.
My hat is off to you , I wouldn't be able to walk after taking a beating like that.
I'm in pretty decent shape but the unfamiliar muscle use would make me pay dearly.

Gordon said...

Oh, I'm paying... If I wanted to make a vid that would make you laugh yer ass off, it would be of me trying to go down my steps. Heh. It'll be OK in a day or so.

merlallen said...

I thought for a second that the dog was the one on the right, thanks for clearing that up. hahaha

Anonymous said...

HOW do you do it? Find these really beautiful dogs, I mean. She's a looker!

Jay in N.C.

Gordon said...

Thank you guys. I'm glad I clarified which side she was on. As to finding pretty ones, that's easy. It's finding ones that are close enough to go get without spending a ton of money. Mrs. G has been on this since Tami died and it's a lot of work, but she's diligent.

bearsense said...

Congrats on the new kid ..... they cost as much to feed and medicate, just less to educate (and they love you unconditionally, eh).

Gordon said...

Thanks, bearsense.