Monday, July 1, 2013

When Privacy Jumped The Shark

Daddy Frank's monthly feature article is up.

Note to Edward Snowden and his worrywarts in the press: Spying is only spying when the subject doesn’t want to be watched.

Good article as always, but I'm feeling lazy today so I'll cut to the chase:

Little short of a leak stating that the NSA is tracking gun ownership is likely to kindle public outrage.

There ya go. Yawn.


montag said...

If they track everything else, how could gun ownership be left out?

Fearguth said...

Frank's column is revealing, but it would seem unpossible that gun ownership isn't being tracked.

Gordon said...

Firearms are numbered, so they can be traced at least as far as where they were shipped to from the factory. If they want to. After that it gets a little murky. Maybe an onboard GPS is needed?