Monday, December 9, 2013

Light blogging today

I'm having trouble with my internet connection today. Loads very slow and cannot click through to very much. Better than yesterday but not much. I suspect a frozen server somewhere. We'll see how it goes. Later.


It was my router interfering with the connection. Unhooked it. OK now.


DBK said...

Temps in my neck of the wood were -1 when I left for work this morning and -1 when I returned home. The server here is working, but I got something else that froze.

Gordon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gordon said...

I'll try re-hooking-up the router when the weather warms up a little. It had been OK before.

Deleted previous comment to correct an error.

WhyNot said...

Hey Nunya,

Alternate Brain is turning more and more fascist by the day. Fixer & Gordon are also reaching new heights of deceipt and conning. For example, in their last article ("Light blogging today"), the second comment now reads "Comment deleted. This comment has been removed by the author". Further emphasized by another comment by fasicist cunt Gordon who sez: "Deleted previous comment to correct an error."

Well, the author of that second comment was me, and I certainly didn't delete it.

So not only do these fascist cunts delete comments they don't like, they then pretend they were deleted by the authors of those comments!!!! They even pretend THEY were the authors of those comments!

WOW! How much more like GW Bush can you get, huh? Congratulations Fixer and Gordon, you have now reached the pinnacle of "THE ULTIMATE U.S. MILITARY COCKSUCKERS and GRAND SCALE LIARS"

Fixer & Gordon, time for youse 2 poofters to suck each other's cocks, right?

WhyNot said...


Above comment duplicated as part of an explanation given to Nunya on her blog ("politickybitch").

Don't worry, you won't need to censor me nor Deidra any longer; it stinks fascism here, far more than we can endure.

So long.

Gordon said...

I made a spelling error in the comment and deleted it and redid it. Note that it says "deleted by AUTHOR". If it had been your comment it would have said "deleted by ADMINISTRATOR".

Go away WhyNot.