Friday, December 17, 2004

Buying Silence

Barry Grey at the World Socialist Web Site (Ooh! The 'S' word! They'll be coming for me now, you bet!) says out loud what the MSM won't even hint at: The Medals of Freedom are payoffs for Tenet, Bremer, and Franks to keep their traps shut.
The glaring contradiction between Bush’s praise for the three honorees and the disasters over which they presided—in Tenet’s case, within the US as well as in Iraq—points to an additional motive behind the awards. In the atmosphere of crisis and palace intrigue surrounding the Bush White House, the medals suggest a payoff to buy the silence of individuals in a position to tell tales that could prove highly damaging.

To this day the utter failure of the Bush administration and the CIA to take any serious measures to thwart an Al Qaeda attack that was known to be in the offing remains unexplained. Tenet, better than most, would know precisely who in the US intelligence establishment and Bush administration allowed the attacks to take place. The political motives for doing so were already clear in the way the Bush administration seized on the tragedy to implement both foreign and domestic policies of a far-reaching and reactionary character that would have been politically impossible, except under the banner of a “war on terror.”

If and when those responsible for the atrocity unfolding in Iraq are brought to justice, the latest Medal of Freedom recipients, and the man who bestowed them, will find themselves reunited in the dock of a war crimes tribunal, where they belong.

I don't want to miss that! Anybody know where I can get tickets?

All three of those people have book deals in the works. I hope they've got the cojones to tell the truth anyway, and not let their discredited baubles go to their heads. Bush needs to be outed, in print and with proof, and these three can do it.

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