Friday, December 17, 2004

Right View, Wrong Reason

Bull Moose is a real good blog. This comment is about the looming rift (Thank you, o kind and decent Deity) in the Republican Party. Moose is quoting Fred Barnes, of all people!
There's a third camp, those who would do nothing on Social Security because insolvency won't be a threat for a decade or more. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has privately questioned whether it makes sense to tackle Social Security now. After all, Republicans worked for years to gain control of Congress. Why jeopardize that by provoking a fight over Social Security?"

You folks know what I think of 'Bugs' DeLay. I'm confused. How do you deal with somebody you despise when he shares your viewpoint, even if it's for selfish, self-serving reasons?

Fuck it. I still hate the sonuvabitch and hope he goes to jail.

He goes on to say:
The Moose is not pollyannaish about a coming G.O.P. crack-up. Rather, he just wants to remind the donkey that he is not the only one with tsouris. The objective in the next year is for the Democrats to help heighten the contradictions within the Republican Party (my emphasis). For instance, seize the fallen standards of fiscal responsibility and military preparedness. Rising deficits and inadequately equipped troops cry out for a conservative party!

Maybe it can be the Democrats!

Lord love a duck! What have these administration assholes done to us? We need a stronger word than 'irony'. Maybe 'insanity' would fill the bill. Seems to be catching.

I do agree with the objective.

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