Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ezra moved

Ezra Klein has started his own blog:

Well, I promised changes and here they are. Today's my last day on Pandagon. In fact, this is my last post on Pandagon. I wish I had an interesting story for you all, virtual fisticuffs or undying enmity between your host bloggers or maybe something involving pirates, but I don't. The reasoning for the move is deadly boring -- Jesse and I talked it over and decided it was time to go in our own directions.

But before I go, some "thank you's" are in order. Jesse has been an awesome host and Pandagon a great home. He's forced me to become a far better, sharper, and more prolific writer, and he's become -- and continues to be -- a close, valued friend. The opportunities that have come from this site -- covering conventions, writing for magazines, actually being read -- have been nothing less than extraordinary. My interactions with you guys have been awesome, educational and, on occasion, enlightening (like yesterday's consensus opinion that I needed more meditation in my life). I hope you'll all come by my new site. Maybe Jesse and I can work out some sort of joint custody arrangement. But until the paperwork finishes on that, the door's always open -- http://ezraklein.typepad.com. Thanks again to Jesse, and to all of you. Pandagon has been a hell of a ride, I'll always appreciate it.

Add him to your blogroll.

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