Friday, January 28, 2005


Well, not really, but it got your attention, didn't it? What I am doing is, as the Jews call it, kvelling (Translation: what a Jewish mother does when her son actually does become a doctor). Many of you know of the satirical bunch over at Billionaires for Bush. Well, the lady who does the radio spots, Miss Xena Phobe, is my cousin through marriage (Her husband is Mrs. F's cousin). She's good, and does voiceovers and audiobooks for a living. They're soliciting scripts over there, so if you have a rapier wit and a grasp of satire, give it a look-see. She took my little quip about the Gun Show Channel. I'll let you know if they use it.

Git this new Winchester repeatin' rahfle for only fahr-nanty-nan'. Git it today wit' Val-U-Pay, sev'nty two payments on yer credit card. And today only on the Gun Show Channel, no background check. By golly, y'all kin be Ted Bundy and we don't care, we'll even throw in fahve hunnert rounds of full metal jacketed, 150 grain, Manstoppers feh-ree if y'all order in the next ten minutes. Son, Ah don' care if you is in Meridian, Mississippi or Noo York, we'll ship this baby out to ya overnight and no extree charge.

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