Monday, January 31, 2005

He Should Only Hold His Breath 'Til He Turns Blue...

Shakespeare's Sister has a good post on Bush's arrested (we should be so lucky) development:
A stunted child in a colossal candy store, he is the ultimate spoiled child, with everyone around him catering to his every whim, indulging his fanciful desires, and never, ever, but never, telling him no. Those who may dare are quickly dismissed as disloyal, unpatriotic, or just plain wrong.

Attempts to find cohesion in his pet policies are futile, as whatever he fancies is what he pursues. There is, clearly, a theme that runs throughout many, though not all, of his proposals, which falls neatly under his label of “Ownership Society,” an ideology which itself exposes a puerile stinginess, with its emphasis on me over we. What is Bush’s proposed Social Security reform if not resistance against delayed gratification and a childish refusal to share?

Compromise, empathy, and sacrifice are concepts of a grown-up world. Consistency, compassion, and reason are not to be found in the purview of an arrested adolescent who mocks those at his mercy.

And the gloves come off! Boy, I don't want her mad at me. Not much chance of that, I guess, as long as Bush is around.

I wonder if Sis makes her living with a couch and sodium pentathol? More likely with whips and chains. Go read.

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