Monday, February 14, 2005

Editing policy

I guess, since I've been bitching about journalistic ethics lately (and not to imply that I'm a journalist in any sense of the word, but I try to be an ethical man), I felt I should say something about the editorial policies here at the Brain. As I said, I don't fancy myself a journalist, but people do depend on us for information.

Here goes:

As I administer this blog, I sorta get to make the rules. I don't have many. I don't censor my partners, even if they have a problem with me, or take exception with something I write. This is still America and I value their opinions, even if they are conflicted with mine. That's why they're here.

Second, we all make mistakes, we're human. If someone makes one here, I expect them to own up to it, not hide it, nor delete it. Edits are only done in the case of typos. If a retraction or apology is required, I expect it to be given, in the light of day, not covered up.

Truth and Principle. I've built a reputation for honesty and integrity as an auto mechanic, no small feat, and I plan on keeping it as shiny as possible in any endeavor I undertake.

And I'd like that all the posts here have something to do with progressive politics or the state of the nation, but we all cross that line regularly. No big deal.

That's it.

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