Sunday, February 27, 2005

Satan In a Skirt

If you think The Culture Ghost and Shakespeare's Sister were a little rough on that old Polack Pope last week, as linked to in Fixer's post, well, I'm here to tell you that they are the soul of kindness and political correctness compared to the self-professed True Christians at Landover Baptist Church.
Of course, priests’ reactions may be different to the passing of this particular pope, since Pope John Paul II recently spoke against homosexuality- outside of the Catholic Church. “I guess it is OK for sodomy to go on inside St. Peters and every parish church from here to Timbuktu until you feel like those folks in Sodom got a raw deal,” dryly observed Mrs. Judy O’Christian, Landover’s diplomatic envoy to the Vatican, “Just not out by the Coliseum where everyone can see it. While some may think the Pope’s condemnation a little timid, we applaud the courage that even that meek message must have taken. I mean, the Pope speaking out against homos is like Nelson Mandela condemning blacks. You just don’t expect folks to turn on their own kind like that.”

Go read. There's a cool photo of the Pope investigating allegations of child molestation. We have to learn from experts wherever we can.

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